History's Strongest Senior Brother

Chapter 6: Indifferent to Life and Death, We Can Fight If You Are Not Convinced

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Elder Cui quickly recovered his unperturbed manner and laughed while shaking his head, “This old man was simply praising a disciple of the younger generation. How can that be wrong?”

He looked over Yan Zhaoge, “However, even though you have considerable backing, you should remember your standing as a member of the junior generation. Just based on your rampant speech just now, this old man can discern that you have no respect for your seniors. Even elder Yan will not be able to deny your crime of rampant rebelliousness and lack of virtue. Young man, regardless of whether this internal crystal furnace is real or fake, whether you are the one who discovered it, regardless of your contributions, you must speak cautiously and proceed prudently. Act with more modesty, that is the proper path.”

Even though Elder Cui maintained a kindly smile, his atmosphere had already become imposingly cold. All the younger disciples present were fearful to the extent of not daring to breath loudly. They could only watch elder Cui while trembling with fear.

Then entire situation had already developed beyond their wildest imagination.

In contrast, Yan Zhao put forth a smile that was much more peaceful and auspicious in comparison, “You, my senior? The sect does indeed place weight on seniority and ranking. I am also someone who venerates the elderly and respects the worthy.

“It’s just that, even without my father, it is a simple matter for me to find those who don’t consider you their senior if I so desire.

“Indeed, I cannot find any fault with your part in today’s matter. However, in regards to past matters, I’m sure you understand. Before today, have you kept your ass clean?

“I venerate the elderly and respect the worthy on the premise that other person is worthy of respect regardless of age.”

Elder Cui glared fiercely at Yan Zhaoge, “You…”

Yan Zhaoge gave him a sideways look, “Me what?”

Elder Cui was rendered speechless. It was only at this point that he understood, the youth in front of him was even more domineering than he expected. Unfortunately, the youth happened to be even pettier than expected as well.

At this moment, he even wanted to fall out with Yan Zhaoge and give him a lesson to remember, but he found he didn’t have any way of creating difficulties for Yan Zhaoge.

He wanted to attack directly but Ah Hu stood on the side smiling malevolently at him exposing a set of white teeth. His body stiffened immediately on instinct. He could not retreat nor could he advanced.

Yan Zhaoge spoke tranquilly, “Did you believe you could use a foolish child as a tool? In truth, you yourself are nothing more than a spear in someone’s hand.

“If you had successful entrapped me, the ones standing behind you would protect you at any cost, because they want to buy horse bones with a thousand taels of gold.* Now that you have failed, once my backing moves against you, do you think your backing will still protect you? How much effort do you think they’ll put into protecting you?”

Having said his piece, Yan Zhaoge turned around completely ignoring the old man elder Cui. He glanced at Ye Jin, Si Kongqing and them, then proceeded to leave the assignment hall. “Bring your artifacts along, we’re setting off. Destination: Dragon Sealing Abyss.”

Ah Hu carried the internal crystal furnace and followed closely behind. He sent a voice transmission, “Prince, is this killing a chicken to scare the monkeys?** It’s just this time, the chicken is a bit big and your monkeys are a bit small.”

“You don’t understand,” Yan Zhaoge shook his head, turning to look at Ye Jing who had followed him out. The boy was no longer that angry. Instead he looked pensive.

Yan Zhaoge’s mood was peaceful. Even though he had the bear this calamity, but the current Yan Zhaoge had no grievance between him and Ye Jing. As such, he would not take the initiative to suppress Ye Jing.

The road is wide. If each person walked on one side, then living in harmony would be best.

“However, if you decide to oppose me, I will not avoid confrontation either. We can properly pit our strengths against each other and see just who is superior: you, the native ordained son of heaven, or me, the transmigrant who crossed over. I covet no life and I fear not death, if you remain unconvinced, then we can fight. I won’t care who you are or what you want.”

Ye Jing gazed towards Yan Zhaoge’s back with his eyes brimming with complicated feelings.

