History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 12: Encountering a Disciple Stealer

Of course the red-robed is shocked, this little guy in front of him has actually already reached the level of Qi Disciple level 4 at such a young age. Even in his sect this kind of talent is also unique.

“If I bring this little guy back the elders in the sect will definitely go crazy, even the sect master will not be able to sit tight. At this time I’ve made a great contribution…” Thinking here the red-robed youth’s heart instantly heated up, looking at Xiao Budian with a grin.

Xiao Budian glanced at this red-robed youth a bit cautiously but on the surface he still had an innocent and naive look.

The red-robed youth said smilingly: “Kid, where is your family?”

Xiao Budian blinked his eyes: “I came out with my master.”

The red-robed youth asked: “Which sect are you? Who is your master?” Xiao Budian shook his head: “I don’t have a sect, master is master.”

“There’s a chance, looks like his master isn’t from some kind of big sect, he’s probably a wandering cultivator.” The red-robed youth completely relaxed, his face unconsciously revealing a hint of arrogance: “Kid, you and I meeting today is your immortal opportunity. Come, return with me to the sect and you will be taught supreme dao techniques, achieving the way of the universe.”

Xiao Budian blinked his big, black eyes, his face filled with an expression of blankness.

The red-robed youth woke up in realization, calling himself a fool. No matter how high the talent of the little guy in front of him, he is still just a child.

Thus he changed his tone: “Big brother is a disciple of the Blaze Sword Sect, have you heard of the Blaze Sword Sect? In the entire world the strongest sect is us the Blaze Sword Sect. If you enter the sword sect no one will dare to bully you again. You’ll be entirely able to do whatever you want.”

Xiao Budian opened his mouth, in the end saying: “But I have a master already.”

The red-robed youth smiled faintly: “There’s no harm, you can still enter into the Blaze Sword Sect. Bring me to go see your master, I’ll speak with him. He will naturally agree.”

He laughed lightly shaking his head: “If that master of yours is really thinking about what’s best for you he will naturally agree to you changing to under the Blaze Sword Sect. Because only like this can you obtain the best development and not let your talent go unrecognised. What can a wandering cultivator teach you? That’s completely wasting and burying your talent.”

After the red-robed youth glanced at Xiao Budian he continued to say slowly: “Of course, if he wants he can also join our Blaze Sword Sect and be a guest elder, we naturally won’t treat him poorly. Like this you can also meet up with him regularly, for everybody this is the best result.”

In the red-robed youths mind, a tiny wandering cultivator being able to be a guest elder at his sect is really his good fortune.

When he obtains this promise he’ll be head over heels to give out his disciple. At that point I won’t even need to convince him any more and this little guy’s master will be rushing him to come over to the sect.

The red-robed youth was in the middle of thinking happily when he saw the little guy in front of him turn around and run backwards after smiling, only leaving behind an increasingly smaller figure of his back.

“What is this?” The red-robed youth blanked: “He’s too happy so he rushed back to tell that master of his?”

The red-robed youth hoped so much that it was this result, but his instincts told him that things were not going well. The red-robed youth didn’t dare to hesitate anymore, rapidly chasing after Xiao Budian.

Originally he thought that it would not take too much effort to catch up to Xiao Budian, but after only chasing after him for two steps the red-robed youth received a big surprise.

Xiao Budian let out a long, clear cry, under the surging of his mana the skeleton and muscles of his whole body were like they’d connected into a line, turning in a giant dragon flying outside of the heavens, floundering and shifting in the clouds, appearing and disappearing.

The ability of Cloud Dragon Escape was used by Xiao Budian, he was truly like a dragon appearing at one moment and disappearing the next, like a dragon hiding its head and disappearing in the clouds.

A couple of ups and downs in the thick forest and Xiao Budian disappeared from the red-robed youth’s sight causing him to stop his steps from shock. He said dumbfounded: “My level is Qi Disciple level 6, to think that I would actually be ditched by a Qi Disciple level 4 little kid?!”

Yet he didn’t know that Xiao Budian was also very unsatisfied in his heart: “I still haven’t exerted this escape technique to the limit. If it was master he would ditch that big red monkey out of sight in a flash.”

Xiao Budian was careful and purposely went around in the forest a couple of circles. After confirming that he’d already completely ditched the red-robed youth he ran back and met up with Lin Feng.

Hearing Xiao Budian retell what happened Lin Feng secretly furrowed his eyebrows.

Blaze Sword Sect.

Even though the Stone Village elder’s level isn’t high, he traveled extensively when he was young and is quite knowledgeable. Before leaving Lin Feng had talked with him a couple of times and secretly obtained a lot of information from him.

This Blaze Sword Sect is the same as the Celeritas Sword Sect, they are both one of the few top-level sects in the borders of the Great Qin Dynasty. The sect has countless people of strength, like Ye Ge that kind of Foundation Establishment stage cultivator is just a minor character.

Even worse is that these two sword sects are both members of the Nine Heavens Sword Alliance.

The Nine Heavens Sword Alliance is formed by the alliance of the 9 great sword sects. They have always been very close, moreover the leader of the alliance the Mt. Shu Sword Sect is the supreme holy land of the way of the sword. Together with the Buddhist Great Thunder Monastery and the Taoist Void Temple they are called the 3 great holy lands of the cultivating world of the Heaven Primal world. (TL: The Great Thunder Monastery is also the place where Buddha resides in Journey to the West, there are also places in China called Thunder Monastery.)

The red-robed youth saying to Xiao Budian that his sect is the strongest sect is undoubtedly a big bluff. Not speaking of the 3 great holy lands and a couple of the other top-level sects, just in the Nine Heavens Sword Alliance the Blaze Sword Sect is also just a mid-tier level.

But the Blaze Sword Sect is indeed a powerful top notch force in the Heaven Primal world, this point is without doubt.

Lin Feng glanced at Xiao Budian, the little guy’s black hair reaches down to his shoulders, his big eyes are black and bright, very energetic. His appearance is white and clean, pretty and cute. (TL: Yes, pretty, remember that he’s not even 4 yet.)

“My good disciple, you are like that firefly in the dark, so bright and outstanding. That melancholic look in your eyes, the milk stains remaining at the corners of your lips and your godly talent have all deeply betrayed you, attracting all kinds of people to approach you one after another…”

Lin Feng secretly smiled wryly, the matter of the attempt of someone trying to take his disciple from him reminded him.

Right now he could also be considered an innocent man in trouble due to his wealth.

Right now Xiao Budian who Lin Feng has already taken in as his disciple along with the disciples that he might take in in the future are all destined to be a couple of uber prodigy level characters with OP talent due to the rigid standards of the system.

With him not having enough strength, even if these disciples themselves don’t betray him they will still attract the greed of other forces.

This is different from him leading the Celeritas Sword Sect to fight the peach demon Long Ye before. The reason that he dared to screw over the Celeritas Sword Sect is because as the enemy of Xiao Yan that kind of main character, the Celeritas Sword Sect is destined to become a stepping stone and background.

But the current Blaze Sword Sect is different, this is an opponent that Lin Feng created himself.

But so what?

Lin Feng laughed coldly. Against this kind of big force naturally it’s best to not offend them if possible, but since the matter is related to Xiao Budian then there’s nothing to say. There’s only two words, fuck them!

He spent such a great effort before finally taking Xiao Budian as his disciple, how can he hand him over?

Not to mention the system is still waiting for him. If he doesn’t gather up 4 disciples approved by the system in a year, then the system is not going to be polite with him.

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