History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 29: Farewell

“She has something in her hands that regardless of me or my sect have to try and get back.”

Yan Mingyue’s voice was calm but Lin Feng knows that the item in Long Ye’s hands is definitely not ordinary.

Now he also knows why Yan Mingyue is not worried about her circumstances after returning to her sect, and understands why Yan Mingyue is in a rush to go find Long Ye.

If she can successfully take back that item from Long Ye then when she returns to her sect in the future, nobody will dare to neglect her.

Understanding this Lin Feng gave a crisp response: “Where that Long Ye is right now I do not know. I just met this demon a month ago in the Boundless Mountains northeast of Wuzhou City.”

Lin Feng said in his heart, let these two archrivals keep fighting. With Yan Mingyue getting into action no matter how good that female demon’s memory is she won’t be able to remember to come looking for him, right?

He rubbed Xiao Budian’s head saying: “That is a little village in the mountains, the demon inhabited an old peach tree and suddenly woke up, endangering the lives of the villagers. I just happened to pass by and dispelled her evil ways, also saving this little guy.”

Lin Feng asked Yan Mingyue: “What is this Long Ye’s true form? I see that she is not a regular tree demon.”

Yan Mingyue lightly sighed: “Thou art correct. That peach tree is simply a place of shelter she found while injured. Her original body was slain by me 10 years, it is spiritual plant of the world, a Jade Tree of Knowledge.

Lin Feng’s heart skipped a beat.

All beings have a spirit, even plants and rocks can become demons, but the difficulty is a lot greater compared to your average beasts and demonkin. Although once plant demons achieve success in cultivation their vitality and mana are both incredibly powerful.

The cultivating potential of plant demons is directly related to their plant type, the highest-tier plants among them are the four great divine trees of the world.

They are the Sacred Phoenix Tree, the Shorea Sago Tree, the Ginseng Fruit Tree and… the Jade Tree of Knowledge!

Lin Feng never thought that that Long Ye who’s keeping her mind on him is actually a Jade Tree of Knowledge demon. Amongst the human race, this kind of base talent is definitely on the same level as Xiao Budian. No wonder she can be Yan Mingyue’s archrival.

Lin Feng’s pressure is as big as a mountain from being remembered by such a great demon. On the surface he was indifferent, nodding his head: “No wonder she could still cause trouble and do evil under that kind of condition of having lost her original body with just her spirit remaining. At the time I did not know her background or else I would’ve have eliminated her while I was at it.”

Yan Mingyue nodded her head: “Long Ye is the direct disciple of the demon clan’s great saint Tian Mei. She practises the demon clan’s supreme dao technique the “Heavenly Path Demon Scripture”. I’ve fought many times against her in the past, ending in a draw each time. If we fought to the death it would be a result where we both perish together.”

Speaking here Yan Mingyue lightly smiled: “I need to thank you. Long Ye was gravely wounded by you causing her 10 years of recovery to virtually be in vain. But I have obtained the aid of the spirit calming grass and have hope of taking my recovery a step further. With this difference I have a greater chance of victory when I go looking for her.”

Lin Feng answered indifferently: “Unintentional acts, I do not dare to take the credit.” Yet in his heart he said: “That’s right, you hurry up and go settle things with her.”

In the following three days, Lin Feng quietly waited at the lakeside with Xiao Budian and Yan Mingyue.

In the big fight with the Blaze Sword Sect before, even though it created a big commotion, it looks like Xiao Zhener has already used some unknown method to persuade the Xiao family. Not only has the entire Xiao family maintained silence, the old clan leader even personally went to the mayor’s mansion and stayed there for half a day.

After the old clan leader visited him the mayor came out and took everything under control. The forces ready to make a move all ceased action.

Wuzhou regained its peace, nobody came to the lakeside to investigate and in this period of time the area around the little lake north of the city became a restricted area.

Xiao Zhener did not reveal Xiao Yan, in these few days the black-clothed youth was as usual. Nobody realized that the phenomenon at the lakeside was related to him. Moreover nobody could have guessed that an earthshaking change had already occurred to this youth’s fate.

In these three days Xiao Yan was so busy that his feet practically never touched the ground. Searching for medicine, packing up, and he also has to go to the lakeside to learn dao techniques from Lin Feng. He already couldn’t wait to get stronger.

Lin Feng did not avoid Yan Mingyue, directly passing on to Xiao Yan the Art of Acala.

After just learning the Art of Acala Xiao Yan already realized the extraordinariness of this dao technique, it is far superior to the Xiao family dao technique he practises. His spirit being roused, he put all of his heart into training.

An extra hint of inquiry was contained in Yan Mingyue’s gaze looking at Lin Feng. With her knowledge she saw through the origins of the Art of Acala with one glance, in her heart she felt that Lin Feng was becoming increasingly mysterious: “He clearly dresses as a daoist but why does he know the secret dao technique of the Great Thunder Monastery?”

“Is it that he himself is a monk who escaped from Great Thunder Monastery and is now dressing as a daoist to fool people? Or did he happen to obtain a dao technique that spread out after the fall of the Great Thunder Monastery?”

Lin Feng turned a blind eye towards Yan Mingyue’s probing gaze. Right now he is looking at his two disciples eating cultivation pills like eating candy and feeling heartbroken: “Slow down you two spendthrifts, slow down! If you guys continue eating like this master will go bankrupt soon.”

