History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 4: There’s Something Wrong With That Old Tree!

Say, does anyone here play clicker heroes? How many times did you ascend before you could buy Dread Knight? I’ve already ascended about 15 times and I’m still not close.

Xiao Budian took out that talisman Lin Feng gave him, directly smashing it towards Little Seven.

Lin Feng who was hiding at the side silently laughed: “Excellent!”

He formed a spell sign with his hands, silently incanting in his heart: “Move!” Under the control of his mind, the mana that he left in the talisman started to rapidly circulate.

The nine thunder energy crystals that he hid here earlier were also activated at this moment, releasing powerful energy waves.

“Sizzle, crackle!” The air filled with the sound of jarring electrical currents, arcs of bluish violet lightning constantly jumped around.

Before Little Seven could react the nine thunder energy crystals simultaneously shot out 9 beams of lightning!

And the talisman in his hand was like a conductor, drawing the 9 arcs of lightning to shoot over towards him, instantly destroying his mana protection barrier.


Accompanied by screaming 9 lightning snakes wrapped around Little Seven’s body and wildly raged in his body.

Old Chen was aghast, promptly ditching the old elder and rushing over. His palms fiercely separating and then coming together, wildly surging mana pouring into Little Seven’s body attempting to dispel the lightning.

Towards Old Chen’s action Lin Feng treated it like nothing, lifting his head looking towards the overcast sky with rolling thunder: “Today is good weather.”

He shrugged his shoulders: “You think my Nine Heavens Thunder Summoning is that simple?”

Lin Feng changed the spell sign of his hands: “Attract!”

Following the change of Lin Feng’s spell sign, the lightning wrapped around Little Seven’s body suddenly started to jump uniformly, filled with a strange tempo and rhythm.

The next moment, a terrifying lightningbolt the thickness of a bucket descended from the clouds in the sky, its target was exactly Old Chen and Little Seven on the ground who were surrounded by lightning.

This is the true mortal blow of Lin Feng’s Nine Heaven Thunder Summoning ability.

Seeing that the situation was unfavorable Old Chen did not dare to bother with his partner anymore, hurriedly dodging towards the side.


Little Seven looked in despair as the lightning bolt like doomsday divine punishment struck him straight on in the head, he didn’t even have the chance to officially reveal his identity.

Xiao Budian and the Old Elder stared in shock at that lightning bolt that lit up the sky ripping through the air. They never could have imagined that the talisman that Lin Feng seemingly casually gave Xiao Budai actually held such power.

The villagers of Wolf Villager and Stone Village were especially dumbfounded, thinking it was the epiphany of the thunder god.

Everything was just in the blink of an eye.

The lightning fell to the ground with a crash, the violent flash blinded the eyes of all of the people causing them to see a white blur.

When after they recovered their sight, they hastily looked towards Little Seven’s position. On the spot there was only a section of char.

A truth cultivator, was completely obliterated by a bolt of lightning.

After a moment everyone finally returned to their senses. Wolf Village’s villagers immediately exploded, running away in all directions without even turning their heads, not a single person dared to remain on the spot to trouble Xiao Budian and co. The savage beasts drawn over by Old Chen’s bone flute were also scared shitless, all of them tucking their tails between their legs and running away.

The people of Stone Village all let out bursts of cheers. The old elder reacted, heavily stomping his feet: “Kill, don’t let a single one of the Wolf Village people here today live!” The morale of Stone Village’s villagers ran high, chasing after them together.

Old Chen was dazed for a moment and then roared hoarsely: “We are Yu family’s people. You hillbillies dare to kill our Yu family’s people, are you guys not afraid of your entire village being razed to the ground?”

The novice gift once again brought a pleasant surprise towards Lin Feng. He stared at the lightning struck charred ground, silent for a while and then letting out a long sigh of relief after a long time: “Fortunately, even though there are too many limitations to using it and it is too troublesome, the power in the end is not disappointing.”

Lin Feng brushed his nose. With this Nine Heaven’s Thunder Summoning as the groundwork, when he makes his appearance again convincing the old elder and Xiao Budian will be a lot easier. After all in their eyes, I created such a large commotion using just a tiny little talisman alone.

If you were to have Lin Feng himself fight head on with Old Chen and Little Seven he would also be able to win. After all the Nine Heavens Thunder Technique he practises is far superior to the ragtag dao techniques those two people practise.

But he would definitely not be able to create such an amazing result. With that his master sage disguise would be seen through.

How could he be like right now. One hit insta-kill, easy and relaxing, waving his sleeves and not bringing away a wisp of cloud.

Towards Old Chen who still remained Lin Feng did not pay him any heed. This person may have avoided the heart of the lightning strike, but he is already heavily injured after being hit by the waves of the attack. The old elder and Xiao Budian are enough to take care of him.

Right now Lin Feng prepared to silently slip into the elder’s house yard and leisurely sit there waiting for the old elder and Xiao Budian to return. It would especially be able to display his ability to predict future events and poised character and demeanor.

At that time would he still need to be afraid of that little guy not lowering his head and bowing?

Oh right, when the mountain treasure appeared he changed out of his taoist robes for convenience of traveling in the forest. Right now he is wearing a set of rough cloth clothes and looks the same as a regular mountain villager, he needs to remember to first change back.

