History's Number 1 Founder

Chapter 5: The First Lottery Chance

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“System has operated for one full month, lottery system officially opened!”

Hearing the system notification sound Lin Feng first blanked for a moment and then had an impulse to cover his face in tears.

He’d already almost forgotten that there was still a lottery system and that the novice gift had even given a lottery chance.

Lin Feng looked back glancing at the old peach tree at the village entrance. Stone Village’s villagers had already gradually started to return to the village. Looking at Xiao Budian amongst the crowd Lin Feng silently prayed: “Good disciple since you’re a main character level character. you shouldn’t die that easily, right? Hold on for a bit, master will come back quickly to save you.”

First distancing himself from the old peach tree, Lin Feng then eagerly checked out the lottery system.

Entering the lottery system, three images appeared in Lin Feng’s mind.

A die, a wheel, and one more which is misty and cannot be clearly seen, like a cloud of fog.

Lin Feng tried a bit, that cloud of misty fog cannot be chosen. Maybe it’s that the system still hasn’t opened it yet.

As for the wheel and the die, they are two different lottery methods. The spinning wheel is like the slot machines or the turntable used in gambling in Lin Feng’s previous life. A circle of completely different images, representing different items. If Lin Feng spins that wheel, then whatever it lands on is what he gets.

Lin Feng took a look. The wheel has a total of 18 slots, of them 16 have items and two are empty.

16 items, three types of dao technique manuals, three types of elixirs and panaceas, three pieces of magic items, 3 sheets of talismans, three types of abilities, and one that is a mysterious box with a question mark.

The level of the three types of dao techniques on the wheel are all inferior to the Nine Heavens Thunder Technique, they have no appeal to Lin Feng.

The medicines are also just some regular stuff, at the least they can’t make Lin Feng’s level soar, reaching the point that he can fight Foundation Establishment level opponents.

Magic items, talismans, abilities… Lin Feng looked around, there was also nothing that could help him take care of that old peach tree.

Lin Feng left the wheel lottery system, and then went into the dice lottery system.

Three dice quietly lay on top of a light disk. The edges of the light disc are also surrounded by a circle of images. Different from the wheel is that each image has been labelled with a number, from 1 to 18.

There are a total of 16 images, the numbers 12 and 14 are empty.

Lin Feng already understood that this wants him to roll dice. The number obtained after adding up the numbers of the 3 thrown out dice will decide what he gains.

If added up it is a 12 or a 14, then he could only return empty-handed.

Same with the wheel system, the dice system also has 16 items. They are also dao techniques, medicines, magic items, talismans, and abilities, three of each, in addition to a mysterious chest with a question mark.

The 16 items waiting to be chosen should be randomly chosen every lottery chance. The wheel system and the dice system are relatively independent.

Lin Feng stared at the items of the dice system looking down, when he saw the magic item corresponding to number 13, the Dark Thunder Sky Piercing Awl, his eyes instantly lit up.

This Dark Thunder Sky Piercing Awl is actually a Foundation Establishment level magic item.

In the Heaven Primal great world, only great Primordial Spirit cultivators can create magic treasures. Items created by cultivators below Primordial Spirit are all magic items. Based on the creator’s level, they are split as Nascent Soul level magic items, Aurous Core level magic items, Foundation Establishment level magic items and Qi Disciple level magic items.

The 3 magic items from the wheel system and the other two from the dice system are all Qi Disciple level magic items.

For Lin Feng how is currently only Qi Disciple level 4 they are of course also suitable for him. But wanting to rely on them to go and face the Foundation Establishment level old peach tree is completely nonsense.

As for the Dark Thunder Sky Piercing Awl this Foundation Establishment level magic item it is a different story. For Qi Disciple level cultivators it is already a nearly god-like existence. Letting Lin Feng also have the strength to fight against the old peach tree.

The chest with a question mark should be a special prize, giving an unknown item, but it could also be very bullshit.

Lin Feng took a deep breath, muttering in his heart: “Dark Thunder Sky Piercing Awl, Dark Thunder Sky Piercing Awl… 13, 13!”

Focusing for a long time, Lin Feng confirmed starting the lottery.


3 dice spun together on the light disk. Very soon one of the dice stopped, a big 6.

Lin Feng nervously stared at the remaining two dice, secretly cursing the system as wicked in his heart. The three dice actually don’t stop together, purposely hanging one’s appetite.

The second dice also stopped very soon.


Lin Feng slightly relaxed in his heart, and then tightened again.

The first two dice were 6 plus 5, 11 points. This means that Lin Feng does have a chance to get the 13 point Dark Thunder Sky Piercing Awl.

But likewise, he could also get the empty spaces at 12 and 14.

“2! 2! 2!”

Lin Feng felt like his entire self became silly, holding his breath and not even daring to take a big breath, closely staring at the last die. (TL: 2, er, is also a way of saying stupid, silly, foolish, etc. I don’t know if this is internet slang or not.)

While his mind was highly focused, Lin Feng felt even the movement of the die become slow.

The force of the strength of the die became increasingly smaller, gradually showing traces of stopping.

Lin Feng was entirely red from holding his breath, seeing the die land on the light disk, the side facing up was terribly a “6”!

“No, move a bit, move a bit again!” Lin Feng anxiously cried in his heart.

6+5+6, 17. What it corresponds to is a bottle of the most regular Energy Gathering Pellet. For Lin Feng at the moment it doesn’t do shit.

