History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 13: The Fallen Prodigy

After making up his mind the gears in Lin Feng’s mind started to turn rapidly: “The person Xiao Budian met is most likely just a small fry, should I go back to find him and directly eliminate him so as to avoid the cultivators of the Blaze Sword Sect coming to find us?”

After thinking Lin Feng still gave up on the plan of going back to trouble the dude. Lin Feng doesn’t not know whether or not the red-robed youth is moving alone or if he has companions in the surroundings, in the end he still didn’t plan on taking a risk.

Lin Feng knocked on Xiao Budian noggin: “You brat, do you still dare to run around from now on?” Xiao Budian scratched his head in embarrassment and laughed

Out of the mountains is a flat stretch of land, Lin Feng and Xiao Budian very quickly arrived at Wuzhou City.

Walking on the streets of Wuzhou City and looking at the endless stream of people Lin Feng’s face revealed a smile. Arriving at this world for almost three months he’s been in the mountains the entire time, it’s been a long time since he’s seen such a lively scenery.

Three months… Lin Feng lightly sighed, one quarter of the quest time has already passed and he has also only completed one quarter of the quest. There’s still a long way to go.

Lin Feng pulled himself together and started asking about the Xiao family’s location.

Even though Wuzhou City is located at the south-eastern frontier of the Great Qin Dynasty it is an important commercial city of south-eastern Qin. This place is close to the Boundless Mountains, the valuable medicines and animal skins, animal bones and other goods in the mountain are all distributed in Wuzhou City and then sold across the country of Great Qin.

The Xiao family that Xiao Yan is from can also be considered a big power in Wuzhou City, they control over one third of the the medicine trade in Wuzhou.

Of course, the Xiao family this kind of local power has no comparability to the Celeritas Sword Sect this kind of behemoth. After Xiao Yan transformed from a prodigy to trash it’s also no wonder that Murong Yanran would come break off the engagement under the support of the sect.

The main point Lin Feng asked about was if anything big had happened to the Xiao family recently and if any outsiders came to the Xiao family.

When he heard that Murong Yanran and co. still hadn’t visited, Lin Feng relaxed his mind and knew that he didn’t arrive late.

Ye Ge fought with the old peach tree and was injured by the old peach tree. Looks like his injury is not light and requires a long time to recover. Murong Yanran most likely needs to wait for Ye Ge’s injury to pretty much recover fully before coming to Wuzhou to end the engagement.

Right now Lin Feng is a bit hesitant. What if Ye Ge recuperates for like half a year or a year, do I wait like an idiot for him in Wuzhou City the whole time?

“First find a chance to see Xiao Yan in person and use the talent probe to test him.

In this Wuzhou City Xiao Yan could also be considered a famous person.

Started cultivating at age 8, reached Qi Disciple level 5 one year later, achieved Qi Disciple great perfection at age 12. Don’t mention that this kind of cultivating speed is unprecedented in the history of the Xiao family and Wuzhou City, even in the entire Great Qin Dynasty he is also well known far and near.

The Xiao family may also be a cultivator family, but it is just a local power of Wuzhou City. The dao technique practised is just a third-rate level and Xiao Yan is able to have such astonishing accomplishments, if he practises a superior dao technique than his accomplishments will be even more limitless.

Rumours say that Xiao Yan’s reputation even startled one of the 3 great holy lands, the Void Temple and that they prepared to send someone to test him and take him into the sect.

The youth at that time was confident and had a very promising future. Soon he was about to turn thirteen years of age and achieve the Foundation Establishment stage that countless cultivators might not be able to attain with their entire lives, furthermore becoming a disciple of a holy land, writing his own legend.

Such high and vigorous spirit! Such radiance!

But in the year the Xiao Yan was 12 years old the progression of the situation took a sharp turn for the worse.

All of the mana of Xiao Yan who had already unlocked the 12 levels and was at the peak of the Qi Disciple stage suddenly vanished in a day’s time. The nerve points that were originally already unlocked also resealed themselves one after another.

His Qi Disciple great perfection level bizarrely fell back to Qi Disciple level 1, Xiao Yan also instantly fell from the clouds to the ground.

