History's Strongest Senior Brother

Chapter 5: The Two Are Not on the Same Level

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As if he did not at all notice his audience’s dumbstruck expressions, Yan Zhaoge continued to speak with nonchalance, “Most of these artifacts are defensive in nature rather than weapons because your safety is the main concern. However, you must not develop a reliance upon them. Negligence will not allow you to improve. When training, tempering yourself is key.”

“Wai… wait … it’s not that, martial nephew Yan,” elder Cui was a bit tongue tied and required a long moment to regain control, “A moment ago, did you say ‘refine the next batch of artifacts’?”

He stared at the pile of artifacts in front of him in disbelief, “You mean to say that these are personally refined by you and not from your personal collection accumulated from elsewhere?”

Yan Zhaoge shrugged his shoulders, “Of course I personally refined these. There’s no way I would have the interest or the patience to gather so many low grade artifacts for my collection.”

These words made everyone present subconsciously swallow their saliva, but no one could find anything to refute.

Low grade artifacts might be precious treasures to low level cultivator like them, but for someone of Yan Zhaoge’s background, they did not count for much.

Everyone’s expressions had shifted into ambiguity as if the world they lived in suddenly became surreal.

The situation before them completely defied their previous knowledge and common sense.

Yan Zhaoge’s realm of power was sufficient to refine artifacts that was something no one could deny.

While no one had ever heard of Yan Zhaoge’s accomplishment in artifact refinement, it was not something impossible.

However, the act of refining an artifact was not something simple. The task require large amounts of time and effort.

Even those martial warriors who devoted themselves to artifact refinement, how many would treat themselves like blacksmiths and mass produce artifacts?

Elder Cui inhaled sharply, “You… how much time did you spend refining these artifacts?”

“I usually work on these during the free time I have between my usual practice sessions. These sixteen artifacts took me, oh, a bit less than a month.” Yan Zhaoge downplayed his response in a casual manner.

“Impossible!” elder Cui stubbornly said, “If you said elder Yan had this ability, this old man would believe it. But martial nephew Yan, you…”

He shook his head, apparently unwilling to believe what Yan Zhaoge said.

In truth, Yan Zhaoge’s father and those of similarly strong cultivation could effortlessly refine these artifacts.

However, who would act so senseless? If they had the time and effort to refine these, they might as well set their goals higher and put their effort into refining spirit artifacts.

The others were starting to doubt Yan Zhaoge. Their eyes harbored suspicion. Perhaps this senior brother Yan had been forced into a corner and decided to feign abilities more impressive than he actually had?

Yan Zhaoge broke out in laughter, “Of course it’s impossible using the external crystal furnace. However, it is very much possible with the internal crystal furnace.”

Hearing this response left most of those present at a loss, but there was one particular person who had once again been struck dumb.

Elder Cui’s voice had become a stuttering mess once more, “You… you… did you just say internal crystal furnace? It shouldn’t… it can’t be… the legendary pre-cataclysm…”

“But the internal crystal furnace has long since disappeared! The material and the method of creation, and even just the most basic records of its internal structure has been completely lost without even a single fragment having been pass down! All that is left in the entire Eight Extremities World are simple stories and rumors of its existence.”

In the legends, before the Great Cataclysm, the martial warrior civilization was at its peak. Not only the cultivation techniques and martial skills, the artifact refinement of that time was equally advanced.

In that era, martial warriors did not even touch mortal tools. Demi artifacts, artifacts, spirit artifacts and even sacred artifacts were not scarce at that time.

It was only after the cataclysm that everything disappeared. Not that many things including artifacts and knowledge could survive such wide spread destruction. Only legends were left behind for those that came after to revere.

However, all this was not a secret to Yan Zhaoge. The Divine Palace book storage from before the Great Cataclysm had more than just secrets of the martial path.

“As luck would have it, I discovered some ruins when I was undergoing external training. And these ruins happened to contain an incomplete record of internal crystal furnace construction,” Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Thus I set out to experimentally recreate and perfect the internal crystal furnace allowing it to appear once more in the Eight Extremities World. These low grade artifacts are byproducts of these experiments. I made them myself. Currently, only low grade artifacts can be refined. These are already the best among the second grade products. There are also some first grade products that are close to middle grade artifacts, but even those aren’t quite there yet plus their stability remains an issue. Thus I have decided to nourish them myself to gather more data in preparation for the next batch of artifact I refine.”

Yan Zhaoge snapped his fingers, “As the process is continuously perfected, middle grade artifact and even high grade artifacts will become possible. If we can figure out the ancient method of internal crystal furnace reinforcement, then spirit artifacts might also be in the cards.”

At that moment, Ah Hu returned with a sturdy furnace that was as tall as a person and overflowing with spiritual qi. He had known his master’s intentions and left earlier to quickly pick up the furnace.

