History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 25: Second! Third?

After Xiao Yan went through the master-disciple ceremony, listening to the system notification sound beside his ears Lin Feng’s entire body was a bit exhausted.

“Congratulations to host taking in your second direct disciple Xiao Yan.”

“Host has obtained reward of one lottery chance and 500 trading points.”

Lin Feng looked at Xiao Yan in front of him, sighing in his heart: “I really put my life on the line this time to settle things.”

In the disciple system, besides Xiao Budian there was the addition of Xiao Yan’s data.

Name: Xiao Yan

Age: 15 years 1 month

Current Level: Qi Disciple Level 1

Potential Attributes: Bone Root → 8; Comprehension → 9; Will → 9; Luck → 8

Note: Has special talent in alchemy.

Recommended Teaching Plan: “Recommended to practice fire class dao techniques, in terms of abilities the recommended direction of development is a focus on martial arts, recommended to train his alchemy level as he possesses very great potential.”

Even though he’s not like Xiao Budian and directly has one attribute that is an OP max value, Xiao Yan’s comprehension and will is one step above. His four attributes are all very outstanding and he also has an extra talent in alchemy.

But the system recommends Xiao Yan to practice fire class dao techniques, seeing this point Lin Feng secretly frowned.

The system undoubtedly gave out the most suitable teaching plan, but Lin Feng only has a Nine Heavens Thunder Technique on his hands, where can he go to find a fire class dao technique?

… And it also has to be a comparatively sophisticated fire dao technique or else how can he make Xiao Yan accept it?

Even if Xiao Yan doesn’t say anything, this purple-clothed little girl in front of him will not settle for it.

Xiao Zhener stared at Xiao Yan with a wistful expression and then turned around asking Lin Feng: “Are you going to bring Xiao Yan ge-ge and leave Wuzhou?”

Lin Feng faintly smiled: “I will not stay here for long, when your Xiao Yan ge-ge finishes handling things at home then it’ll be time for us to leave.”

Pausing for a moment, Lin Feng looked at Xiao Yan and continued saying: “There is a very difficult objective waiting for him to complete, if he trains according to routine then the time will be too late. Only by going outside to an even bigger world, experiencing even more trials and coming in contact with more opportunities can he advance by leaps and bounds.”

Xiao Zhener naturally knows what Xiao Yan’s goal is, hearing this she became slightly dejected.

“You can also go with him.”

This line arrived at the tip of his tongue, did a few spins and then went back down his throat, he did not say it.

His act just now of defeating Elder Li was incredibly domineering. This girl may have also been shocked, but that look of hers was clearly being shocked that “there is also this kind of expert here”, and not “there is actually this kind of expert in the world”.

His performance was unable to impress her and adding her potentially super amazing background, the chances of this little girl bowing her head to him with Xiao Yan are very slim.

Sure enough, Xiao Zhener wistfully grabbed Xiao Yan’s hand: “Sorry, Xiao ge-ge, Zhener is unable to be with you, sorry…”

If possible she really wants to keep following her Xiao Yan ge-ge, but not only will she not be able to help him like that, she will instead bring him harm…

Even if it’s not been even half a year and he’s already gained half of the four disciples, that one year time limit was still weighing on Lin Feng’s heart: “Number three oh number three, where are you?”

Without any clues it’s very easy for his time to be wasted in an aimless search.

Seeing Xiao Zhener’s reluctance, Xiao Yan smiled in a carefree manner: “Don’t worry about me Zhener, I won’t be leaving that quickly. Moreover, I have a feeling that we’ll be meeting again very soon.”

Yan Mingyue’s gaze lingered between these two little lovebirds, a gentle smile blooming at the corner of her lips: “Xiao Yan, I said before that I will teach you a skill of the Void Temple as compensation for your care over these past three years.”

“Originally I was going to teach you the Heaven Cage Sigil, but it looks like I don’t need to now.”

Hearing this Xiao Yan was stunned, Xiao Zhener was also slightly moved.

The Heaven Cage Sigil is the Void Temples signature spell, amongst the Void Temple’s vast multitude of skills it can be considered a more basic spell, but it is one that almost all of the Void Temple’s disciples will learn.

There’s no other reason, after the constant improvements and modifications made by countless predecessors, this spell has already reached near perfection and is extremely handy.

The Heaven Cage Sigil, when qi disciple stage cultivators use it, it is a type of power. When primordial soul stage cultivators use it, it is another kind of earthshaking power.