The Void Temple that was rumored to come and observe him had no movement, the sounds of praise beside him turned into sighs, even malicious ridicule.

All of the people of Wuzhou City used a gaze of pity staring at that former prodigy fall from the sky.

After Xiao Budian at Lin Feng’s side heard Xiao Yan’s encounter he also had a gloomy face: “He also doesn’t have it easy.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Lin Feng echoed without care, but his heart was burning with passion.

Holy shit, this is entirely a person chosen by the heavens, a main character template!

Even using your knees one can imagine that there is definitely a secret to Xiao Yan suddenly transforming from a prodigy to trash.

As they say, first suppress and then develop. Without suppression to the limit right now how can there be an explosion?

And that Murong Yanran visiting to humiliate him and break off the engagement is the critical point of the explosion. Once the marriage is annulled this Xiao Yan’s situation should improve, from then on stepping of a golden path of being a beast and taking in all virgin girls. (TL: Don’t ask me. Okay fine, you know those novels where the MC takes in like every girl he sees, yeah.)

Lin Feng calculated in his heart: “There is definitely some kind of reason to Xiao Yan transforming from a prodigy to trash. This thing is also usually the cheat to Xiao Yan rising up in the future, in other words… It is my competitor. “

Murong Yanran and co. still haven’t arrived, Lin Feng still has time to calmly arrange things. After first finding a place to stay in the city and settling down Xiao Budian Lin Feng went nearby the Xiao family mansion.

Hanging around for a couples of days he did not see Xiao Yan and did not see the arrival of Murong Yanran, Lin Feng couldn’t help but become anxious.

Lin Feng considered about directly visiting and acting like a master, first taking in Xiao Yan and not waiting for Murong Yanran to break off the engagement.

But like this there will be a lot of problems.

A more profound way of saying it is that without the matter of the marriage annulment there might not be a turning point to Xiao Yan’s fate.

A more practical way is that without the marriage annulment matter, Xiao Yan’s desire for strength won’t be that urgent. His self-esteem will not be hurt and he will not be angered due to having his marriage broken off and humiliated.

Unlike Xiao Budian, Xiao Yan is already a 15 years old teen and has the most basic sense of judgement. If Lin Feng doesn’t wait for him to be angered after the marriage annulment and lose his calm, he probably won’t be that easy to fool.

After pondering Lin Feng decided it would be better for him to quietly wait for Murong Yanran to visit and then make his move.

While thinking the system’s notification sound suddenly rang in his head: “Discovered target, suitable to become host’s disciple.”

Lin Feng was dazed for an instant: “Holy shit!” He hurriedly lifted his head, seeing a black-clothed teen walk out from the Xiao family mansion.

Seeing the black-clothed youth come out the street outside of the mansion became silent for an instant. Everybody’s gaze flashed past the black-clothed teen and the sounds of whispers rose up, they were clearly all talking about the black-clothed teen.

The teen is handsome, his face is expressionless. Seeing the reactions of the people on the street the corners of his lips revealed a smile of slight self-mockery, his footsteps walking forward without stopping.

Lin Feng’s gaze was focused on the black-clothed teen’s body the entire time, the system notification sound rang in Lin Feng’s head non-stop.

“Talent system has finished organizing, target number two’s data is as so.”

“Bone Root → 8; Comprehension → 9; Will → 9; Luck → 8.”

“Conclusion: Target’s talent in extremely high, recommended to take in as a disciple and carefully guide him, he will definitely become a pillar of the sect.”

Lin Feng took a deep breath in, his face revealing a warm and sunny smile: “Number 2!”

His gaze started to search Xiao Yan’s body. If there is some kind of cheat item, out of the need for convenience of carrying it is most like a ring, bracelet, necklace or something like that…

His hands, nothing.

His neck, hm, there’s a string. On the string there are two rings, a very black appearance and very unassuming.

Lin Feng scratched his nose and smiled: “There is indeed a ring, and there’s two. I can bet that inside there definitely lives an old grand… pa…”

Wait a sec, something doesn’t seem right…

Two rings?

The fuck, what kind of situation is this.

Lin Feng’s eyes were a bit dazed, his gaze blankly staring at the two rings in front of Xiao Yan’s chest swinging and hitting together, releasing a low, crisp ring.

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