Holistic Fantasy

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The red haired girl who can’t fit in.

Fairy Tail has 3 floors.

The first floor is where the usual members gather and receive request from the bulletin board before heading out to work or do other guild activities. In a way similar to pubs and inns, members might also hang out here to spout bullshit and bust each other’s ball.

The second floor is an idle area, it looks not much different from the first floor, it has a bulletin quest board as well, but on it are quests on another class altogether, only the truly strong and competent magicians acknowledged by Makarov can enter here.

The 3rd floor is a place used to put valuables and other stuff, before he moved in that is. One of the rooms there were cleaned and he moved in.

In other words, if he were not here, the 3rd floor wouldn’t have any person walking around usually, even now not many people would come here aside in cases where someone’s looking for him. Gray’s a usual guest here, and he doesn’t stay long as well.

On their way down, going pass 2nd floor they inquisitively looked at the empty floor.

Up until now there’s only 1 or 2 people acknowledged by the guildmaster allowed to enter and accept quest from the 2nd floor in the whole of Fairy Tail. Naturally it wouldn’t be usual to see anyone ehre.

“Ne, Noah…”

Maybe it’s his curiosity speaking but Gray’s getting excited.

“I heard from some of the guys around here that the quests on 2nd floor are all only for super~~~~ strong magicians, we go by here everyday, maybe we should…”

“Don’t even think about it!”

He could more or less guess what he’s gonna said and put an end to it before he could finish.

“When I moved into 3rd floor, gramps used a very scary face to warn me not to ever go inside there, or else we will be kicked out from the guild!”

“Kicked out?!”

Gray jumped out of surprise.

“It’s just a sneak peek, how can the punishment be so serios?”

“I don’t know”

He shook head.

“Gramps normally takes care of me, to use that kind of tone and threat, excluding last time when he warned me about never using magic before being able to contrl it, that would be a first, that’s why we must never go inside there.”


Clicking his tongue and curling his lips his excitement died down.

“Even if we can’t go in now, one day we surely can!”

“As long as gramps say so, we can enter it!”

He concurred with him.

A brat who’s still a hatchling magician in apprentice and another who don’t even know a single magic, completely a dabbler rather than practitioner now swore to each other what normal magicians wouldn’t easily dare to.

How can one put this, maybe it’s because calves aren’t afraid of tigers? (Tl: too young to know better) Or just snot nosed brats’ bragging?

With resolved faces the two grinned at each other and moved on from the 2nd coming to the first floor while talking with each other.


A very exuberant noise came to their ears as they arrived.

At this time, where it has only been a while since the sun came up, the magcians are already here and some are sitting by in group drinking and eating at the tables while some went to check out the bulletin board ready to take some quest and start another day.

As Fairy Tail guild master’s grandson and having lived here for a while how can people not recognize him, once they see the dude coming down they greeted him with much vigor.

“Yo! Noah!”

“Finally awake?”

“You’re later than usual today!”

“You didn’t perhaps wet your bet did you?”


With a weak expression he responded to their teasing and as usual this place is boisterous as ever, he’s accustomed to this kind of atmosphere and quite frankly adores it, otherwise he wouldn’t have chosen to stay here.

Noah can accept the guild mates but this didn’t mean Gray has the same thoughts.

“Hey! You assholes! Can you not see me?!”

Gray jumped out full of popping veins and pointed at the people inside the guild.

“I’m clearly here and yet you guys only greet Noah each and every time?!”

The guild members all burst out laughing at him.

“Before you talk. Gray, why don’t you go put on some shirt!”


Before he noticed it, he’s already in his short pants.

Even Noah couldn’t hold back his laughter.

They’re playmates and though he looks 11,12 in age he’s actually pretty impressive to be able to use magic at such a tender age. Too bad he has a weird trait —- exhibitionism (Tl: read stripper.)

Most of time the dude would go around almost butt naked! (Tl: raw says butt naked but i don’t recall him ever stripping truly butt naked)

That’s also why he only had a poker face when Gray came to his room.

While the guild members are having a squabble with Gray, he looked over to one of the tables in the corner of the guild.

There sat a young who looks around the same age as him and Gray.

That’s a girl who looks like she doesn’t fit in well with the guild’s atmosphere.

She has red hair and a very exquisite and delicate face, very cute.

For some reason though, this cute who looks perfect from a lot of angle is wearing a thick and cold armor with a medical eyepatch on her eye. Sitting there alone, not talking to anyone, it’s as though she’s trying to put up a barrier between the world and her, she just sat there eating food alone.

The young girl’s name is Erza Scarlet.

About this girl, he doesn’t know much what he does know however is that she joined Fairy Tail soon after he did.

But after joining Fairy Tail, the girl has always remained like this, not socializing with anyone and not interacting whatsoever as well, Besides a few short conversation with Makarov nobody has ever had the chance to talk with her.

There’s a lot of story behind this girl.

That’s his first impression of her and his only one until now.

Observing her as she silently ate there in stark contrast to the unruly mood of the guild, he hesitated before heading to the counter responsible for booze and food.


As still as a mouse she munched on her stuff but a hand appeared from somewhere out of her field of vision with a plate of cake. After placing the cake on her table, it disappeared.

Raising her brows slightly and lifting her head, she looked in front only to see a broad back belonging to someone not that much older or younger than her walking straight away from her towards the exit before gradually disappearing in her line of sight.

Erza stared in a daze at the exit before recovering slightly returning to her senses before going mute again. It took her awhile before she picked up a fork and cut down a small piece and placed it in her mouth.

After sometime, she whispered with a voice only she can hear.

“So sweet…”

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