Si Kongqing watched Yan Zhaoge. Her eyes were clear and cold as always, but now they held an additional bit of curiosity.

Everyone else looked at Yan Zhaoge completely convinced of his ability.

If the internal crystal furnace allowed them to touch upon Yan Zhaoge’s ability, then his direct confrontation with elder Cui allowed them to understand the true meaning of bossy and domineering.

Elder Cui was a higher up that would normally cause the younger disciples to fear breathing loudly. Yan Zhaoge actually faced this person directly, achieving the upper hand with every step, completely dominating the exchange.

Compared to the artifacts from before, the issue with elder Cui allowed them to truly understand that Yan Zhaoge and them were not on the same level.

Yan Zhaoge no longer paid attention to the younger disciples. He forged ahead at his own pace. Ah Hu followed him closely. Yan Zhaoge looked over at him out of the corner of his eyes.

Ah Hu made a strong virtuous face and released silly laughter. Using his internal qi to control sound, he secretly sent Yan Zhaoge a sound transmission, “Prince, this time, it is An’s slip up. I really didn’t think that Ye Jin would improve a whole realm in such a short time and successfully establish the qi ocean in his dantian.”

Yan Zhaoge rolled his eyes. In regard to this matter, it was not a bit outside of his expectations.

The ordained son of heaven and his main character aura, well, it just loves to amaze the world with a single act, bringing enlightenment to the dog eyes who those that underestimate him and beating black and blue the dog faces of those that stand against him.

This type of thing, Yan Zhaoge also enjoys. Obviously on the premise that he himself is the one doing the beating and not the one whose face was being beaten.

“Instruct the subordinates to investigate and report back quickly,” Yan Zhage also use sound transmission, “That old man Cui tried to provoke a grudge between me and Ye Jing. It shouldn’t be just that simple.

“Even assuming the worst, if I truly moved to kill Ye Jing and left behind evidence directly indicating my guilt. Even if I am convicted of acting against sect members, so long as my father still lives, I will be able to make a come back.

“Moreover, if I truly decided to act, it wouldn’t be that easy to catch my trail.”

“This situation should not have much effect on the competition between second martial uncle and my father. There must be antoher reason. So investigate this Ye Jing’s interpersonal relationships. Investigate carefully, especially the relationships within the sect.”

Ah Hu’s expression had become serious without its usual ingratiating smile, “As you command, prince.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded and continued forwards. After walking a while, he suddenly stopped, “Tsk, I almost forgot the main issue. Ah Hu, I need you to make a return tip to the assignment hall.”

Ah Hu rubbed his fists and wiped his palms***, “If prince feels that he has not vented enough, then allow An to act. An will return immediately and beat that rotten old man into the ground.”

Yan Zhaoge waved his hands, “It’s not that. I forgot to pick up the sect’s assignment, investigate the abnormality of the Dragon Sealing Abyss. You go and pick it up.”

Ah Hu, “…”

At a later time, deacon elder Cui Xin of the assignment hall was relieved of his post due to accepting bribes and suppressing junior disciples. He further suffered an investigation from the punishment hall.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

In a certain darkness filled secret chamber within Broad Creed Mountain.

“The rumor was true. The internal crystal furnace possess such a miraculous ability.”

“Quickly spread this news.

“The current internal crystal furnace is still imperfect. It can only refine low grade artifacts. Its value, while significant, is still limited. Should we wait until there’s more progress before acting? We can avoid exposing ourselves and provoking the attention of Broad Creed Mountain that way.”

“We will remain hidden. However, this is important news that needs to be reported immediately. As for the follow up, we’ll just wait for instructions from the other side.”


— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

In another place.

“The internal crystal furnace research has already been transferred to higher ups in the sect. However, the foundation was built up by this child, Yan Zhaoge.”

“If we had the foundation, we can also attempt to derive the rest.”

“This time he is leaving for the Dragon Sealing Abyss. He does have bodyguards, but their strength is limited. It would be a good chance for us to kill and steal.”

