History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 24: You’re Overthinking

Lin Feng’s gaze silently looked over. All of the Blaze Sword Sect cultivators were as if they had been stung by scorpions, hastily distancing themselves from Xiao Budian.

The eyes of one of the foundation establishment stage cultivators flashed, his retreating body stopped and then wanted to pounce towards Xiao Budian.

He has to take this hostage or else they will be unable to retreat safely.

Lin Feng glanced at him, lightly saying: “Starting from this instant, if my disciple is missing one strand of hair, you guys leave behind one life.”

The foundation establishment stage cultivator’s body immediately froze on the spot, not daring to even move.

Seeing this Lin Feng secretly let out a breath of relief. Right now the condition of his body is also very bad. Even though the taotie devoured Elder Li’s attack, just the shockwaves of a great aurous core stage cultivator’s attack is not something that Lin Feng can withstand.

Afterwards Elder Li’s mana surpassed the taotie’s limits and the taotie was forced to spit out all of the mana that it swallowed.

Not only the dark red sword aura, even the mana of the Meteor Ember Sword from before was also released and a relative portion flowed into Lin Feng’s body. Right now his internal organs were also as if they were on fire, feeling like all of the blood in his body was about to boil and bubble.

Right at this moment, the taotie’s force of devourment appeared again within the ring on his finger. Even though it was gravely injured by Elder Li and the strength of the taotie who was just a remnant soul to begin with greatly decreased, its gluttonous nature did not change and its first reaction after just catching its breath is to eat.

“When I recover my strength I’ll definitely eat you whole!” The taotie furiously roared in the ring.

Lin Feng let out a cold laugh: “I’m afraid that you don’t have good enough teeth.”

Finishing speaking Lin Feng’s mana rushed into the ring, turning into dozens of light pillars and intertwining with each other. In an instant they formed a massive cage, locking the taotie within.

The taotie pounced at the cage with a howl, wanting to devour the mana comprising the light pillars. But profound essence circulated on the pillars of light and the entire cage emitted a great light, tightly suppressing the taotie.

After being dazed for a moment the taotie immediately flew into a rage: “The Heaven Cage Sigil again! You’re also from the Void Temple? Wuahhhh! God dammit, one day I’m going to swallow all of you damned daoists from the Void Temple!”

Lin Feng did not pay attention to its clamor, feeling pleased in his heart. The system tools are indeed extraordinary, through the ability analyzer he was able to resolve the secrets of the Heaven Cage Sigil in a short period of time.

Lin Feng was able to quickly learn this secret technique of the Void Temple which is why he was able to re-suppress the taotie after using it as a shield. Or else even if he is able to get past Elder Li he’ll still be sucked dry by this taotie.

Lin Feng glanced at Elder Li whose skin was completely red and releasing white steam, right now he was like a massive cooked shrimp.

Calling out lucky in his heart, Lin Feng knows that the reason he was able to succeed with one strike is moreover because he silently took Elder Li’s strongest attack head-on and the result was too shocking, causing this aurous core stage cultivator to become flustered.

Not only was he unable to evade Lin Feng’s counterattack, he did not even have the time to defend, just stiffly taking the attack head-on.

This attack was entirely the same as the full powered attack of an aurous core stage cultivator at the same level as Elder Li. Taking a hit like this without any defense, the old geezer is already very lucky that he didn’t die.

Xiao Budian dashed over to his side, smilingly saying: “Master, that move of yours just now was so amazing, can you teach me?”

Lin Feng patted his tiny noggin: “You can’t learn it right now, train hard and master will naturally teach it to you later.”

Finishing speaking Lin Feng lifted up his head looking towards Zhang Nan in the crowd, his voice slightly cold: “Just now you hit my disciple, did you enjoy it?”

Lin Feng is incredibly annoyed by Zhang Nan, if not for this guy why would he need to needlessly risk his life against a great aurous core stage cultivator?

Zhang Nan was absent minded, his attention was still focused on the unbelievable reality of Elder Li losing. Coming in contact with Lin Feng’s gaze at this moment, he immediately felt like he’d fallen through ice.

“Se… Senior… I, I just…” Zhang Nan’s face was ashen, he couldn’t even speak properly.

Right now the group of Blaze Sword Sect cultivators beside him all retreated to the side, avoiding him like the plague. Their gazes staring at Zhang Nan became increasingly unfriendly.

… It’s all this guy’s fault, if not for him why would Elder Li suffer such a disaster and why would we be in this mess?

Before Elder Li was defeated, nobody thought that it would be this kind of result.

All of the Blaze Sword Sect cultivators thought that they could easily take Xiao Budian this prodigious disciple into the sect. That wandering cultivator master of Xiao Budian’s better know what’s best for him or else we’ll teach him a lesson and let him know the power of the Blaze Sword Sect.

But at this moment everybody was in regret, their chests were uncomfortably tight. Lin Feng who was too profound to be understood was too terrifying, making them only think about getting as far away as possible from this monster.

The gap between both sides is too large making them only able to feel fear, they did not even dare to have the slightest bit of hatred.

Their built up anger requires a means of discharge and Zhang Nan who was the root of all this naturally became the punching bag of his fellow peers.

One of the foundation establishment stage cultivators stared at Zhang Nan, saying lividly: “This is all your fault!”

The other foundation establishment stage cultivator did not say anything, directly slapping him and smashing Zhang Nan away.

Poor Zhang Nan was slapped far away before he could even react, his body in mid-air did a couple of high difficulty reverse somersaults before heavily falling to the ground.

Beating your own disciple in front of outsiders is actually a very demoralizing and shameful matter.