“My first disciple is at hand.” Lin Feng thought elated. turning around and walking towards the village entrance. When he lifted his head, the smile on his face instantly froze, slowly disappearing.

Because he clearly saw that on that old withered charred tree at the village entrance that should originally be completely dead, actually grew out a new branch!

The few pink peach blossoms on that young branch were bright and fresh, swaying and flickering.

Lin Feng swore, when he just came to Stone Village half a day ago, this old tree definitely did not have this branch of bright peach blossoms.

What made the heart’s of people beat even faster was that these peach blossoms looked incredibly beautiful, but they faintly revealed a demonic aura.

“So much food after just waking up…”

Lin Feng’s mind slightly blanked. He seemed to hear the low, hoarse voice of a woman slowly speaking in his mind, her tone was joyful and beautiful, yet it made people shudder in fear!

Shivering Lin Feng returned to his senses. Looking around he saw Old Chen’s expression also drastically change, looking around in a panic.

And everyone else seemed to be completely oblivious, still continuing to fight.

Lin Feng turned his head in shock, seeing the petals of those vibrant peach blossoms on that new branch actually floating down, flying over to the battlefield one-mile away.

Light, delicate flower petals, they look soft and weak but their flying speed is fast as lightning. Hundreds of flower petals like meteors from outside of the heavens flying into the crowd swaying in a profound orbit.

Old Chen wanted to escape, but how could he be faster than these strange peach blossoms?

He set his heart, slamming his palm over. The flower petal that looked weak and unendurable directly pierced through Old Chen’s palm, going and sticking to his forehead.

Lin Feng widened his eyes, seeing Old Chen’s face reveal a horror stricken expression, opening his mouth wide wanting to yell but unable to emit any noises.

Old Chen’s blood, body and skin all rapidly shriveled up at a visible speed, in the end he directly turned into a mummy!

The peach blossom petal on the mummy’s forehead became increasingly vibrant and beautiful.

Lin Feng’s heart directly sank to the bottom. His gaze wandered looking around, all of the people or beasts that these flower petals attached to were all sucked dry within a short period of time.

Lan Liqing who clamoured about killing Xiao Budian, the little fatty who didn’t mix well with Lin Feng… People that he had still talked to before, right now their eyes have all lost the light of life, making Lin Feng have goosebumps all over his body looking.

The next moment, the flower petals all detached from their prey that they had already sucked dry, drawing traces of pink arcs in the night sky, flying back to the old tree.

The peach blossoms landed back on the tree branch, beautiful and dazzling, breath-taking horror.

Lin Feng stared at the old tree, sure enough on the charred trunk two more new branches grew out again!

The peach blossoms on the three new branches gently sway in the night air, looking so delicate and attractive. The flower fragrance floated over with the wind, making people feel refreshed.

Yet Lin Feng cursed in his heart: “Fuck, there’s definitely something goddamn wrong with this tree!”

He carefully observed for a moment, discovering that besides Old Chen, the people that were sucked dry were all Wolf Village’s Villagers. None of the savage beasts were spared either, although Stone Village’s villagers were not attacked.

The old elder and the people of Stone Village all blankly stared at the scene in front. Suddenly there was a villager who knelt on the ground, prostrating to the old tree at the village entrance and muttering: “Praise the Peach Celestial! Praise the Peach Celestial!”

More and more people thought that the old tree at the entrance of the village was the theophany of the Peach Celestial, helping them kill their enemies and so they all knelt on their knees and worshipped.

Xiao Budian looked in confusion at everybody, scratching his head with a puzzled face.

The old elder looked at the old tree with a complicated expression, biting his lips.

Lin Feng who did not show his face the entire time was expressionless, his heart feeling cold. Beside his ears he seemed to hear the long echo of a low, hoarse female voice: “I’ll stop here for today and let the rest go for now…”

This old tree doesn’t differentiate between friend or foe at all, all people in her eyes are the same, they are all food!

The difference is only that she is guarding at Stone Village’s entrance and she is simply not afraid of Stone Village’s people running away.

Maybe also adding a slight biological instinct of rabbits don’t eat the grass by their burrows. (TL: Apparently this saying means something like not putting one’s hand on the people around you or not doing bad things on your own turf.)

Lin Feng thought trying to cheer himself up, his mood completely unable to relax. Looking at the situation of the old tree that just struck out, casually killing over a hundred targets in a instant, of them even includes Old Chen this kind of truth cultivator.

Even if Old Chen was hurt, her attacks were still too relaxing. Just one petal out of hundreds of flower petals already insta-killed Old Chen. For her, Qi Disciple level 4 truth cultivators are no different at all from the mundane martial artists.

Lin Feng has never hesitated before to plan for the worst. According to his speculation, this old tree demon’s strength has probably already surpassed the Qi Disciple stage.

It’s at the very least Foundation Establishment.

Lin Feng brushed his nose. Finally found a suitable disciple candidate but it is beset with difficulties.

A person chosen by the heavens, a main character level character, do they all have so many problems surrounding them?

While thinking the system notification sound suddenly rose up in his mind.

“System has operated for one full month, lottery system officially opened!”

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