Seemingly hearing Lin Feng’s thoughts, the die really jumped again.

“2”, this time the side facing upwards is exactly the “2” that Lin Feng wished for.

Lin Feng’s face just revealed a smile, and then it abruptly froze.

Under his gaze the die still did not completely settle, lightly rolling a bit and revealing a bright red dot!

6+5… +1, 12…


12, there’s nothing…

Right when Lin Feng’s mood fell to the bottom from the clouds, the die shook, flipping to the side one last time. The number turning from a 1 into a 4.

This time it was completely settled, the number of the third die is 4.

Lin Feng blinked his eyes, looking towards the item corresponding to 15.

A mysterious chest with a question mark quietly lay there.

Lin Feng opened the mysterious chest a bit hesitantly, a light golden sword with the scabbard appeared in his vision. Even though the sword has yet to be pulled out of the scabbard, Lin Feng could clearly feel the terrifying power within.

The Northern Aurora Sword, a Foundation Establishment level magic item.

A pair with another Foundation Establishment magic item the Southern Aurora Sword, when the two swords combine one can gain an Aurous Core level magic item the Polar Magnetic Dao Sword.

Lin Feng stared at the Northern Aurora Sword and let out a long breath after a long time, his entire body actually had a feeling of exhaustion.

Both being Foundation Establishment magic items, the Northern Aurora Sword’s power is a level higher than the Dark Thunder Sky Piercing Awl’s.

Getting out of the system, Lin Feng’s consciousness had already returned to his body. Staring at the longsword in his hand emitting a faint lightning glow and magnetic force, Lin Feng grinned and laughed. Pulling the sword out of the scabbard, a bright lightning flash appeared with a casual point, blowing up a far-away rock.

“The first lottery chance, my luck’s not bad.” Lin Feng put away the Northern Aurora Sword, the wild joy in his heart gradually calming down. His mind once again calmly thinking: “Even though I’ve gained a Foundation Establishment level magic item, my own level is still just Qi Disciple level 4, I actually can’t completely exert all of the magic item’s strength.

Lin Feng’s started to calculate the current cards in his hands.

Nine Heavens Thunder Summoning has impressive power, but it’s usage conditions are too stringent. It’s suitable for ambushing and not head-on fighting, moreover using it once requires the consumption of 10 thunder crystals. Lin Feng currently also doesn’t have any extra points to exchange for crystals.

The Northern Aurora Sword is powerful, but Lin Feng’s current level is unable to exert all of its power.

The old peach tree could very likely be a solid Foundation Establishment level. Relying on the magic item of which he can only exert a portion of its strength, Lin Feng can only be said to have the strength to fight it. If they really fought, he probably still wouldn’t be the old peach tree’s opponent.

Unfortunately his time is limited, nobody knows when the old peach tree will strike out again. She is guarding right at Stone Village’s entrance and is too big of a threat towards Xiao Budian and co. But unluckily besides Lin Feng nobody else has realized her danger.

The majority of people even treat the old peach tree as the village’s protector. If Lin Feng runs over to warn them, he will instead be seen hostily.

“Those two Yu family truth cultivators were wandering around in these deep mountains looking for Xiao Budian’s location. They should also have companions and superiors. Maybe there’s a Foundation Establishment expert amongst them.” Lin Feng pondered in his heart: “If I can draw over Yu family’s experts and have both sides get hurt in a fight with the old peach tree, then there will be a turning point for the situation.”

“But who knows when I’ll be able to find them, the time might not be enough.”

Lin Feng was in the middle of thinking when he sensed something. A powerful mana fluctuation travelled over from far away, somebody was approaching this side at a very rapid speed.

Voices of people talking faintly travelled into his ears.

“Shimei, you should have decided long ago to go to that Xiao family to break the engagement.” (TL: Shimei, 师妹, the name for a female student of younger seniority in an apprenticeship/school/sect/etc. Doesn’t have to be same master or even the same school. There’s also shi, 师, which means master, but in this case it means school, and then family member name based on seniority. So shimei is like younger school sister… I mean, if you guys want I can put it like that, but I’d much rather not. I guess I could also just say, junior/senior, but it loses a bit of the meaning/doesn’t sound right.)

“Now isn’t too late either.”

Just finishing speaking, three white-clothed people carrying a sword on their backs had already appered in front of Lin Feng.

Of the three people there is an old person. The old person is wreathed in smiles and brimming with energy and vitality. A pair of slightly small eyes but a sharp light occasionally flashed across his eyes.

Yet, it is exactly this kind of old person that looks ordinary and plain, whose entire body is releasing a powerful mana fluctuation as deep as the sea.

The characteristical mana fluctuation of Foundation Establishment level truth cultivators.

In regards to the first true Foundation Establishment cultivator that he’s seen after coming to this world, Lin Feng did not have the time to pay attention to him.

Right now his entire attention is all focused on that girl by the old person’s side.

Lin Feng’s face revealed a warm smile like the sunlight, numerous thoughts flashing across in his heart.

“Breaking off an engagement? If I didn’t hear wrong, the topic they were just talking about, is the legendary marriage annulment?” (TL: He’s saying how in a lot of Chinese novels, something bad, such as breaking off an engagement which I guess is common enough, happens to the MC at the beginning which causes the MC to want to get stronger and eventually end up ruling the universe…)

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