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Chapter 27: Hidden Benefit

The third time engaging in a lottery draw, Lin Feng’s primary goal is a fire class dao technique , his second goal is an item that can resolve the remaining fire energy in his body,

A portion of the fire energy devoured and then spit out by the taotie remains in Lin Feng’s body, causing his entire body to feel hot and his internal organs to feel as if they are on fire.

Even though he can resolve it using his own mana, he’ll undoubtedly need to suffer for a longer period of time.

In practising a fire class dao technique, not only can he resolve this fire energy, he can instead use this energy to increase his own level.

As always, Lin Feng first looked at the possible rewards listed out by the wheel and dice system.

The dice system has a medicinal ingredient called Crimson Pearl Frost Pellet, it can effectively cure the damage caused by the fire mana.

The wheel system on the other hand has two fire class dao techniques, one Scorching Sun Battle Qi and one incomplete Art of Acala. (TL: Acala.)

Lin Feng pondered for a moment, not speaking of whether or not he’ll definitely get the Crimson Pearl Frost Pellet, even if he gets it he’ll only be able to settle his own injuries and won’t be able to resolve his urgent need for a fire class dao technique.

“Let’s go with the wheel system.” Lin Feng made his decision, with two targets to shoot for the success rate is also a lot higher.

Of the dao techniques, relatively speaking Scorching Sun Battle Qi is more low-end and can cultivate Scorching Sun Fire.

Scorching Sun Fire can only be considered so-so, but it is the foundation of one of the seven great absolute flames, Absolute Solar Flame. If cultivators who have cultivated Scorching Sun Fire can obtain the Art of the Rising Sun then they can cultivate Absolute Oriana Fire. (TL: Oriana according to my google research is a name that means rising sun/sunrise in Latin.)

If those who have cultivated Absolute Oriana Fire can learn the Absolute Solar Flame Technique then they’ll be able to cultivate the Absolute Solar Flame of the seven great absolute flames.

Even though it’s very troublesome, at least it has room for improvement.

The other dao technique the Art of Acala is different, it can cultivate Fury Acala Fire. Its power is second only to the seven great absolute flames and is moreover above the Absolute Oriana Flame. Compared to the Scorching Sun Fire it is especially countless levels higher. (TL: I might change the name for Fury Acala Fire, but it’ll still be about the same.)

Originally at the current system’s level it’s unable to give out the Art of Acala, but because it’s an incomplete fragment with just the first half it was able to randomly appear.

But facing these two dao techniques Lin Feng fell into a struggle.

Because based on the explanation, this Art of Acala is precisely one of the secret dao techniques of the past buddhist holy land the Great Thunder Monastery. Even in the Great Thunder Monastery that kind of holy land it was a highly-ranked top-notch dao technique, since the fall of the Great Thunder Monastery it’s virtually been lost.

In the past it was too famous, now if he uses it after practising it, it’ll be recognised by people with a glance.

Next up he’s going to bring Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian to head towards the imperial capital of the Great Zhou Dynasty Tianjing City, at the time it was precisely the Great Zhou Dynasty that lead the siege against the Great Thunder Monastery. If their whereabouts are exposed will they be seen as survivors of the monastery and hunted?

This isn’t a joke, to this day the Great Zhou Dynasty still forbids Buddhist activity within its borders, carrying out brutal hunts against monks who escaped after the fall of the Great Thunder Monastery.

The same line, with a main character like Xiao Yan, once he leaves Wuzhou City this novice village there will immediately be countless enemies screaming and rushing towards him, completely unavoidable.

If he obtains the Art of Acala and passes it on to Xiao Yan, once he fights within the borders of the Great Zhou Dynasty and reveals it, Ling Feng and co. will immediately fall into trouble.

After thinking carefully Ling Feng felt that he should aim for the Scorching Sun Battle Qi. Even though currently its level is a bit low, it wins in having no future troubles.

For the moment he owes Xiao Yan a bit, all he can do is make up for it in the future and think of a way to get the Art of the Rising Sun and the Absolute Solar Flame Technique, that way it won’t delay him.

The reason that he said to set the Scorching Sun Battle Qi as his target is because Lin Feng has a guess about the wheel system.

The spinning of the wheel follows Lin Feng’s thoughts, it starts to spin when he wants it to spin.

This is different from a real, physical wheel. With a real wheel people use their hands to spin it, the amount of strength used will directly influence the spinning of the wheel.

This virtual wheel system, will its rotation have a set pattern?

Lin Feng stared at the wheel. Based on the experience last time of getting the spirit calming grass, the wheel will rotate approximately three and a half times. If this pattern is fixed then the Scorching Sun Battle Qi is in the number ‘9’ grid. Like this he should start spinning from number “18” or “1” this time.

Lin Feng chose “18”, silently praying in his heart: “Come on!” The mystery chest may be nice but right now he doesn’t want it, who knows if it’ll give out what he needs the most right now.

After Lin Feng gave the confirmation in his heart, the wheel started to rapidly spin.

“One round, two rounds… Three!” Lin Feng closely stared at it, silently praying: “Half a circle, half a circle… Half a circle! Shit, stop!”

