Holistic Fantasy

Chapter 14

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 14: We are guildmates of the same guild!


Erza’s tiny body is getting pushed back admist the sound of cold arms exchanging contact. She dragged out a long trail along the ground until she finally stopped in front of Noah. It is clear from her facial expression that she is holding back the pain.

On closer inspection, her hands look like their bones are broken as she can barely hold them up, further evidenced by the trembling. Fresh blood flowed from her palm and down along the sides of the sharp blade.


Noah hurried to her aid and supported her from behind with a very distressed tone.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine!”

She clenched her teeth, straightened her back and kept her sights locked onto a baleful looking Mogria. She inhaled deeply and then resolutely pointed her sword at him.


Along with her voice, magic power started floating up and outwards from her, like a mist with form and colour it enveloped her and her sword as well. giving them a dull sheen of light.

Feeling the surging power from her, Mogria’s face turned even more grim. Noah is surprised at this as well.

The magic power coming off of her isn’t that strong, relative to Noah the distance might as well be 5400km, it’s also disparate compared to Laxus’. But the magnitude of it can definitely match up with any matured magician.

A 11 year old girl with power on par with a mature magician?

Indubitably, given the opportunity to grow up, one could hardly imagine how strong she would get.

“Alright! Alright! Alright!”

Mogria furiously shoted.

“I wanna see what you brats can do today!”


Erza responded to his cry with a tender cry of her own. With magic surging, in an instant she turned into afterimages as she moved out.

Mogria sneered and clenched his fist as dense electricity flickered, all of it channeled into that fist of his. It flickered like a gauntlet made of lightning as it raged around.

At the same time, the afterimage with an arming sword came striking. Arms overhead and magic power pouring outwards, the sword came down at his head in a raving manner.

Against the oncoming blade, he punched with that lightning clad fist of his, with such speed they turned into afterimages. The flurry of fist afterimages filled her view.

clang clang clang clang —

The fist fell on the arming blade and everytime they did, sounds of metal collding would ring and the magic power on the blade would get weakened along with the strength behind them.

In a few moments, a few dozens of fist struck the arming blade and it negated the magic power and strength of the sword. Her full powered strike rendered weak, her form collapsed and couldn’t be described as threatening in any way.

“See that, brats like you can never reach a powerful magician’s strength!”

He sneered and widened his fist into a grabbing one as he reached out to grab the blade clad in lightning. With a pull, her petite body got dragged over.

Before Erza could respond, Mogria leaned forward and struck out his other lightning clad fist towards Erza’s body. He struck out with such force that it created minor sonic booms along its trajectory.

Judging by the sound of this blow, if it landed squarely on her, even with armor on she would still be beaten unconscious!


Erza’s pupil dilated as a sense of doom surged forth from her heart and slowly captured her heart.



At that place, a dull hit and sound of blood spraying came at the same time.

The sound of the hit didn’t stop as it echoed throughout the area along with the sound of electricity flicker, it didn’t go away for quite some time.

Blood started flying along with the sound of blood squirting. The blood flew towards the sky and then fell down on the ground, gathering into a small pool of blood.

The perpetrator, Mogria’s face changed drastically when he saw the small figure before him.

Erza with blade in hand and half squatting on the floor lifted her head and stared dumbfounded at the one before her with intense ripples inside her eyes.

A small figure slipped in between the gap between Mogria and Erza with back towards Erza.

The figure with Mogria’s fist still upon his skin charred black by the lightning grabbed Mogria’s fist which was on his left shoulder. Despite the lightning still flickering, he lifted his face.

The next moment, the image of blood dripping down from the corner of his lips and eyes deep black as the stars imprinted themselves into Mogria’s eyes.

Who else but Noah!

He dashed forth and took the hit in Erza’s stead.

“Little brat!”

Even Mogria couldn’t help crying out.

“You don’t want to live anymore?!”


He got hit pretty good with that blow, with blood still dripping down from the corner of his lips and still sustaining damage from continuous contact with lightning from his fist as well as damage to his hand that is grabbing Mogria’s fist. Even while the smell of burnt flesh filled the air, he still dauntlessly eyed Mogria while grinning.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?”

“You really wanna die?!”

Mogria got pissed off by that grin of his.

“What can a little brat who don’t know magic like you possibly hope to achieve?!”

“Indeed, I don’t know magic!”

His eyes steeled up and he lifted up his tiny fist openly.

“But I still know how to punch a guy who’s standing in front of me!”

Done with that, he tightened his grip on Mogria’s hand that is on his left shoulder and in a manner similar to how Mogria did it, pulled a stunned and unprepared Mogria in front of him.


His small but unusually powerful attack landed on Mogria’s face.


Mogria yelped and fell down grabbing his face and then rolling on the floor without regard to his image.


Noah’s body went limp and he fell onto the ground with a knee on the ground. Grabbing his charrged left shoulder and left arm, one could finally see signs of pain as he held onto his left shoulder and arm with his hand dripping blood from hitting Mogria. That goes to show just how much effort he used to hit him.

“N.. Noah!”

Erza returned to her senses and hurried to his side and hoisted him up with herself as the support. At long last, her exquisite finally showing signs of distress.

“Are you.. are you alright?”

“I’m okay…”

He forced a smile onto his pale face.

“It’s just hurt a bit that’s all…”


Erza shifting expression as she looked at that ghastly pale and anguished face of his, she didn’t know what to say.

“Why did you save me?”


Noah turned to her.

“We are friends, saving you and whatnot, what are we doing talking about why? You stood up and protected me remember? Don’t tell me you have a reason for that?”


“We are guildmates of the same guild!”

He beamed, even more brilliantly under that pale face of his.

“Gramps said it before, we must treasure our comrades!”

The only eye visible on Erza started wavering before she nodded in a moved manner. her icy interior finally thawing with a little bit of warmth.

But the crisis has yet to be solved.

“You damned brats—-!”

Covering his face a hand, Mogria got up and he shouted with a twisted face.

“I am going to kill you all—-!”

Mogria turned into lightning and dashed towards Noah and Erza.

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