You are no match for the opponent and yet you use your own disciple to vent your anger. You are unable to protect the disciples from your sect and even use your disciple as a scapegoat. This kind of sect undoubtedly loses its cohesive force very easily and easily causes the disciples of the sect to gravitate away from the sect.

But when this foundation establishment stage cultivator sharply hit Zhang Nan, at this moment all of the Blaze Sword Sect disciples all cheered loudly in their hearts, only feeling that it was well deserved. This kind of menace should be mercilessly beat, it serves him right.

The pressure that Lin Feng brought to them had already caused them to be incapable of thinking calmly, only feeling like there was a breath stuck in their chest and that if they didn’t release it then they would go crazy.

Staring at Zhang Nan who was half-dead, Lin Fen couldn’t help but secretly grin. This foundation establishment stage cultivator really did not hold back, knocking away half of Zhang Nan’s life with a slap.

“Today I will not trouble you, but that does not mean that this is over.” Lin Feng stared at Zhang Nan, lightly saying: “The reason that I let you go today is to leave you for my disciple, to give him the chance to personally take revenge.”

Lin Feng lowered his head looking at Xiao Budian: “What do you say?”

Xiao Budian stared at Zhang Nan who was like a dead dog, releasing a humph: “The way he is right now, me fighting him could not be considered skill. After some time once once I’ve learnt some abilities from master then I will find him and take my revenge.”

Lin Feng said in his heart that relentlessly beating the dog in the water is what’s justice, but he was not the least bit worried about Xiao Budian, on the contrary he was silently giving his tributes to Zhang Nan in his heart.

Are you kidding, what kind of good ending can an enemy have after being remembered by a main character?

Lin Feng lifted up his eyes again and looked towards the people of the Blaze Sword Sect, calmly saying: “You guys all heard what my disciple said? Keep your eyes on this person, one day I will bring my disciple Haotian and visit the Blaze Sword Sect to bring this matter to an end.”

The two leading foundation establishment stage cultivators involuntarily nodded their heads.

Looking at the expressions of the foundation establishment stage cultivators and the look in their eyes looking at Zhang Nan, Lin Feng laughed in his heart. With his last remark, even if Xiao Budian forgets about this small fry in the future, Zhang Nan’s days in the Blaze Sword Sect will definitely be a living hell.

The corner of Lin Feng’s eyes swept across Elder Li. Right now the old geezer was just about to catch his breath, but with his grievous wounds he could only be considered to still having half his life.

Seeing Lin Feng looking at him Elder Li wanted to die from shame, wishing that he could go crawl into a hole.

Lin Feng did not continue to trouble him, his chin lightly pointing towards him: “Take your elder and leave, don’t appear in front of my eyes again.”

The group of Blaze Sword Sect cultivators felt like they’d been pardoned of crime, hastily picking up Elder Li and swiftly taking their leave.

The spiritual projection of Yan Mingyue with her green gown reappeared in the air, her gaze complicatedly looking at Lin Feng, actually unable to say anything for the moment.

The reason she handed over the ring sealing the taotie to Lin Feng to deal with was not only with the intentions of helping him and to test him.

Besides this she also had a third intention of probing him, killing three birds with one arrow.

As long as Lin Feng touches the Heaven Cage Sigil in the ring, Yan Mingyue will develop a link with the mana that she left behind and would thus be able to get a clear idea of the depths of Lin Feng’s strength along with dao technique and background.

At first Lin Feng only had a slight bit of mana probing the Heaven Cage Sigil and Yan Mingyue did not pay it any heed, but afterwards Yan Mingyue suddenly lost her connection with the Heaven Cage Sigil.

Naturally she does not know that Lin Feng used the ability analyzer, only thinking that Lin Feng had discovered her plot and so cut off the link between her and the Heaven Cage Sigil.

Afterwards Elder Li made his debut and was nonchalantly defeated by Lin Feng. Of everybody at the scene, only Yan Mingyue knows that Lin Feng made use of the taoties’s power.

But she did not dare to look down on Lin Feng at the slightest because of this, on the contrary she thinks that Lin Feng used the taotie to engage the enemy precisely to not let her see his limits.

And the reality is exactly so. After a fierce battle Yan Mingyue was unable to perceive exactly what level Lin Feng is at and the origins of his dao technique.

From Yan Mingyue’s point of view, in that confrontation just now the two sides battling were actually Lin Feng and her. She wants to grasp Lin Feng’s details and Lin Feng does not want her to get her wish. That red-haired elder of the Blaze Sword Sect was nothing but their tool of confrontation.

The result is naturally her complete and utter loss.

Even against an aurous core stage cultivator Lin Feng is able to not reveal any of his strength and instead use the remnant taotie soul she gave him to defeat the enemy. This made Yan Mingyue have a sense of defeat like going for wool and coming home shorn.

Even the two lines that Lin Feng said towards Elder Li, Yan Mingyue also felt that Lin Feng was actually saying them towards her.

“Kid have you messed around enough yet?”

“Since you’ve messed around enough then I have something to return to you.”

These two lines made Yan Mingyue’s tranquil heart develop a bit of vexation.

She is not a regular disciple of the Void Temple. Even in the Void Temple that number one holy land of the ages, she is an existence favoured by the heavens. Since she was little no one could make her develop such a distressed feeling.

Even her archrival Long Ye of whom she fought with until a bitter end did not achieve this.

At this moment, Yan Mingyue did not have the slightest bit of negligence facing Lin Feng, instead treating him as a target that she must take seriously.

Lin Feng was a bit perplexed by Yan Mingyue’s gaze. If he knew the thoughts turning around in her head he would only give a one line assessment.

“The hundred and one ways of an expert’s death, overthinking!”

Right now all of Lin Feng’s attention was focused on Xiao Yan who was rushing over as he mumbled in his heart: “The second one, the second one…”

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