Holistic Fantasy

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Fairy Tail

Early morning, there’s still cold air lingering around and as the wind blew past the buildings, towards the center of Magnolia, the windows on the luxurious buildings started shaking lightly, although it’s a bit chilly but it gives off that endearing early morning kind of feeling.


Squeaking lightly, the half closed window is being opened up from the inside by a teenager around the age of 11 or 12 who has black hair and deep black pupils. As he watched the busy street outside he stretched his waist before quickly shivering.

“Uu… a bit brisky…”

Feeling the work of that early breeze working its magic on him, he resisted the urge to crawl back inside his bed to hibernate he closed the curtains.

This is Fairy tail’s guild!

In this world where magic is so built into human lives and in the cradle of magicians, Fiore kingdom, exist many magic guilds. These magic guilds are made of magicians who take quests given to the guild by other people, the magician then completes these quest using their magic.

And Fairy Tail could be said to be the most prominent one inside this forest of guilds, the most well known one.

Right now Fairy Tail guild is his home.

As a place where members gather to accept jobs and requests Fairy Tail guild is not a place of domicile, even Fairy Tail’s guild master Makarov Dreyar lives in another location.

As adopted grandson of Makarov, since being brought back from the wilds he has lived here for a year.

Of course it’s not that he didn’t like living with Makarov. The reason he’s living in Fairy Tail is because of complex reasons. Summing it up, he’s pretty satisfied with his place right now.

Done with the curtains he looked outside the window.

He’s at the top most floor of the guild so standing here he could see half of Magnolia in all its glory.

It’s early morning and yet countless citizens are preparing for their day ahead, some are setting up shop, some are moving goods around, the atmosphere is bustling that’s for sure.

Looking at this scene he felt most peaceful at this moment, recalling something he muttered.

“Gray should be here anytime right now…”

Just as he was done, his door was banged on by rowdy knocks.

“Hey! Noah! Get up!”

Listening to that impatient and unrestrained knocking he can’t help smiling before grabbing a coat from his bedhead he put it on and looked intently at his right hand.

On closesr inspection one could see a birdlike insignia on the back of his right hand.

That’s the Fairy Tail guild emblem.

The emblem tells other people that the bearer is a magician of that guild.

Fairy Tail is fiore’s number one guild, as a member, nobody would not feel glorious at this.

However as he looked at the emblem he had a complicated look on his face. Finally calming himself down with a sigh he opened the door in front of him.

What appeared before him is a youngster who’s roughly the same age as him.

His hair is short and black but unlike his silky and bouncy hair, his is rebel like with raised hair here and there, he’s wearing a short pants but other than that he’s wearing nothing else, he’s currently spotting an irritated face.

“If you didn’t open up, I was going to kick down the door!”

He didn’t get upset at the rude comments he just responded with a helpless smile.

Gray Fullbuster, that’s what this brat is called, his age is roughly the same as him but he’s in Fairy Tail for 2 more years than him so he’s technically noah’s senior.

Though he’s the senior because he’s at such an age, he’s still not a mature magician and is currently working as an apprentice in hopes of one day becoming one therefore he’s in the same boat as Noah (Tl: no pun intended :D), the both of them are members but are unable to go on jobs or accept request.

Because their situation is like this the two of them get along rather well, they are even bffs in Fairy Tail. One could deduce this from how even though he looks upset, he would still come and wake up Noah at first chance.

“So energetic even in the morning, Gray.”

Noah nonchalantly blew him off while he walked into his room indifferent to his attitude as well.

“It’s you who’s too laid back, I’ve been here and done 1 hour of training (Tl: 修行, can be translated as cultivation but it’s hard to imagine Gray cultivating like wu xia novels non?). And you have just woke up despite not having learnt any magic!”

Towards this rather blunt retort, he didn’t deny it at all because it’s the truth, he merely shrugged it off.

He has a point, that’s for sure.

Not being able to accept request, go on jobs, can’t be called full fledged magician by normal standards. But despite that, he’s able to use magic at an elementary level despite not being proficient at it, he could use magic and joined the guild and technically counts as a magician.

And yet in the same age range as him is Noah who could not use magic until now, he doesn’t even have the qualification to be called a magician.

This is one of the reason for his complicated face when he was looking at his emblem.

Only magicians can join magic guild, that’s common sense among common sense.

Even then he joined Fairy Tail under the condition of not being able to use magic yet and has donned the insignia…

Sure the good people of Fairy Tail wouldn’t be so obnoxious as to talk about him being his back but he himself minds it.

“I’m feeling frustrated.”

Gray still walking into his room looked at him.

“Gramps clearly said it, your magic power so astonishingly strong he’s surprised why can’t you use magic?”

“If I didn’t recall wrong, this is the 11th time you have asked this is it not?”

Sighing before he continued.

“Gramps said my magic power is too strong, if I didn’t control it and used magic haphazardly it could bring forth calamities, that’s why until I can freely control the magic power inside of me I am temporarily banned from usiing magic, is what I’ve told you before yes?”

“But are you really that strong?”

He’s skeptical at him.

“I can’t see it at all!”

“That so?”

He gave him a white eyes.

“Why don’t you go ask gramp then?”

This shut his yapper.

He’s doubtful and is making his intention clear but he believes in Makarov’s judgement, if he says so then it must be so without a chance of being wrong.

“Okay okay let’s not talk anymore and go down, it’s gonna get noisy down there soon!”

Nodding in agreement he hurried down with Gray.

(Tl: It should be noted that it’s been a long time since I’ve watched Fairy Tail, waiting for it to end before I continue, so there might be some term that maybe incorrect, I will look it up on wikia but if it’s not there or missed by me I would probably improvise so don’t hesitate to point out any discrepancy.)

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