“Contact the remnants of Five Spirit Flags. Five Spirit Flags was destroyed in the hands of Yan Zhaoge’s father. The father’s debt can be paid by the son. If they move, it will not cause any suspicion. However, ensure that Yan Zhaoge does not actually die, at least not before we obtain everything associated with the internal crystal furnace. We can hand Yan Zhaoge to them afterwards.”

“As for news regard the internal crystal furnace, don’t let the people of Five Spirit Flags know yet, just let them capture the target.”

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

A large rift valley within Eastern Tang Nation in one of the five region, Eastern Heaven Region, this was the goal of Yan Zhaoge’s expedition, Dragon Sealing Abyss.

“Junior brother Ye, weren’t you born in Eastern Tang Nation?” a young disciple asked Ye Jing while the group was enroute.

Ye Jing nodded feeling deeply moved, “Ya, I am.”

In the present world, the strongest sects, Holy Grounds, ruled the entire world. Each had their own impenetrable ancestral hall and large amounts of land under their direct governance. With this land as the center, their influence expanded to the surrounding areas and thus the entire territory.

For example, Broad Creed Mountain itself directly controlled the heart of the five regions, the Central Heaven Region, and spread its influence to the entire Heaven Territory from there.

Other than the Central Heaven Region, the other four regions were occupied by various smaller sects, nations and clans, each of which were influenced by Broad Creed Mountain. These smaller powers expanded on their own, but each acknowledged Broad Creed Mountain as their supreme ruler.

Eastern Tang Nation is one of Eastern Heaven Region’s three large powers. It also constituted the eastern most edge of Broad Creed Mountain’s territory.

In places like Eastern Tang Nation, there will be other smaller powers that were less than first class, in the form of sects or clans.

Looking at the capital of the Eastern Tang Nation, Ye Jing’s thoughts drifted. He was born in the Ye family, which was only a small clan from a small city within the Eastern Tang Nation. With his efforts, the Ye clan was already the strongest power within that city. However, within the entire Eastern Tang Nation, it was still insignificant.

After he left the small city of his birth, and went to the Eastern Tang Nation capital, he truly had an eyeopening experience.

As for after he left Eastern Tang Nation, and became a disciple of Broad Creed Mountain, that was even more of an eyeopening experience like a frog who jumped out of his well and was finally able to see the true heaven and earth.

He still needed to look up to many of the Eastern Tang Nation’s stronger warrior. However, this time his return to Eastern Tang could be considered a triumphant return of the youth who left home.

“After entering the city, I will pay a visit to the Lord. I also need to visit the sect’s local presence, the affairs elder who oversees the Eastern Tang Nation to retrieve intelligence on the Dragon Sealing Abyss’s condition in advance.”

Yan Zhaoge who walked at the very front of the group stopped his footsteps at this time. His eye took in the Eastern Tang Nation capital. To everyone present, he said, “Go find a place to rest temporarily. You may do as you wish for the next while. However, we will gather in two time periods before heading out to the Dragon Sealing Abyss. Understood?”

The young disciples replied collectively, “Yes, senior brother Yan.”

Ye Jing’s face was expressionless.

* This means to demonstrate one’s attractiveness to talented people in order to get capable followers… basically it comes from a story in a story. The story in a story has a king who is trying to buy a fast horse. He fails at first until some guy brought the bones of a fast horse. The king buys it anyways and suddenly everyone thinks if the king is willing to pay so much for just the bones, then how about a live horse? The king quickly gets his horse. As for the story, King Zhao of the state of Yan has an adviser named Guo Wei. His adviser tells him the horse story and gets him to build a gold terrace for him. Then King Zhao attracted many brilliant minds and the state of Zhao became more prosperous for a time before the king died and the next generation did stupid things. And no, this Zhao isn’t the same Zhao in Yan Zhaoge’s name because it would be stupid to name your prince using the same character as you enemy’s name.

** Of course this one means to kill one person to warn off the others.

*** This one is like rolling up your sleeves and preparing to fight. Warming up your instruments of pain.

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