What made Lin Feng disappointed is that after the wheel spun around half a circle, it did not stop on the number 9 grid of the Scorching Sun Battle Qi but instead moved another four grids forwards and then slowly stopped.

The thirteenth grid… the Art of Acala!

Lin Feng already knew what it was without even needing to look. Before spinning the wheel he’d already observed everything. Right now he had a wry smile on his face: “System, are you purposely screwing with me?”

“Lottery finished.” Following the mechanical system notification sound, Lin Feng backed out of the lottery system with a wry smile. Lines of a scripture clearly appeared in his head, it is precisely the contents of the first half of the Art of Acala.

Is the Art of Acala good?

Just looking at it from the level of a dao technique of course it’s good. If it were the full version then it would virtually the on the same level as the Nine Heavens Thunder Technique.

Lin Feng shook his head: “So be it, in any case it’s also a pretty good dao technique. It’s just who knows when I’ll be able to get the lower half.” He made up his mind, after leaving Wuzhou City he has to keep a close eye on Xiao Yan.

If something really does happen then he’ll simply do what needs to be done. He absolutely will not allow this information to leak out, Lin Feng doesn’t want to be wanted and hunted after just entering into the Great Zhou Dynasty.

Lin Feng started to circulate his mana according to the essentials of the Art of Acala, attempting to channel the fire energy in his body.

After just starting Lin Feng suddenly felt that something was wrong. His pure thunder mana that originates from the Nine Heavens Thunder Technique was actually rapidly being converted in his meridian points, turning into fiery flames.

The seven meridian points that he’d already unlocked were currently filled by blazing, pure fire mana.

Lin Feng’s eyes flashed: “This feeling, it’s practically like I was practising the Art of Acala from the very beginning and thus advanced to qi disciple level 7.

While thinking Lin Feng used the Art of Acala, using the blazing fire mana in his meridian points to channel the fire energy that had invaded his body.

This fire energy had been suppressed by Lin Feng’s thunder mana the whole time. Even though it can’t do anything big, it has always been strongly fighting back without any signs of yielding, stubbornly resisting until the end.

But right now coming in contact with the fire mana cultivated from the Art of Acala, it was immediately like a wanderer away from home who had suddenly seen his family, joyfully mixing within.

In an instant the fire mana in Lin Feng’s body surged, unexpectedly rushing towards Lin Feng’s not yet unlocked eighth meridian point.


In the roaring sound, the fierce fire mana directly charged open the eighth meridian point like an explosive, twisting and spiraling within it.

Lin Feng was pleasantly surprised, just like this he actually accidently got to qi disciple level 8.

What made him even more pleasantly surprised is that with a single thought, the originally blazing fire mana instantly released the crackling sounds of an electric current, turning back into thunder class mana.

The thunder mana in his eighth meridian point did not have any discomfort, just as if Lin Feng had originally opened up the eighth meridian point using thunder class mana and thus advanced from qi disciple level 7 to qi disciple level 8.

Lin Feng was extremely excited: “Just like how people can’t see through my level, this can also be considered a hidden benefit of the system, right? I can freely change my core dao technique, regardless of what dao technique I learn the level of my mana can instantly be upgraded to my current level.

In the cultivating world there is no shortage of cultivators who practise multiple dao techniques together, but those are usually great cultivators at a very high stage who practise other dao techniques together to break through the bottleneck that they’ve reached. They hope to achieve the effect of comprehending by analogy and improving themselves.

As for lower levelled cultivators, there is not even enough time to practise one dao technique. If they go and practise multiple dao techniques together, the final result will be that they are unable to comprehend the true profundities of any of them.

Not to mention a lot of the different kinds of mana cultivated from different dao techniques are incompatible, some even restrain each other like fire and water. After practising it not only are there no benefits, it will instead also affect one’s cultivation.

Even great primordial spirit stage cultivators all have their own core dao technique. It is the basis of all cultivation, even if they practise other dao techniques they only have a supporting role.

But now no matter how many different dao techniques Lin Feng practises he will be able flexibly and freely switch between them. For his cultivation this has many benefits.

Not speaking of hiding his strength and identity thus causing the opponent to be unable to grasp his background, just in terms of cultivating speed Lin Feng has gained a big advantage.

For example today, originally relying upon the Nine Heavens Thunder Technique Lin Feng would not have advanced to qi disciple level 8 so soon. But because of special reasons this time his body accumulated a lot of fire energy, and so relying on the fire class dao technique the Art of Acala he used this outside spiritual energy that he’d assimilated to advance to qi disciple level 8 in one go.

Feeling the abundant mana in his body Lin Feng was full of delight, even the mixed feelings he had from getting the Art of Acala before became a lot weaker.

He returned to Xiao Yan and Yan Mingyue’s location. Yan Mingyue had already finished teaching the ability of Red Lotus Burst and Xiao Yan was in the middle of lowering his head and making his own understandings.

Yan Mingyue saw Lin Feng walking over, a light flashing by in her eyes: “Fellow Daoist Lin seems to have encountered a joyous event?”

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