History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 18: So What if it’s the Number 1 Holy Land

When Lin Feng discovered that the green-gowned woman’s background is the Void Temple his heart suddenly sank.

In this Heaven Primal world even women and children know that the strongest three sects are the daoist holy land the Void Temple, the buddhist holy land the Great Thunder Monastery and the holy land of the way of the sword the Mt. Shu Sword Sect.

But even the Great Thunder Monastery and the Mt. Shu Sword Sect, they may not say it but in their hearts they have to admit that there is also a distinction between the three great holy lands. And the Void Temple is undoubtedly the head of the three great holy lands, the number one sect in the world.

Different from the two holy lands having many followers and disciples all across the land, the Void Temple is actually very low-profile and its number of disciples is also not high. But as long as there are disciples of the Void Temple entering the world it will definitely shake the entire world.

The Void Temple walks the elite path in taking disciples, their threshold is ridiculously high. The disciples taken in are all extremely talented cultivating prodigies.

Not considering other aspects, just speaking of bone root and comprehension the average value of the Void Temple’s disciples is definitely number one in the world. Without exaggeration that place has the highest density of the Heaven Primal world’s cultivating prodigies.

The Void Temple’s dao techniques and abilities are also famous throughout Heaven Primal, their supreme taoist scripture “Profundity of the Void Dao” is hailed as the dao technique closest to the way of the heavens. As long as it is practised one is guaranteed to achieve the great realm of Primordial Spirit.

Moreover the Heaven Cage Sigil is the Void Temple’s signature spell, its name is widespread in the cultivating world.

Even Xiao Yan thought of the Heaven Cage Sigil’s origins after a short period of confusion, unable to help but be surprised: “Did you just say the Heaven Cage Sigil? You’re a disciple of the Void Temple?”

The green-gowned woman lightly nodded her head: “My name is Yan Mingyue, my sect is precisely the Void Temple.”

Xiao Yan’s expression became complicated and a bit saddened: “The Void Temple…”

Lin Feng was bitter in the mouth, he thought of the numerous rumours related to Xiao Yan in Wuzhou City, one of which is that when Xiao Yan displayed astounding talent in that past he once caught the attention of the Void Temple and they had intentions of taking in Xiao Yan.

Looking at Xiao Yan’s expression right now you can tell that this rumour is real.

Even using his toes to think Lin Feng understands Xiao Yan’s current feelings. After all, that is the publically acknowledge number one holy land in the world. Being able to become a disciple of the Void Temple, not only does Xiao Yan himself step upon a brilliant path of cultivation, even the entire Xiao family will gain prestige and honour.

And afterwards Xiao Yan suddenly changed from a prodigy to a scrub, thus the Void Temple brushed past his shoulders. What you cannot have is always the best, the Void Temple might have become a knot in his heart, a massive regret.

Even worse it might also involve the regrets of his deceased parents, such as “Even until death we did not get to see our son become a disciple of the Void Temple” and other such words.

Under this kind of circumstance, if there is a new chance to enter into the Void Temple placed in front of Xiao Yan, how will he choose?

Lin Feng was a bit afraid to think any further…

“So what if it’s the Void Temple? So what if it’s the number one holy land?” Lin Feng steeled his heart: “If I get this Xiao Yan I might even be able to catch a Xiao Zhener, missing this kind of amazing buy one get one free deal is sacrilegious!”

Lin Feng closely observed her and discovered that Yan Mingyue’s tone of voice is calm and composed, her gaze looking at Xiao Yan is apologetic but not fervent.

Yan Mingyue’s expression does not look faked, this means that she is only apologetic towards Xiao Yan and might refer Xiao Yan into the Void Temple out of compensation. But she does not think highly of Xiao Yan’s talent and is not determined to take him as her disciple.

It’s not surprising. She comes from the Void Temple, since she was little she grew up in a pile of prodigies, what kind of astounding prodigies has she not seen? She herself is probably a cultivating genius with shocking talent.

Since it’s like this it’s given Lin Feng an opportunity. Lin Feng pondered non-stop in his heart, suddenly a thought flashed across in his mind.

Lin Feng’s face revealed a warm smile like a ray of sunlight, his gaze turning towards Xiao Yan beside him.

“Taotie? It’s really been a long time since I last saw one…” Lin Feng’s gaze sized up the second ring in Xiao Yan’s palm, the corners of his lips revealing an interesting smile.

Xiao Yan blanked, Yan Mingyue’s gaze also looked towards Lin Feng, her eyes flashing a difficult to understand brilliance.

“This fellow daoist has seen a living pure-blooded Taotie before?” Yan Mingyue stared at Lin Feng, her red lips lightly opening: “How do you call yourself?”

Lin Feng lightly smiled: “I am but a humble man from the mountains, my name is not worth mentioning. My surname is Lin, you can just call me Daoist Lin.”

Finishing speaking, not waiting for Yan Mingyue to respond Lin Feng followed saying: “Just now I heard fellow daoist Yan mention that ten years ago you were injured and then took shelter in this ring, right?”