Different from a multitude of spells having their limits and when a cultivator’s own level increases they will gradually fall behind until being discarded, the Heaven Cage Sigil’s potential is near infinite. Even in the battles of mighty primordial spirit level magnates it is also a very handy spell.

Hearing this Lin Feng was first dazed for a moment and then reacted over, the vigilance in his eyes looking at Yan Mingyue became even greater but also more hidden.

Through Lin Feng’s method of using the taotie to repulse the enemy, Yan Mingyue has clearly already guessed that the Heaven Cage Sigil she’d left in the ring was not only cracked by Lin Feng, Lin Feng also seized the opportunity and grasped hold of the Heaven Cage Sigil.

The Heaven Cage Sigil is the Void Temple’s secret spell and is not easily taught to outsiders, because once it lands in the eyes of those who know it the user will usually use the name of the Void Temple and it’s very easy for them to use their fame to cause trouble.

But right now Yan Mingyue clearly does not intend to pursue the matter. Against Lin Feng this kind of person who is of unknown origin yet enigmatic, under the pretense of no central conflicts Yan Mingyue carries a better friends than enemies attitude.

She looked at Xiao Yan saying: “The spell I’m teaching you is called Red Lotus Break, it is a fire class spell. Its shortcoming is that it’s not easy to practise and there is even a certain risk when practising it, but its power is definitely satisfactory.”

Yan Mingyue spent everyday with Xiao Yan for three years, naturally she can see that Xiao Yan is most suited to practising fire class dao techniques.

The same as the Heaven Cage Sigil, Red Lotus Break could also be considered famous within the world and is a very famous fire class spell of the Void Temple. It is famous for being able to release strength greater than the cultivator’s current level.

Even though this spell has its flaws, it is the most suited to fighting higher levelled opponents with the least risk. For the current Xiao Yan its attraction is greater than the Heaven Cage Sigil.

Xiao Yan happily nodded his head. Yan Mingyue glanced at Lin FEng and then continued saying: “Besides the main ingredient the soul calming grass provided by fellow daoist Lin, I still need a few extra ingredients for the materials of the soul anchoring pill.”

“These ingredients are all very common, Wuzhou City has them. I need to trouble you again to help me collect them.”

Xiao Yan agreed frankly, Yan Mingyue started to teach him the skill Red Lotus Break on the spot, not avoiding Lin Feng and Xiao Zhener who are at the side.

Although Yan Mingyue is not avoiding them, Xiao Zhener will not disrespect the rules. She gave Xiao Yan a notice: “Xiao Yan ge-ge, I’ll go back to the house first. With such a big commotion here the people at the house will all be startled, I’ll go back to stabilize them, you take your time.” Finishing speaking she turned around and left.

Lin Feng secretly curled his lips and also brought along Xiao Budian walking away to the distance. Regardless of whether or not Xiao Yan will pass it on to Lin Feng on his own, at this time he has to put out the dismissive attitude of a master.

“Spirit calming grass? Soul anchoring pill?! They all go to that stupid bitch, dammit, dammit! If I ate it then I could immediately recover at least 50% of my strength, then go off and devour a couple of aurous core stage cultivators and I’ll be able to recover my previous strength very quickly, dammit!!!”

The taoties violent howls filled with resentment came from within the ring: “The Void Temple! That stupid bitch is from the Void Temple, you’re also from the Void Temple, people from the Void Temple are all bastards!”

“You’re a bastard, that stupid bitch is even more of a bastard, I curse all of you people from the Void Temple to all die of horrible deaths!”

“Just like the previous holy maiden of your temple, her resolve to pursue the universal path broken, the fruits of her cultivation destroyed, marrying another person as a concubine, being bullied by a mortal woman, vomiting blood and dying, giving birth to a son who is all alone, ignored by his father, oppressed by his stepmother…”

The taotie was yelling to its heart’s content when it suddenly discovered that Lin Feng had appeared before it, staring straight at it across from the Heaven Cage Sigil’s light cage.

Lin Feng’s current gaze was like a wolf that had starved for its entire life suddenly seeing meat, making even the taotie this kind of glutton feel scared.

“If I didn’t mishear just now, you said…” Lin Feng licked his lips, his eyes glowing: “You said, the previous holy maiden was killed by someone and left behind a son. He is the son of a concubine in a rich and powerful family but is oppressed by his father and stepmother and is living very miserably?”

The taotie subconsciously nodded its head, Lin Feng let out a wave of ecstatic cries in his heart: “Happiness comes too suddenly, catching people by surprise! No matter how you look at it this guy is a main character template, one chosen by the heavens, could it be that the third one is coming soon?”

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