History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 30: Marquis Bastard, Awe-Inspiring Righteousness

The Heaven Primal world is vast in territory. Lin Feng used all kinds of methods and still used three months of time, experiencing a long and arduous journey before finally rushing over to the Great Zhou Dynasty’s imperial capital, Tianjing.

At this moment Lin Feng deeply felt that his level was honestly too low, valuable time all wasted on travelling.

In this world, a thousand miles in an instant is a small case for high-levelled cultivators.

Of course, when with his two disciples it’s obviously a different explanation, euphemistically it’s to let the two people experience more training.

Although Lin Feng did not just waste these three months, besides travelling he also trained serioiusly.

After fighting with the Blaze Sword Sect’s Elder Li, Lin Feng had a deep sense of danger. For the current him, aurous core stage cultivators are giant-like existences. One of their leg hairs is even thicker than his waist. (TL: Metaphorical, he’s just emphasizing the great difference.)

Last time he was only able to repel Elder Li by using the taotie and thus successfully pretending to be a boss. But that was simply skillful manipulation, he was only able to succeed because everything was in his favor.

But after that attack of Elder Li’s the taotie has become very weakened. Using the little loli’s own words it’s: “Even more serious than the injury three years ago.” Right now wanting to use the little taotie again to withstand the attack of an aurous core stage cultivator is entirely a pipe dream.

Without the little taotie, don’t mention aurous core stage cultivators, even foundation establishment stage cultivators are enough to give Lin Feng a run for his money. If he doesn’t succeed in ambushing them then he has no chance of victory in a head-on fight.

Thus right now besides travelling, the rest of Lin Feng’s time is all spent on practising dao techniques. To increase his level as quickly as possible he reluctantly absorbed another portion of the thunder energy within the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade.

Right now there is already very little spiritual energy remaining in the Heaven Thunder Moon Jade. If he uses it to sustain the Northern Aurora Sword to release Northern Aurora Mystic Light then it is only enough for two shots.

Although hard work always pays off, on the road Lin Feng advanced to qi disciple level 9 and when they finally arrived at the Zhou Dynasty’s capital Tianjing City, Lin Feng went another step forward and opened the tenth meridian point of the 12 levels, successfully advancing to qi disciple level 10.

Lin Feng was actually pretty satisfied towards his cultivation speed. Even though the novice gift let him directly jump up to qi disciple level 4, advancing to qi disciple level 10 in a mere half-a-year’s time is still an amazing feat in the entire Heaven Primal world.

Although, against his two prodigious disciples Lin Feng’s pressure was still very big.

Xiao Budian is a no brainer, advancing from qi disciple level 4 to qi disciple level 7. At the very most the little guy is still a month away before turning 4.

Reaching qi disciple level 7 at four years of age, it’s enough to make countless cultivators of the present and past die of embarrassment.

As for Xiao Yan, he really is about to rise up. In the past he once cultivated up to the great circle of perfection of qi disciple level 12. Training back up from the beginning he has quite the familiar feeling.

Just like Lin Feng said, with a strong enough foundation there will be less bottlenecks when re-starting. For other people, the level-blocks that they fear are easy as pie for Xiao Yan.

When they reached Tianjing City Xiao Yan had already reached qi disciple level 6. His monstrous cultivation speed was not at all inferior to Xiao Budian’s.

The current Xiao Yan is high-spirited and working vigorously, completely rid of the cold and depressed aura of the past.

The only thing making the black-clothed youth distressed is that the task of milk dad has fallen upon his head while Lin Feng is enjoying life.

Entering into Tianjing City, Lin Feng didn’t stop to appreciate the bustling scene within, heading straight towards his destination, the House of the Marquis of Xuanji,

The House of the Marquis of Xuanji is located in the south-east quarters of Tianjing City, covering 100 acres of land on open terrain. Outside of the big vermilion gates is a pair of red painted stone kirins three people tall, containing an imposing grandeur.

Outside of the house stands a row of full spirited, imposing family servants. Completely unlike the servants of other families who chatter while on duty and only think of being lazy, these family servants do not communicate between themselves, all staring sharply and cautiously at the passerbys in front of the house.

What made Lin Feng frown even more is that these family servants are actually all well-practised cultivators, even the worst possess a level of qi disciple level 6.

Cultivators are actually standing here watching the door for someone else, moreover they don’t have any hint of embarrassment, on the contrary their working attitude is extremely serious. Clearly they think that this is a job that does not disgrace them.

The Zhou Dynasty’s Grand Preceptor, the Marquis of Xuanji Zhu Hongwu’s power and status is fully displayed in these small details.

Reportedly Zhu Hongwu himself is a great cultivator at an extremely high level, dominating the world with his might. In the siege against the Great Thunder Monastery in the past he stood at the very front and was a main force in the elimination of buddhism.

