History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 19: Helping and Testing

In an instant Lin Feng felt his heart stop for half a beat.

Since they met Yan Mingyue has always displayed a very polite, peaceful and calm mannerism.

She comes from the world’s number 1 holy land but is easy to approach, without a single shred of a high-up, almighty feeling.

Right now she has fallen into trouble but she does not have any sort of feeling like she is in a difficult position, instead she is as calm as the wind, as if everything is within her control.

But Lin Feng can sharply sense that this Yan Mingyue who appears humble and kind, has a pride within her that goes deep into her soul.

On the appearance she is easy to approach but her soul is prideful, it is very easy for people to develop a misconception of her on first contact.

This is a person whose mind and heart are extremely strong, strong to the point that she neglects the trivial matters, she simply does not care about the opinions of others.

Her pride is not belittlement, it is not arrogance and it is not conceitment. The exact opposite, her pride is her friendliness, her politeness and her patience.

Why? Because in her knowledge, you are inferior to me, so I am polite towards you, I will not think over your rudeness, I will especially patiently guide you.

In her heart she assumes preemptively that the other side is inferior to her, she will not become angered due to the rudeness of others and will not look down on someone because of it. She will only think that the other side’s level is too low, unable to comprehend her.

Like how humans won’t pay attention to the provocations of creatures like snakes, insects, rats and ants, will people think that this is pride? No, everyone will think that this is natural, and this is Yan Mingyue’s mentality.

In the conversation before, regardless if it was against Xiao Yan who is just qi disciple level 1 or Lin Feng whom she cannot see through, Yan Mingyue’s appearance was always very calm, practically not like one favoured by the heavens who comes from the world’s number 1 holy land and once roamed freely in the world.

But right now she is not holding back, pointing straight to the bottom of Lin Feng’s heart with one sentence, straightforward and sharp.

At the same time that he is shocked in his heart Lin Feng is also a bit excited. Yan Mingyue’s change in behaviour shows that she’s put away her pride and put Lin Feng at the same level as herself.

“The more it’s these kinds of times the calmer one has to be.” Lin Feng calmed down his state of mind, casually saying: “I am but a humble man from the mountains, naturally I cannot compare to the Void Temple. It is truly quite difficult to find a couple of successors.”

“So I ask that you please step down, I would be very grateful.”

Since the other side has already made things clear, Lin Feng also openly admitted.

Only, even though he’s praising the Void Temple, Lin Feng’s tone is calm and natural, clearly placing both sides on the same level.

The more he’s like this the more Yan Mingyue is instead unable to grasp his bottom line. After slightly pondering for a moment Yan Mingyue finally decided give him a favour, not using her mana to transmit her voice anymore and opening her mouth saying: “If it’s like so than I thank you for your spirit calming grass.”

Lin Feng smiled faintly nodding his head, turning his head towards Xiao Yan beside him.

Xiao Yan also calmed down at this moment, his gaze looking at Yan Mingyue extremely complicated.

Yan Mingyue stared at the second ring in Xiao Yan’s hand, lightly saying: “The Heaven Cage Sigil I planted before is already greatly weakened, the taotie’s remnant spirit could awaken at any moment. It’s better if Xiao Yan does not carry this ring around with him.”

Yet while speaking her gaze looked towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng instantly understood that Yan Mingyue wants him to take action to help deal with the remnant taotie spirit in the ring. Like this Xiao Yan will be increasingly grateful and Lin Feng taking him in as a disciple will be even more natural.

Looking at this from another angle, is this not also another of Yan Mingyue’s tests targeted at him?

Lin Feng secretly cursed in his heart, this woman really isn’t a slouch. But admittedly if Lin Feng really can smoothly and cleanly deal with the remnant taotie spirit he’ll be able to display his strength before Xiao Yan and attract him to become his disciple.

Everything depends on if Lin Feng has any real skill. If he does then this is a good thing without any harm, Yan Mingyue clearly did him a great favour.

If he doesn’t have any skill then he’ll reveal his true form, naturally there won’t be anything to say.

Yan Mingyue stared at Lin Feng with the shadow of a smile on her face, surprisingly carrying a few hints of the mischievous expression of a little girl and giving Lin Feng a massive headache.

“Birds of the same feather with that Long Ye, both of them aren’t good birds. Serves you guys right to go down together. Why didn’t you guy’s perish together and let the world be rid of two disasters!”

Lin Feng secretly cursed in his heart but on the surface he was still the appearance of an enigmatic master, saying with a smile: “Small case, leave it to me.”

While speaking Lin Feng unceremoniously took the ring from Xiao Yan’s hand.

The more it’s at these kinds of times the more one has to not act diffidently. He cannot reveal his true situation.

Lin Feng took over the ring and sent his mana into it, his consciousness instantly entering into an independant space.

In the dark space dozens of beams of disorderly light formed a massive cage. In the cage a savage beast was roaring ferociously.