To quickly increase the levels of his two disciples and also to quickly increase his own strength, Lin Feng used all of the 500 trading points rewarded from the system after taking in Xiao Yan as his disciple to exchange for all kinds of medicines and panaceas that give a boost in cultivation.

The result is that these two little twerps really didn’t hesitate, opening their mouths and eating like crazy, causing Lin Feng to feel in pain.

But eating like this naturally has its effects. The foundation that Xiao Yan painfully built-up for the past three years finally paid-off and revealed its power.

Without Yan Mingyue and the taotie dragging him down, with the Art of Acala matched with massive amounts of cultivation pills Xiao Yan directly charged open a meridian point and advanced to qi disciple level 2 in his first day of training!

In three day’s time Xiao Yan had already arrived at the peak of qi disciple level 2. All he has to do is open up the barrier sealing the third meridian point and he will be at qi disciple level 3.

Sure enough, after the marriage-annulment this kid’s aura of hegemony surged forward and roared like the Yellow River flooding over, completely unstoppable.

This kind of cultivation speed made Lin Feng look at the sky in speechlessness: “Coach, I’d also like a marriage-annulment…”

Not only him, Yan Mingyue and Xiao Budian were also shocked by this visible training speed of Xiao Yan’s.

Not sure whether or not she sensed that turbulent aura of hegemony of Xiao Yan’s, Yan Mingyue lightly sighed: “Fellow Daoist Lin has good eyesight, Mingyue even feels a bit regretful right now.”

Lin Feng let out a long laugh: “You flatter me Fellow Daoist Yan.” He looked at Xiao Yan saying: “Go say goodbye to your little friend, we’re leaving now.”

Xiao Yan nodded his head, walking to the front of Xiao Zhener at the side. The little girl’s eyes harbored deep affection and sadness.

Xiao Zhener did not say anything, extending her delicate, white little hands and like usual, seriously straightening that slightly wrinkled shirt of Xiao Yan’s.

Seeing Zhener straightening his shirt like a little wife, Xiao Yan felt a bit restless. In silence his breathing gradually became rushed, a hint of passion rising up in his eyes.

Originally Xiao Zhener was completely wrapped up in sadness, but lifting up her head and noticing Xiao Yan’s gaze her face couldn’t help but become slightly flushed: “Wh… What are you looking at?”

Xiao Yan woke up, seeing the gentle and elegant girl before him the youth’s expression became extremely serious: “I will definitely come back to see you.”

A layer of moisture was cast over Xiao Zhener’s eyes, she said with a smile: “I’ll wait for Xiao ge-ge to come back and take back the glory that belongs to you.”

Lin Feng secretly exclaimed at the side, the boy comes riding on a bamboo horse, trotting in circles around the bed and throwing green plums. (TL: Part of a poem by Li Bai called A Poem/Song of Changgan that speaks of childhood sweethearts and innocent love.)

Childhood sweethearts, a love of the purest kind.

He looked at Yan Mingyue beside him: “Fellow Daoist Yan, we say goodbye here, I wish you smooth sailings on your trip.”

Right now Yan Mingyue has already used the soul anchoring pill, beautifully standing on the ground her aura was concentrated. She looks no different from a real person.

A complex look flashed by in that pair of eyes like the moonlight. Yan Mingyue smiled tranquilly: “Take care too Fellow Daoist Lin.”

Lin Feng nodded his head, bringing along Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian and hitting the road. Facing the warm morning sun and looking at his two disciples behind him, Lin Feng was a bit high-spirited: “Zhu Yi, wait for master you kid, master is coming!”


Thousands of miles away from Wuzhou, a group of red-clothed people were gathered together, all of them looking depressed.


A red-clothed youth was sent flying away with a slap, nobody felt sympathy towards him, instead they all had an expression of satisfaction seeing him get hit.

Zhang Nan had an expression of anguish but he did not dare to speak. Because the person hitting him is precisely the aurous core stage cultivator Elder Li.

At this time the red-haired old man finally caught his breath, but his wounds were very serious. He was already panting heavily from this bit of movement.

He stared at Zhang Nan saying angrily: “The reason I hit you is not because you recommended that whelp with outstanding talent, but because you did not grasp hold of the other party’s background, do you understand?

One of the foundation establishment stage cultivators asked after hesitating: “Martial uncle, do we still want to…”

A hint of fear flickered in Elder Li’s eyes but was then quickly covered by anger: “Of course we can’t just let it go, or else how will we the Blaze Sword Sect continue to establish ourselves? We must have our vengeance!”

“Oh? What vengeance does your sect have, why don’t you tell me? The Nine Heaven Sword Alliance acts as one, I don’t mind giving a small helping hand.”

The sound of light laughter rose up in the air. The faces of the group of Blaze Sword Sect cultivators all changed colours. The other party is already close at hand and yet they were completely unaware.

Elder Li suddenly turned his head. What appeared in his vision was youth clothed in snow-white garbs wearing a green bamboo hat. He was laughing leisurely but that completely undisguised mana fluctuation told everybody there that this is an aurous core stage cultivator.

The youth’s expression was natural. Don’t mention that Elder Li is currently seriously injured, even if the old geezer was in top condition he still wouldn’t care.

Because his sword is stronger.

The part of him that attracts the most attention is the sword at his waist, on the scabbard is carved a decorous and ancient landscape carving.

That is the sign of the holy land of the way of the sword, the Mt. Shu Sword Sect!

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