Right now Lin Feng has to take back the initiative of this conversation, he absolutely cannot give Yan Mingyue a chance. He cannot allow her to mention the matter of referring Xiao Yan to the Void Temple as compensation or else Xiao Yan will immediately lower his head and bow down, then it’ll be none of Lin Feng’s business anymore.

Yan Mingyue glanced at Lin Feng, this glance seemed to see right into his heart. Maybe she doesn’t know exactly what Lin Feng is thinking, but she clearly sees Lin Feng’s intent of controlling the initiative of the conversation.

Lin Feng’s expression was normal but the back of his palms were already sweating. This woman is too clever, it’s like she can see through the hearts of people. She is clearly as calm as water without any aggressive intentions but she brings to Lin Feng pressure as big as a mountain.

Although luckily Yan Mingyue did not continue probing, only calmly nodding her head: “It was indeed ten years ago.”

Due to the protection of the system she cannot see the depths of Lin Feng’s level, but in this world the number of people that can make her unable to see through them is honestly too little. Due to this even though it’s their first time meeting, Yan Mingyue’s attitude towards Lin Feng displayed a certain degree of respect.

Lin Feng nodded his head: “Not long ago I once met a demon, that demon was evidently also gravely injured and was forced to place its spirit in an old peach tree.”

Xiao Yan looked at Lin Feng a bit strangely, not understanding why he suddenly mentioned this seemingly unrelated topic.

Yan Mingyue’s expression did not change, only silently looking at Lin Feng and waiting for the next part.

Lin Feng lifted his eyes and looked straight at her eyes, the gazes of the two people were both calm and distant. Lin Feng said coolly: “According to the locals that demon also suddenly appeared ten years ago. Oh right, it’s a female demon.”

A change finally occurred in Yan Mingyue’s expression, lowering her eyes, her thin, long eyelashes slightly trembling: “Does this fellow daoist know that female demon’s origins?”

Lin Feng shook his head and then looked at her, pausing after each word and saying: “I only know she calls herself Long Ye.”

Yan Mingyue’s face revealed a slight smile, her gaze looking towards the distant but without focus.

After a long while she let out a long sigh: “I didn’t die and sure enough she didn’t die either…”

Yan Mingyue turned her head towards Lin Feng, saying seriously: “Thank you fellow daoist for telling me this news, do you know the whereabouts of that Long Ye?”

In his heart Lin Feng said he didn’t know, but once that female demon recovers she’s most likely going to come and find my trouble.

He lightly shook his head: “This I do not know.”

While he spoke Lin Feng was always closely observing Yan Mingyue, paying attention to every little change in her expression.

After she heard the news that Long Ye is still alive, Yan Mingyue’s two eyes as brilliant as the bright moon were dyed with a hint of melancholy, even revealing slight anxiety.

Lin Feng let out a long breath of relief in his heart, he knows that he made the right gamble.

This Yan Mingyue and that Long Yue are your standard arch-rival relationship, it could very likely be some sort of daoist holy maiden versus demon holy maiden drama.

The beauty, talent and dao techniques of these two people are all at the same level, they mutually admire and understand each other but they are also in a life and death opposition. There exists an irreconcilable conflict entangling them for their entire lives, playing out an act of love and hatred… Wrong, it’s a good show of frenemies.

… Generally speaking they might even fall in love with the same main character? (TL: I thought this was foreshadow… but 1353 chapters in and I’ve still got nothing… It’s not like I need romance but I do like a good bit of romance in my novels.)

But that’s not important, what’s important is that after hearing Long Ye’s news Yan Mingyue was sure enough not calm.

Even though her ability to maintain composure and keep calm is not bad, Lin Feng can still tell that right now she wishes that she can immediately find Long Ye and fight another 300 rounds with her.

Under this kind of circumstance she shouldn’t still be thinking about compensating Xiao Yan, right?

At the very least it’s no longer the most important matter.

Lin Feng decided to add some more wood to the fire, and so he opened his mouth asking: “Fellow daoist Yan, you have lost your physical body with just your soul remaining residing in this ring, it’s probably very inconvenient for you to move, right?”

Yan Mingyue’s eyes flashed. After taking a deep look at Lin Feng she said openly: “I have a way to reconstruct my physical body. it’s just that before it I need to make a lot of preparations. During this period I do indeed need to continue taking shelter in this ring, or else even though it won’t harm my soul I will lose my mana for nothing.”

Looking at Yan Mingyue who had already completed recovered her composure, alarms went off in Lin Feng’s mind, he did not dare to relax at the slightest.

Seeing Yan Mingyue speak openly Lin Feng also did not speak in circles, directly saying: “I might be able to help you.”

Finishing speaking Lin Feng took out the spirit calming grass. Seeing it Yan Mingyue immediately recognized it: “Spirit calming grass? The main ingredient of the soul anchoring pill. With the soul anchoring pill I can indeed leave the ring and stabilize my soul, traveling ten thousand miles during the day is not out of the question.”

She took a deep look at Lin Feng and then suddenly did not speak anymore, instead using her mana to transmit her voice to Lin Feng, not letting Xiao Yan hear.

“Fellow daoist, the reason you are trying so hard, is it for this Xiao Yan?”

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