The appearance of the beast is like a goat with a human’s face, its eyes are beneath its pits and it possesses teeth of a tiger with human hands. Its voice is like an infant’s, constantly ramming the cage formed by light. It is precisely the form of one of the four great ancient beasts of legend, the taotie.

Right now the beams of light are already very thin, compared to the taotie it’s practically like using rope the thickness of a finger to tie an elephant.

If not for the overall cage formed by the beams of light that releases a unified light every time the taotie rams into it, the beams of light would have already been torn apart a long time ago.

Lin Feng felt his blood freeze whilst staring at it. Even though this isn’t a true taotie and is just a remnant spirit, its strength is at least foundation establishment stage and it can also devour all things, it is far more terrifying than the average human foundation establishment stage cultivator.

While heavily injured Yan Mingyue’s level is also just foundation establishment stage. If not for the profundity of the Void Temple’s secret technique the Heaven Cage Sigil she simply would not be able to contain this savage beast.

Before when Xiao Yan was at the great circle of perfection of qi disciple level 12, he was forcefully sucked into a useless loser by this taotie.

Lin Feng’s current level is qi disciple level 7, being put on the spot to face this savage beast the pressure on him is not your average big.

Not paying attention to the struggling and roaring taotie, Lin Feng focused all of his attention on the light cage formed by the Heaven Cage Sigil. To take care of this beast he’ll probably have to depend on this Heaven Cage Sigil.

Even time the taotie rams into it once the beams of light become a bit thinner, representing a portion of the mana of the Heaven Cage Sigil being consumed.

When Yan Mingyue just set up the Heaven Cage Sigil in the past the light beams were presumably very thick. Only after three years time of depletion did it become like this.

Understanding this point Lin Feng had an idea. He started to try and infuse his own mana into the light cage to “recharge” the cage and help it to continue working.

This is not an easy matter. As the signature spell of the Void Temple, the Heaven Cage Sigil’s appearance looks like a simple light cage, but the inner mana workings are actually extremely complicated.

Countless incantation sigils worked together like an incredibly sophisticated machine.

When Lin Feng just infused his mana within, it was like a bull barging into a flock of sheep. Not only did it not achieve the effect of replenishing it, he nearly affected the regular operation of the Heaven Cage Sigil.

Lin Feng did not dare to continue taking risks, only integrating bits of mana within and first patiently grasping the workings of the sigil. This is actually the same as learning the Heaven Cage Sigil.

But he is like a blind man feeling an elephant, his learning efficiency is extremely low. (TL: blind man and elephant)

Lin Feng right now has no other choice, he’s already been forced into a corner, he must succeed.

Secretly dealing with the Heaven Cage Sigil, on the surface Lin Feng had a poised appearance, calmly looking towards Xiao Yan: “You set a three year promise with your fiance, what are your plans now?”

Some things you’ll only understand their value when you lose them, recovering what was lost will make people value it even more.

Xiao Yan is like so. Knowing the reason behind the change in his body he has already regained his confidence. Leaving these two rings his talent has definitely already returned.

Only, when hearing the word fiance and thinking of the matter before, Xiao Yan’s expression still changed.

He took a deep breath saying: “Of course I’ll do all I can to catch up and take back everything that I lost before.”

Lin Feng smiled faintly: “Your talent is very good, but that little girl’s talent is also not bad. While you are improving she is also improving, but her starting point is a lot higher than yours.”

“Even if you transform back into the prodigy from the past, based on your original cultivating speed are you sure you can catch up to her within three years?” Lin Feng’s smile was enigmatic: “Not to mention she has the support of the Celeritas Sword Sect, her training resources are far superior to yours.”

Xiao Yan felt a jolt, glancing at Lin Feng and then subconsciously looking towards Yan Mingyue.

Yan Mingyue smiled faintly: “As an outsider I can’t say too much about the grudge between you and Ms. Murong, but your body suffering a great change is more or less related to me. Here I express my deep apologies, I will use a spell of the Void Temple as compensation, I ask that you forgive me.”

Hearing this at the side, Lin Feng secretly shouted out in his heart: “Excellent!” This chick may be cunning but her character is not bad.

Xiao Yan is also very happy. The spell that Yan Mingyue wants to pass onto him definitely won’t be shabby, but very quickly his mood dropped back down. Even with this spell will he for sure be able to defeat Murong Yanran three years later and avenge the humiliation today?

He knows best about himself, in the past he used four years time to cultivate to the great circle of perfection of qi disciple level 12. How high will his level be three years later?

Even if both sides are at the same level, the Xiao family dao technique that he practises is only third rate, yet Murong Yanran is a direct disciple of the Celeritas Sword Sect. What she practices is the Celeritas Sword Sect’s best dao technique, best spells and abilities, mountains of pills and panaceas open to eat, maybe she even has powerful magic items passed down by her master or sect…

Letting out a dejected sigh, Xiao Yan secretly glanced at Lin Feng who is carrying a faint smile on his face, his eyes slowing becoming brighter.

Lin Feng’s eyes also lit up: “That’s right, my good disciple, hurry up and come into master’s bowl!”

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