Elder Cui had never seen the internal crystal furnace before, but he at least knew the artifact refinement furnace in front of him was definitely not an external crystal furnace.

The other people present slowly returned to their senses at this time, but their astonishment was still very much evident.

Even the usually calm and collected Si Kongqing was astonished.

Because she was more knowledgeable than the others, she understood the importance of this furnace in front of her.

At the moment, it only represented a possibility or a mere seedling. But once it had finally grown, would it not be a tall tree that could touch the heavens?

“This time, I was heading towards the Dragon Sealing Abyss for more than just the sect mission. This is also my personal business. For the sake of further perfecting this internal crystal furnace. I require the special environment and conditions of the Dragon Sealing Abyss and also the fire seed for the ‘Li Flame True Fire’, which also happens to have appeared in the Dragon Sealing Abyss.”

Yan Zhaoge’s calm manner of speech caused Ye Jing and Si Kongqing to look at each other in dismay.

Someone excitedly called out, “Martial brother Yan, if even middle grade or high grade artifacts and possibly spirit artifacts… and even… even…”

In the current world, sacred artifacts were incredibly rare, thus that person did not dare continue thinking along that path. Nevertheless, he was exceptionally moved, “If our sect can refine large amounts of spirit artifacts, then isn’t… isn’t…”

Yan Zhaoge nodded and smiled widely showing the whites of his teeth, “Exactly. If we are successful, then in the future when you go for external training and meet up with members of the other Holy Grounds, you will wield artifacts when they wield demi artifacts, and spirit artifacts when they wield artifacts. We will be able to crush them to death under endless piles of superior equipment.”

All the disciples simultaneously let out a cheer.

Yan Zhaoge waved his hands silencing his audience, “Work hard in your cultivation. All of you represent the future of our Broad Creed Mountain.”

The entire group responded harmoniously, “We act with modesty and prudence. We train with all our hearts. Glory to the Broad Creed name!”

In truth, Yan Zhaoge achieved his fame while still young. His true age was not much greater than Ye Jing, Si Kongqing and the others in front of him. Calling these disciples the future of Broad Creed Mountain was a bit incongruous as a result, as if they were not members of the same generation.

However, to the people present, except for a single exception, no one found it strange.

The comparison between Yan Zhaoge and Ye Jing had long since been forgotten.

They were not on the same level at all. The issues they considered and the way they thought, whether it was their perspective or their insight, there existed a large gap.

Without considering anything else, Yan Zhaoge’s contribution in the form of the internal crystal furnace would very likely affect Broad Creed Mountain’s power and standing on the world stage. This kind of achievement is not something a mere martial scholar compare to.

Moreover, Yan Zhaoge himself was also a monstrous genius.*

When they were still striving to stand out among their peers, Yan Zhaoge had already set his goals on the possibility of improving the entire sect.

Elder Cui finally managed to recover his smiling expression, “Martial nephew Yan truly lives up to his reputation as a pillar of Broad Creed Mountain, the chosen of heaven of our younger generation. However, this news should be quickly reported to the sect and…”

Yan Zhaoge interrupted him before he could finish, “This is no need for elder Cui to inconvenience yourself. I had already reported this matter yesterday. The martial ancestor** and my father already know. In truth, father has already taken over my internal crystal furnace research. The furnace you see in front of you is just an extra copy I kept around to blindly tinker with as a personal hobby.”

Elder Cui’s white beard twitched, but his smile was forcefully maintained as he said, “This is wonderful news! However, it should be kept a secret. If this news is leaked to the other Holy Grounds, there is no guarantee, it would not bring harm to our Broad Creed Mountain. Martial nephew Yan’s actions were lacking in caution…”

Yan Zhaoge chuckled softly, “The official notification will soon be released. With elder Cui’s position, you will probably be informed tomorrow. As for why the martial ancestor made this decision, it is not my place to guess. Elder Cui, it is best if you do the same.”

Elder Cui’s face slightly stiffened. He watched as Yan Zhaoge unexpectedly walked over to stand in front of him.

Yan Zhaoge’s smile at this time became progressively colder, “Deacon elder? Ha! Such a high post. Such a high position. To these disciples of the younger generation, your role in today’s matter can be easily ignored. In the future, you can continue your benevolent and kind old man act. However, did you really think that by causing me to lose face, I would bear a grudge towards junior brother Ye, and yet not harbor any thoughts towards you?”

*Previously, evildoer was used but it has been replaced by monstrous… In this case evildoer does not mean someone who does evil but rather someone who is so inhumanly talented and capable, his genius should be a sin, because other normal humans and mere mortal simply can’t compare. It’s a term that often comes up in xianxia. Plus there was a typo, thanks mac donald

**In this case martial ancestor is more like martial grandpa, basically master of your master. Though the same word can be used for the founder of your martial lineage.

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