Holistic Fantasy

Chapter 21

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 21: A rare ancient magic lost through the passage of time

Noah and Erza used about 5 minutes to finish their duel.

The two isn’t that far away from Fairy Tail guild anyway so they managed to return to the guild in about half an hour.

At the moment, the two had one arming sword by their waist each. One of them is sporting a shirt and long pants while wearing a poised expression. The other had an icy cold armor on her while looking heroic. The two seemed like a perfect team.

After spending a lot of time together these past 3 months, Noah and Erza’s aura, posture and pace achieved a synchronized state. If not for the fact that Noah had black hair and not a bright red, a lot of people would probably mistake the two as twin siblings.

Under these conditions, the two got back to the guild. As they pushed open the guild’s main doors, they heard the usual noise coming from inside the guild and not surprisingly the same rowdy scene unfolded in front of them. They exchanged eyes and giggled.

Clearly they are all too familiar with this out of control atmosphere that’s unique to Fairy Tail.

This good feeling they had quickly got disrupted by a coarse roar.


Quickly following this tender cry is a figure leaping up from a table in front of them and pouncing straight towards Erza like a hungry tiger.

“Let’s settle this once and for allll—!”

Erza didn’t even bat an eye. As if having grown used to this kind of event, when the figure still in midair is close to her, she dodged a bit to the side and smashed the figure’s nasal bridge with a heavy jab of the fist.



A loud bang and an anguished yelp resonated together inside Fairy Tail as the figure got sent flying backwards like an oversize trash.

At Erza’s side as well as being in the flight path of the flying figure, Noah might have bat an eye but he also calmly stepped back the moment the figure pounced on Erza.

Hence, the figure that should have collided with Noah missed him by about 10 centimeters and slammed into a wall not so far away.


Making a splendid hole in the wall, the figure got embedded inside the wall. Showing the white of his eyes and with mouth gaping wide the figure slowly slid down to the ground with smoke rising from his body.


Erza sighed.

“I am not in the mood to fight today so spare me the duel!”

“Could you please not wait until you have finished before you say that line?”

Noah retorted while face palming and then he looked at the kid with only a short pants on him laid on the floor. Seeing Gray with his eyes rolling around in circles, he felt even more exhausted.

“And you, Gray. I think putting some clothes on before you duel is necessary. At least if you’re going to fight a girl…”

“Stop… babbling…”

Eyes still drawing circles, Gray muttered with tears in his eyes as he laid there on the floor.

And suddenly, a sound came from a corner of the guild.

“So… so awesome…”

Noah and Erza turned towards the source of the sound.

In front of the bari n the guild, a10 year old looking kid, younger than both Erza and Noah stood. He had rare pink colored hair and he had a scarf wrapped around his neck. There’s a luggage bag by his side so the guy is clearly a new face.

“Hey! What’s your name?!”

The pink haired kid jumped up and down in excitement as he pointed at Erza, asking without much reservation.

“You can instantly put down that thing, I am interested in you!”

“Who are you referring to?!”

Gray revived from a powerless state on the ground with veins throbbing on the side of his forehead.

“You wanna fight?! Tsurime eyes! (Tl: 上吊眼,if anyone has a better name for reverse of droopy eyes i am all ears.)”

“Give it up! Droopy eyes!”

The boy giggled.

“You can’t even beat a girl, I am not afraid of you!”

Gray’s face froze up and so did his body.

Not only Gray, the whole guild toned down making the whole place oppressing as heck. Their face looked like some sort of flood or monster is going to descend as they looked in Erza’s direction with horror.


There’s a slight upwards arch to Erza’s lip when she uttered this. This face however brought shiver to everyone in the guild except for Noah.

“What’s your name?”


Dense to the changes in the air around him, he rested his arms behind his head and grinned like a sunshine.

“I am Natsu! Natsu Dragneel!”

He didn’t understand why but as Noah gazed at Natsu’s grin, his expression mellowed, like he’s being shined upon by sunshine and warmth, goodwill for this Natsu kid floated up.

Not only Noah, Erza and Gray, the whole guild acknowledged the kid with that bright smile of his. Just because their face didn’t reveal this doesn’t mean they managed to slip past Noah who’s familiar with pretty much everyone.

Natsu Dragneel was it?

What an inconceivable person.

Charmed by Natsu’s personality, Noah greeted him with a smile.

“I am Noah! Noah Dreyar!”

“My name’s Erza! Erza Scarlet!”

“Noah and Erza huh?”

The cocky kid called Natsu raised his fingers and counted them before happily laughing.

“Igneel, I have remembered two more names!”


Noah asked curiosly.

“Who’s Igneel?”

Natsu raised his chest and proudly explained.

“Igneel is my father! The strongest dragon on this planet!”


Everyone in the guild gasped.


Noah stopped for a bit before continuing in an uncertain manner.

“Natsu, are you saying your father is a dragon?”

“That’s right!”

Seeing as the guild memebers are showing doubtful expressions, Natsu felt offended and lashed out.

“I am not lying! My magic is taught to me by Igneel! It’s called [Dragon slayer magic]!”

Fairy Tail members exchanged looks.

Fairy Tail has a lot of excellent magicians but because of style issues not many of them are very knowledgeable about diverse magic, but they have most certainly heard of [Dragon slayer magic].

It’s a magic that grants the user draconic attributes allowing them to slay dragons!

According to rumors, the users of [Dragon Slayer Magic] will possess draconic features such as dragon scales, hand claws that looks like those of a dragon and teeth like that of dragons. And, they can consume material corresponding to their [Dragon Slayer Magic] attributes to heal their body, magic, and for self enhancement!

A magic to fight against dragons?

Without a doubt, that is definitely a very strong magic.

And now this magic is within the possession of a kid younger than Noah and Erza, who wouldn’t doubt his claim?

Moreover, [Dragon Slayer Magic] is a Lost Magic. Since it’s a lost, ancient magic, and a pretty rare magic in its own time, who would find it believable that it just appeared now?

Only Noah who felt the magic coursing through Noah began to take on a more serious complexion.

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