Holistic Fantasy

Chapter 15

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 15: Defeat, hiding and strengthening.

September 2, 2017 by inconnue97 in Chinese Novel, HF


Admist the crackling boom, Mogria turned into lightning and rushed towards Noah who’s crouching and Erza.


The two stiffened up when they saw Mogria coming for them. Noah wants to dodge but with the injuries on him, just getting up alone already takes quite some time. They simply wouldn’t make it.

Looking at him sweating and bracing himself with those injuries of him while trying to get on his feet, Erza clenched her teeth and jumped in front of him. She raised her arming sword, pointing it straight at the lightning.


Just when the hostile lightning is about to make contact with Noah and Erza another lightning came from their flank and collided violently with Mogria’s lightning accompanied by sound of sonic booms.


Like an explosion, the collision made shockwave spread throughout the vicinity. It drew with it dense smoke and stray electricity crackling about without aim.

“Get down!”

Noah pulled Erza who’s standing in front him down under him as they lied on their stomach.

The resulting wind swept over their top and the electricity scattered everywhere, although they didn’t hit Noah and Erza. What they couldn’t escape however is the smoke and dust that covered their bodies.

After an unknown period of time the rogue electricity, dust and wind settled.

The two lying on the ground slowly lifted their head to look in front of them.

The malicious Mogria is now held in midair choked by a hand, like a helpless little chicken he kicked in midair while turning into a purple like that of an eggplant.

And grabbing Mogria by the neck and hanging in the sky is a Laxus with golden lightning arcing about him.


He looked back at Mogria while sneering after glancing at Noah and Erza who are lying down near them. His eyes growing colder and colder.

“Thanks for taking such a good care of the two brats from my guild.”


Mogria could barely squeeze out those words what with his breathing becoming even more difficult, up to the point where his chest is starting to hurt.

“You… just how…”

“Strange that I can intervene?”

He made a deliberately dissolute face as he said so.

“You want to stop me? Don’t you think you’re going to need more people for that?”

Noah, Erza and Mogria were startled by this and looked around.




As they predicted based on what Laxus said, all around them are Phantom Lord memebers who got wrecked pretty hard with smoke coming off of their asses and spark flickering ever so often as they laid on the ground moaning and lamenting. The same guys who tried to zerg rush Laxus are now unable to get up for the time being.


Mogria stared wide eyes at a maniacally laughing Laxus with disbelieving expression.

None of these magicians could fight on Mogria’s level and they are all pretty normal branch members of Phantom Lord but even then they are still a tad bit stronger than your run off the mill magicians.

2 of them are just fodders asking to get tortured by Mogria, 3 & 4 of them, he might be able to deal with without breaking a sweat but against some tens of them even Mogria would feel wary trying to wrestle with them and against all 31 of them, Mogria couldn’t brag about being able to win with certainty.

Laxus trounced them all and without much harm some more.

Just… just how can this be?

Was Laxus hiding his strength?

If that were true then is he stronger than him?

But he’s just a 15 year old kid?

Being outmatched by a 15 year old?

What a terrifying child! (Tl: internet points for those who gets the reference, and I’ve got extra chaps store up so if one of ya gets this right I’m going to double release the series he/she wants)

Mogria finally felt fear.

“Str… strong…”

Erza changed how she looked at Laxus when she saw all those Phantom lord member moaning in pain on the ground.

“This is the true strength of the guild master’s grandson?”

She roughly estimated that with her abilities right now if she were to go up against Laxus, she probably wouldn’t last past a single bout!

Laxus is too stronk!

No wonder the guildmates settled downand didn’t worry anymore after Makarov announced Laxus will be going along as part of this quest’ party member.

Are all magicians like this inside of Fairy Tail?

Erza revised her original impression of Fairy Tail and finally caught a glimpse of what Fairy Tail really is.

Noah while still holding on to his injured left shoulder and left arm focused his gaze on the lightning clad Laxus.

At the start, Noah suspected something special about Laxus’ magic power, it’s like something is hidden within it.

Looking at those shining arcs of lightning, Noah confirmed that these lightning are different from the lightning he used before!

There is another power hidden within Laxus’ body.

And this power is immense!

It is because he used this other power of his that he could take down those Phantom Lord members and instantly beat Mogria down!

Otherwise with his original strength, at most he would just be a match with Mogria.

What is it that is hidden within him?

While deep in thought Laxus chuckled at a terrified Mogria.

“Anyway, it’s your turn now!”

“No… wait wait…”

Mogria wanted to beg for mercy but surge of electricity came flowing into his from the hand choking him and it electrocuted him continuously.


His cries of pain echoed througout the area.


Soon, Mogria fell down on the ground with upturned eyes smoky and defeated. Looking at his appearances, he’s not only hurt pretty bad but has completely and utterly lost consciousness.

“I said it before did I not?”

Laxus curled his lip.

“There won’t any chance for you to even get down on your knees and apologize!”


Erza helped Noah to his feet.

“Can you stand?”

“I can…”

He gave a bitter laugh while bracing himself and standing up. It was only because Erza supported him that he didn’t fall down.

“After this incident, I’m sure you understand it yes?”

Laxus walked on over and smirked when he saw his left shoulder and left hand scorched black. (Tl: tsundere talking, move along.)

“Without power, you’re nothing!”

Noah fell silent.

He didn’t agree with his statement but he didn’t exactly deny it to be false iether.

At least, in that context, without power he really didn’t have any right to be on that battle ground. He could only be protected and at most serve as a meat shield as well as giving some insignificant surprise attacks.

Without magic, fighting against a magician is still something that’s pretty reckless.

Maybe if it were just another normal magician then the situation might still be salvageable but it’s up to debate against a foe like Mogria.

“Get stronger!”

“Only by growing stronger will you be able to do what you want, no matter what it is!”

And the whole place became quiet.

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