History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 28: Senior and Junior

In the gentle breeze Yan Mingyue’s green gown flew in the wind, like a faerie descended to the mortal realm, isolated in the world.

She lightly laughed saying: “Fellow Daoist Lin seems to have come across a joyous event?”

Lin Feng laughed lightly, his gaze sweeping towards Xiao Yan. As if nothing had happened he said: “Naturally it is a joyous event gaining such an amazing disciple.”

Yan Mingyue smiled faintly, not saying anything else.

Xiao Yan who was originally indulged in comprehending the ability of Red Lotus Burst also returned to his senses at this time, his gaze looking at Lin Feng filled with earnest.

Lin Feng nodded his head, gradually retracting his smile and saying seriously: “Even though in this three year’s time your level did not make the slightest advancements, you never gave up and instead practised unremittingly. This is very good and very rare.”

Being able to be a main character he naturally possesses something special, Xiao Yan’s will of 9 is definitely not a joke.

What is will, it is mind and spirit.

The Heaven Primal world has more than hundreds of millions of beings, there are actually a lot of prodigies with outstanding talent and comprehension, but only a few are able to truly make some achievements. What decides how far they can go in the future and to what degree they can exert their outstanding talent is their will.

Those with a strong will naturally will go further than those with the same talent.

Lin Feng stared at Xiao Yan, slowly saying: “It is precisely because you’ve persevered this entire time that your foundation is more solid than regular people and you’ve accumulated a deep enough understanding, thus in the future when you advance to higher stages you will have fewer bottlenecks. It appears as though you’ve wasted three years, but in the future you will discover that you can very easily make up for these three years.

Xiao Yan was a bit stunned. He really didn’t know that these nightmarish three years could bring about something good.

“Then when will you teach me dao techniques?” Turning his eyes Xiao Yan placed his sights on the most important thing.

Yan Mingyue at the side suddenly interrupted saying: “Fellow Daoist Lin, I see that little disciple of yours seems to be practising a thunder class dao technique.”

Hearing this Xiao Yan was surprised. Before when he was learning Red Lotus Burst Yan Mingyue told him that he is more suited to practising fire class dao techniques. If master only knows thunder class dao techniques then no matter how profound and powerful the dao technique is, for him there will always be a slight feeling of regret.

Lin Feng smiled faintly: “This little guy is suited to practise thunder class dao techniques, thus I taught him a thunder class dao technique. As a teacher one must teach students in accordance to their aptitude.”

What this means is that he knows more than just one dao technique and naturally has a suitable dao technique to teach to Xiao Yan.

Hearing this Xiao Yan instantly relaxed.

In her heart she had a new evaluation towards Lin Feng’s strength.Yan Mingyue also smiled and nodded her head, not saying anything more.

Your average wandering cultivators are all people who have obtained the legacies of great ancient cultivators by chance and thus stepped upon the path of cultivation. Being able to obtain one dao technique is already great fortune.

If Lin Feng possesses different dao techniques and they are all comparatively profound dao techniques, then Lin Feng’s strength cannot be measured by the standards of regular wandering cultivators.

Right now Yan Mingyue even suspects if Lin Feng is a hermit cultivator from some big sect who suddenly entered into the world?

On the other hand, at this moment Xiao Yan secretly glanced at Xiao Budian. Thinking of something he instantly pulled a long face.

Lin Feng knew what he was thinking by looking at his expression. He couldn’t help but laugh in his heart while on the surface he said towards him with a straight face: “From today onwards you are my eldest disciple, temporarily taking the position of the head disciple. As the eldest disciple, when I take in new disciples in the future you must act as an example for them.” (TL: The head disciple is the one that will take on the role of leader of the sect when the leader steps down…I think.)

Xiao Yan was dazed, his gaze floating towards Xiao Budian and seeing Xiao Budian looking at him with a grin.

Lin Feng disregarded Xiao Yan’s little actions, patting Xiao Budian’s noggin and continuing to say: “This is your junior, Shi Tianhao, as the senior take good care of him.”

Xiao Yan promptly nodded his head, his little head like a chick pecking at rice and rejoicing in his heart. Just now he thought he would have to call this little guy senior and he felt really awkward. He had no idea that he was actually the head disciple.