“Seeing this today it looks like the rumours are not false.” Lin Feng frowned. Like this the difficulty of taking in Zhu Yi as his disciple has become increasingly greater.

He even doesn’t know Zhu Yi’s precise location, the house is not easy to enter. If he can’t even see the person than how does he take him in?

First settling down Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian, Lin Feng then wandered over to the vicinity of the House of the Marquis of Xuanji by himself.

There’s no use being anxious so Lin Feng simply relaxed his mood, finding a tea house around the house of the Marquis and getting a pot of tea. Looking at the house of the marquis from far away he carefully thought of a plan in his heart.

The waiter put down the tea pot, his eyes turning on Lin Feng’s stainless daoist clothes and revealing a smiling face: “If you’re talking about great men, people commonly compliment that this person is the avatar of the Star of Knowledge or that person is the avatar of the Star of War. But if you ask me they are all incomparable to the Marquis of Xuanji.

“Not only does the Marquis of Xuanji possess a grand title, he holds the highest position in court, holding the positions of senior grand secretary of Cabinet and teacher of the prince. He is adept with both the pen and the sword, crusading through the world, beheading enemy generals and capturing their flags like strolling in a park.” The waiter’s saliva was flying everywhere: “After establishing great military achievements at 22 years of age he then abandoned the military and started learning the pen, earning third place in the civil examinations. It’s this kind of person that truly deserves a big thumbs up!”

Towards the waiter’s thumb right in front of his face Lin Feng smiled faintly, occasionally listening to his cackle, his eyes still staring at the House of the Marquis of Xuanji.

“Discovered target suitable to become host’s direct disciple.”

Lin Feng was in the middle of drinking tea when he heard the notification sound that suddenly rose up, the tea in his mouth almost spraying onto the waiter’s face.

Putting down the tea cup Lin Feng scanned the pedestrian’s on the street, his gaze finally locking onto a green-clothed youth. The system’s notification sound also unmistakably told him that this he is the target.

Closely examining him, this green-clothed youth is 15, 16 years of age with a handsome face and a slightly thin body.

He looks entirely like a feeble scholar, but there is a faint awe-inspiring righteousness between his brows, his gaze warm and soft but also possessing a strict integrity, causing the treacherous to not dare to attack him.

The system’s voice rose up beside Lin Feng’s ears: “Talent system has finished organizing data, target number four’s data is as so.”

“Bone Root -> 7, Comprehension -> 8, Will -> 9, Blessings-> 10.”

“Conclusion: Target’s talent in extremely high, recommended to take in as a disciple and carefully guide him, he will definitely become a pillar of the sect.”

Lin Feng did not see anything else, his eyes staring straight at that blood red “10” after blessings.

After Xiao Budian he’s finally met a second person who possesses a max value for one attribute.

Blessings is one’s fate, blessings and karma, basically it’s luck.

A blessing of 10, what does that mean?

It means that if he picks up a piece of junk then it’ll be an ancient divine artifact, if he takes out an old book there will be peerless technique hiding within, even if he meets a tough and powerful opponent he doesn’t need to worry, that is the transportation captain coming to give him treasure and experience… A blessing of 10, even if this guy randomly finds a tree to go to the washroom behind he’ll be able to step on a divine herb!

Lin Feng let out long breath: “There’s no mistake, it’s him!”

Seeing that youth walk into the House of the Marquis of Xuanji he pointed his lips towards him, asking the waiter: “Who’s that green-clothed youth?”

The waiter hesitated for a moment. Lin Feng smiled, silently sending over some silver, smiling and saying as if nothing had happened: “He dresses simply and does not seem to have any status within the house of the Marquis, but he has a stern bearing and does not seem like a servant.”

“Good eyesight, that person’s name is Zhu Yi, he is the bastard of the Marquis. I heard that his birth mother is from a brothel and has already died from sickness a while ago.” The waiter bit his teeth, taking the silver and lowering his voice saying: “Although I heard that he’s quite knowledgeable and is in the middle of preparing to participate in the civil examinations at the start of spring and the fall. If he really is able to succeed then that could also be considered good fortune. After all, a bastard like him simply doesn’t have the right to succeed his father’s title and wealth.”

While speaking the waiter sighed: “If we’re talking about this Young Master Yi, his personality is pretty good. He’s come to our place before to drink tea, he’s also quite polite, but… But his situation is the house of the Marquis seems to be average.”

“A few days ago he was muttering about moving out of the house, going to the temple on the mountain outside of the city to stay there for a period of time in order to concentrate on studying.”

Listening here Lin Feng’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Not too far behind him, two seemingly ordinary customers heard this remark, looking at each other their eyes also lit up with an unclear light.

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