Holistic Fantasy

Chapter 22

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 22: How about a duel?

Under Noah’s senses, Natsu’s magic power appeared like a chemical compound. Each and every element making up this compound is clearly visualized in front of him and embedded in his senses.

So, even while the rest of the guild members are still in doubt of what Natsu claimed to be, Noah believed him.

In a certain way, a person’s magic power could be said to be a manifestation of one’s aura, a trait of sorts.

If one were to use the analogy of water as magic power. Each magic holding individual has different odour to their water. But water will still be water, nothing can change that.

However, Noah’s senses are telling him that Natsu’s magic power is different from other people.

How so?

Taking the magic power = water analogy again, this time Natsu’s magic power could be said to be ink water.

Both might still be liquids however there are differences between them. It has its own smell, one can’t drink it and it is darker in colour. The differences are very clear even on first inspection.

Right now Natsu’s magic power is giving off this kind of feeling, it’s still water but it’s clearly a different variant of magic power than normal people, very special in a way.

Given of course, being special is nothing out of ordinary, Natsu’s magic is something that has been passed down through ancient times or rather lost through the passage of time. It will be odd to say his special magic power is something abnormal.

Noah can’t let this go.

For no other reason than that.

The magic power he felt coming off of Natsu feels a little bit too close to the magic power he felt coming off of Laxus!

The magic power that seemed to be hiding a ferocious beast inside!

One of them, Natsu is a possessor of [Dragon Slayer Magic]!

Could it be that Laxus is…

Just as a hypothesis came up inside Noah, an old voice came from the main door of the guild.

“What Natsu said is true!”

Makarov said as he came in under the gaze of every guild member.

“Natsu is indeed a practician of [Dragon Slayer Magic], that is, he is a dragon slayer!” (Tl: the raw used dragon slaying magician but I am gonna use Dragon Slayer)

“Dragon slayer…”

Everyone stared at a smug Natsu who, just a few moments ago, were on the verge of tears.

“Is this for real?”

“A dragon slayer huh?”

“Well I will be damned, an ancient magician like this appearing inside Fairy Tail…”

“And it’s only a kid…”

Besides the Fairy Tail magicians, Erza also amusedly said to Noah on her side.

“That Natsu kid seems strong.”

“A fire type [Dragon Slayer Magic] huh?”

Muttered Gray, still on the floor with a wide grin.

“That looks interesting, a guy worth picking a fight with!”


Natsu looked like a midget with an overgrown nose as he stood there arms akimbo, laughing heartily.

“How’s that? Ya scared?”

“Isn’t that splendid?”

Erza, twitching with excitement stepped forth.

“How about a duel?”


The bystanders all made a ruckus, they looked like the whole world could use a little bit more of chaos.

“Damn straight!”

“The brat named Natsu, how about a bout with Erza huh?”

“Let us witness the grandeur of a dragon slayer!”

“Against you?”

Natsu’s eyes brightened up as he jumped in elation.

“Ok! I am going to defeat you! That would prove that I am stronger than that thing!”


For the first time, Gray didn’t snap back, instead he used a pitiful glance on Natsu.

“You’re going to experience first hand just how terrifying Erza can be!”

As the guild members all egged on, Natsu agreed as expected. Erza seemed like she couldn’t wait as well. It seems [Dragon Slayer Magic] has caught her eyes.

Too bad Erza won’t be getting any time this time.


Noah lifted his head and called out to her.

“Why don’t you let me fight this time!”

The whole place went silent.


Erza curiously looked at him.

“Are you an idiot?!”

Gray was dumbfounded.

“Even if that spikey haired stupid fool is weak, he is still a magician. Noah you didn’t even learn magic, why did you jump out all of a sudden?!”

“Haven’t learnt magic?”

Natsu gasped much to his surprise.

“How are you going to fight me without knowing magic?”

Excluding Erza, Natsu and Gray, the Fairy Tail memebers couldn’t even begin to fathom.

“Little Noah, you shouldn’t be too reckless!”

“Even if you want to duel someone, isn’t that something you should do after learning magic?”

“Damn straight!”

“Come back after learning magic!”

Noah just smiled as he met gaze with a troubled looking Natsu.

“What’s it going to be? Yes or no?”

Seeing that Noah isn’t going to give up, everyone except Erza started frantically discussing.


Makarov called out this time.

“Try fighting with Noah!”


He didn’t understand why but Natsu passionately clenched his fist.

“Since the old guild master said it, don’t regret this afterwards!”

Noah didn’t reply, he nodded and one could see a flash of interest pass through those eyes of him.

Like Erza said, Noah is interested in [Dragon Slayer Magic] as well.

But not because [Dragon Slayer Magic] is a Lost Magic or because it is a magic that could counter dragons.


A lot of people formed a circle on an empty ground in front of the guild’s main door. Two tweens are at the center of this encirclement.

“Good luck! Little Noah!”

“Don’t you lose now! Dragon slayer!”

“Fight! Fight!”


In front of Noah, Natsu saw a very poised Noah standing there with hand at waist where his arming sword hangs. Natsu lifted his fist and the colour of excitement could be seen painted all over his face.

“Here I come!”

A significant amount of magic power streamed upwards from that fist of his. A flame burst out explosively from his fist and started burning. Under everyone’s gaze, Natsu charged at Noah with a roar.

Fire dragon’s iron fist—-!”

When Natsu reached about 2 meter’s distance of Noah, he jumped with fist overhead. The flame on it became concentrated as he slammed it down towards Noah’s chest.

The wind from the ensuing force ruffled Noah’s hair shadowing any part below his bangs. His deep eyes captured the oncoming flaming fist. Before it could reah his chest, Noah steadily side stepped.

The 3 months of training has honed his reflex to a refined state.

In his eyes, Natsu’s fist is unbearably slower than Erza’s lightning quick slashes.

By a tiny margin he evaded the flaming fist and leaned towards a side. His palm, like a needle that saw a gap and precisely went in, slipped past Natsu’s arm, landing an agile strike on the same shoulder as the flaming fist that is approaching him.


As if struck by a bolt of lightning, the shock registered as a loud bang and then with another thud he got sent away and landed onto the pavement some distance away with four limbs still up and moaning in pain.

The surrounding sound disappeared.

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