In the future the disciples that Lin Feng takes in will all have to call him senior, Xiao Yan was delighted in his heart.

Xiao Budian walked forward, lifting up his youthful, little face and saluting scrupulously: “Greetings eldest apprentice brother.” He’s clearly just a little guy but he just has to act old and mature, no matter how you look at him he’s cute.

Xiao Yan was also amused by him: “Don’t worry, if there’s anything in the future come find me, I’ll cover…” Speaking up to here he abruptly stopped. At this time Xiao Yan suddenly remembered that this cute looking little guy before him is actually a true to god qi disciple level 4 cultivator.

A qi disciple level 4 cultivator not even four years of age…

Thinking here Xiao Yan’s forehead instantly started to sweat. Right now his level is only at qi disciple level 1, compared to this junior he’s a lot further behind, who knows who’ll be covering who.

Xiao Yan lifted his eyes looking at Lin Feng, seeing that Lin Feng was also staring at him, his gaze harboring motivational spur and also testing.

“Rest assured master, I will definitely put in double the effort in training.” Xiao Yan was instantly inspired, quieting down and saying seriously.

Are you kidding, as the eldest disciple his level isn’t even as high as his junior, what kind of joke is that?

Lin Feng nodded his head in satisfaction: “I’m not just joking about telling you to take care of your junior. Even regular mundane families know that older brothers should take care of their younger siblings. In the future when your juniors are in trouble you’ll have to stand up for them as the eldest apprentice brother.”

“If you get beat by other youngsters then fight back yourselves, don’t be like a child who hasn’t grown up and come crying to me. I don’t have such good-for-nothing disciples.”

“Don’t be afraid if you beat the young one and the old one comes out. At that time master will stand up for you guys.”

Xiao Budian at the side also shouted saying: “Yeah master, I will also go help eldest apprentice brother!”

Lin Feng couldn’t help laughing, poking his little head: “You just desire to stir up disaster.” He turned his head saying to Xiao Yan: “Go back and prepare, make your arrangements at home. We leave Wuzhou in three days.”

“In these three days you can also come to the lakeside at any time. I will teach you dao techniques.” Lin Feng glanced at Yan Mingyue: “In addition collect the other ingredients Fellow Daoist Yan requires to make the soul anchoring pill.”

Xiao Yan nodded his head saying yes. Yan Mingyue at the side smiled faintly and said: “Thank you for the trouble. I’ll also wait at this lakeside for these three days.” Xiao Yan has already taken Lin Feng as his master, naturally she cannot move around with Xiao Yan anymore.

After Xiao Yan left Lin Feng and Yan Mingyue stood face to face, for a moment they were both silent.

Xiao Budian also did not make a sound, just quietly standing at Lin Feng’s side. He may be playful but he is far more intelligent than children of the same age. He can sense that the atmosphere between his master and that beautiful big sister is quite strange.

After a long silence Lin Feng spoke out first: “What plans does Fellow Daoist Yan have for the future?”

He already knows from the little taotie that this green-gowned beauty before him is not a regular disciple of the Void Temple. She is the new Daoist Wayfarer after Meng Bingyun, namely the new Void Temple Holy Maiden as the outside world is used to saying.

After going down together with Long Ye 10 years ago, Yan Mingyue was forced to take shelter in this ring to recuperate. Towards the outside world Yan Mingyue is in a MIA status where her life and death is unknown.

Without doubt, the Void Temple’s Holy Maiden going missing is like an earthquake for the entire Heaven Primal world.

The previous and later Daoist Wayfarer both had a bad fate, in terms of prestige the Void Temple also took a relatively big hit. To recover and cope with it the Void Temple will most likely push out a new Daoist Wayfarer very quickly.

The Void Temple will put even more focus on training this new person, they will even bestow upon him/her some authority and resources not even his/her predecessor had.

With Yan Mingyue’s intelligence how could she not have thought of all this? But she was still completely indifferent on the appearance, lightly saying with a smile: “I ask Fellow Daoist Lin to point out to me, where did you meet Long Ye before? After I stabilize my spirit I will go look for her first.”

Lin Feng was slightly stunned. You two have so much hatred, did she steal your man?

Yan Mingyue smiled faintly, saying openly: “She has something in her hands that regardless of me or my sect have to try and get back.”

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