Holistic Fantasy

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Erza who is stronger than expected.

Noah didn’t rush out with undue male chauvinism just because he is being protected by a girl. Instead, he is calmly watching Erza who’s equipped with an arming sword at the back.

He discerned that this magic of hers is the one most often seen by those specializing in close quarter combat – – – – [Requip magic]!

It’s a magic allowing one to draw out different kinds of weapon from a magical subspace.

It’s not that rare a magic, hell it could be said to be even more common place than Laxus’ lightning elemental magic. There are tons of magicians that are able to execute this magic. Even novice could use this magic.

Be that as it is, one can’t conclude that requip magic suck balls.

He clearly recalls that Makarov once told him about requip magic. The true power of the magicians wielding this magic lies not in the magic itself. What one should look out for is the person’s own combat techniques.

In its essence, [Requip magic] only draws out the weapon from a magicial subspace and nothing more. After summoning the weapon, the magic itself has no further role to play. How to use that weapon to engage in combat. Now, that is what requip magicians need to think about carefully.

Requip magicians can be classified according to 3 types:

1: They have a tremendous amount of weapon and effects imbued within the weapons, these magicians are able to fight by utilizing the different abilities of their weapon.

2: These users have ridiculous amount of combat techniques and can use the weapons within the magical sub space to a godly extent with nothing but their own mad skills.

3: These magicians have both the quantity of weapon and they also possess a frightening mastery of combat techniques and are thus able to exhibit both T1 and T2’s edge to exhibit a very formidable power in combat.

Those strong magicians with [requip magic] are all T3 (Tl: has both mad skills and pay2play)

If Erza wants to become truly powerful, one day she too has to walk the path of a T3!

Currently, Erza is nothing more than an 11 year old teen and an orphan with little support. It’s a given that she wouldn’t have the financial power to equip herself with magical weapons. That’s why she’s using a normal weapon right now.

At this point, she can only pass as a T2 if she uses [requip magic] as her main magic with not much chance for other alternatives.

Setting aside whether Erza can use Requip magic to what extent. She doesn’t have the most basic of combat techniques, can she even wield that weapon of hers?

Can she fight like this?

Noah’s thought got shattered immediately when Erza took action.


With a valiant roar, she slashed at the three oncoming Phantom Lord assailants.


A sword flash cocured, her sword seemed as though it turned into a ray of light and collided with the weapons of the assailants.


Sparks flew as the weapons collided. Erza and the 3 magicians got sent back a step with the feedback.


The 3 magicians are surprised that their attack got stopped by a brat they didn’t even consider worthy adversary, and they even got sent back by a step.


Erza appeared a little flush, keeping her gaze on the enemies, she knew that the foes underestimated her before she yelled while tightening her grip on her sword. Stepping forward, she pulled the distance between two sides to 0 in an instant and with grim eyes no kid should have business bearing, the arming sword drew an arc and flashed before disappearing shortly afterwards.


Still stunned, the 3 magicians felt a sharp pang in front of their chest and blood started flowing out.


The next instant, anguished cries echoed.

When they saw the trauma inflicted upon the 3 magicians and the red blood that are spurting out like it’s raining money (Tl: original chinese idiom used, blood flowed out like they are free/no need to be paid for), Mogria is startled while Noah felt astounded.

His worries were unneeded!

She might not have the equipment but her skills are well trained, her mastery of them won’t lose to normal magic swordsman by much.

It’s only natural that the mooks who are the weakest among the phantom lord would get cut down like dogs especially when they are not even taking the enemy seriously.

It seems Erza is not slacking on her training to fit in with her status of being a kid.

The difference between Noah’s magic power control and Erza’s sword techniques is that one could be practically used in combat with margin to spare and another couldn’t be used with much effectiveness.

To think Erza is this strong…

Noah clenched his fists, how he can’t wait to start learning magic after this.

“How…is this possible…”

Muttered Mogria after he looked at the 3 magicians on the floor and Erza who looked heroic standing there with her arming sword in hand. He then recalled the gargantuan amount of magic power held by Noah and Laxus’ immense abilities before his face started contorting.

A 15 year old!

Two 11 year olds!

At such an age, a magician that can fight to a standstill with him, another can put down 3 magicians in an instant, and the last has a magic power on such a magnitude that he can’t help feeling afraid just thinking about it. Are all Fairy Tail brats this gifted?

At this rate, should one day Fairy Tail and Phatom Lord really fight then these 3 people will definitely be a very big threat to phantom lord!

Their growth must stop here and now!

Killing intent started boiling up Mogria for once.

“Die! Little brat!”

Mogria roared and lightning started raging about him as he turned into a ray of lightning and flashed towards Erza.

“Watch out!”

As abrupt as Mogria is, Noah with his super sensitive senses could pick up the flow of magic power on him. Noah then shouted at Erza to look out.


Erza didn’t have much time to catch her breathe before she heard him. Turning grave, she raised her head and saw the raging lightning heading towards her. Clenching her teeth she didn’t fall back and she shot towards the lightning while slashing at the oncoming lightning with her arming sword without the slightest hesitation.

Mogria sneered at her choosing to attack him as he stopped his body in lightning form and appeared spontaneously in his original form. When the sword appeared at a distance less than 1 meter, he reached out his palm and grabbed the sword with a lightning clad claw hand.


Erza’s face stirred and she tried to retrieve her sword. The enemy grabbed her sword with a force like that of a giant pincer, she can’t budge the sword at all.

” in the end you’re nothing more than a brat!”

He jeered at Erza who is still trying to remove the sword from his grasp while biting her teeth. He readied his other hand with lightning raging around it before smashing the fist down on Erza’s arming sword.


A strong force exploded on the blade and was carried towards Erza by her sword.

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