Holistic Fantasy

Chapter 12

clap clap clap….

Crisps clap resounded in the air but Noah, Erza and Laxus turned around with their eyebrows lifted.

What they saw was a group of person who have encircled them with malevolent grin on their face. It’s clear their intentions are hostile.

Who else but the magicians of Phantom Lord.

“Although it looks like you guys are very busy but please let us impose a bit here, we are very sorry for this…”

said Mogria while still clapping. He has a smile on his face but his eyes are not laughing that’s for sure.

“Could you guys perhaps save this brother’s feud for another time?”

“Of course…” Mogria narrow his eyes with a beaming expression.

“That’s if you guys are still alive then!”

With the way things are going it’s clear as day that these people aren’t here to sip tea.


Laxus let go of Noah’s collar and surpressed the unpleasant feeling he got when Noah took a verbal jab at him. Instead, he snarked at Mogria.

“Looks like someone can’t bear the feeling of losing, it’s no wonder they can only stay as a hotshot within their group!”

His smile froze, he got more serious and his eyes grew colder asw ell.

“To be able to keep his cool even in situation as dire as this, as expected of Makarov’s grandson.”

“What’s that about being Makarov’s grandson HUH?!”

Malice climbed up Laxus’s face.

“I am the one and only Laxus, I am not just some grandson of Makarov!”

“Who cares about minor details like that!”

Mogria handwaved.

“Doesn’t matter if you’re Makarov’s grandson, as long as you’re from Fairy Tail then that’s reason enough!”

Adjusting his collar, he stopped and lifted his head.

“So to say, Phantom Lord wishes to go against Fairy Tail either way?”

“I don’t know whether or Phantom Lord wishes to pick a fight with Fairy Tail!”

Mogria smirked.

“I only know one thing, I don’t like you people, to a great extent for that matter!”

“You guys want to start a guild war?!”

Said Erza with her guard raised.

“Didn’t you guys say this wouldn’t be a wise move?”

“I will tell you what’s the wise move, you guys getting down on your knees and apologizing!”

“Getting down on our knees and saying sorry?”

Laxus scanned over the phantom lord member present before setting his eyes on Mogria.

“Sorry pal, I am different from you guys, I won’t even give you the chance to apologize!”

Right after he said that, he disappeared from his original position.


He flashed out of instantaneously clad in golden lightning, leaving an afterimage, he appeared in front of Mogria smashed his electrified fist down. The image is enlarging within Mogria’s field of vision.


Looking at the fist raging with lightning, his pupils narrowed and with an explosive roar a golden lightning surged out of him as well.


The fists collided and the impact sent waves of wind radially outwards, the lightning followed thereafter. The phantomlord members quickly took a safe distance in a hasty manner.

Noah and Erza reacted faster than the mooks, they quickly took a distance when they saw the fists colliding with each other. They are currently at a place where the lightning can’t reach them.

At ground zero, the lightning clad Laxus is looking at Mogria’s lightning with a stern expression.

“You guys knew about me participating in this mission isn’t it?”

Lightning magic isn’t that rare.

Rather, element type magic is very common, and so are lightning magicians.

It’s just too big a coincidence for a lightning user of the same competence as him to appear here. And it just so happens that they are here to screw Fairy Tail’s assignment and that the lightning user is the leader as well. This is most definitely not a coincidence.

In other words, phantom lord knew Laxus will make an appearance and this is their countermeasure against him.

The enemy had made provisions for a fight from the start!

When he arrived at this conclusion, Laxus tensed up even more.

Standing in opposition to him is Mogria who has a nasty look on his face at the moment. He’s also keeping his eyes on Laxus.

He’s right, Mogria is here specifically to deal with Laxus.

There is however something he didn’t expect. He didn’t think he would really need to personally deal with some fifteen year old brat. Turns out the kid didn’t even look disadvantaged after one round of exchange, heck he looked like he’s still pulling punches!

Him? Losing to a 15 yo brat?

“Don’t fuck with me!”

He roared with envy and discontent. Turning to the mooks standing nearby he issued a command.

“Kill them all!”


They didn’t even consider the fact that their targets are 3 kids, they rushed them all at once.

“Bunch of trash!”

Laxus raised his palm, magic power and lightning flash poured out from him.


He turned into a golden lightning and made a beeline for the mooks.

“Stop him!”

Mogria commanded his men to surround Laxus and shifted his sight onto Noah and Erza.

“The rest of you deal with the 2 brats!”

3 weaker than average magicians who are too afraid of Laxus charged at Noah and Erza.


Knowing that he can’t use magic, Erza dauntlessly stood in front of Noah and covered for him while maintaining composure against the oncoming 3 magicians as well as charging up her magic power.


The magic power flowed into her small hands, making them glow radiantly.

When the light rays receded a sword with a wing like guard appeared in her hands.

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