Holistic Fantasy

Chapter 24

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 24: A scene that happens everyday.

Magnolia, a river bank in the forest…


Magic stirred the air. Like a ripple it spread outwards and covered the beads making them float all around the master, the releaser of that wave of magic power.

Noah has his eyes closed. Meanwhile, black beads with magically enchanted silhouette floated about him, a scene no different than any of his magic power manipulation training session before.

However, the next moment, Noah did something he never did before.

He snapped his eyes opened and revealed those eyes that are as deep as stars. He raised both of his hand as if he’s trying to lift something up. He lifted his palm upwards.

hum hum hum–

Following his action, the magic power pouring out of him started becoming more and more concentrated, along with it the sheen on those black beads brightened up.

And then, the black beads started to move.

Swish swish—-

Sound of things flying through the air resounded, the beads moved like they have a life all its own. They circled around him, all the while drawing beautiful trails as they sped up.

swish swish swish swish —-

Soon, the whole forest had the sound of things cutting through air filling it.


At a certain point, 2 high speed beads collided and made a big thud as they repelled each other.

thud thud thud thud

It’s as though the collision started a chain reaction, dull thuds repeated over and over and the black beads circling around him began to lessen until a certain unknown point in time, they stopped.

However, when they stopped, the floating beads are only a tenth of the amount he started out with.

clap clap clap

Erza who watched the whole thing from the side praised him.

“Your magic control has become much stronger than before, it truly has. At this rate, the day where you can control all of your magic power is soon to arrive yes?”

“That day is too soon!”

Noah rejected the notion but he can’t help raising a corner of his lips.

“This extent of manipulation, if I were to use all my magic power then there is still a chance of losing control isn’t it?

“But at least if you don’t use all your magic power, even under emotional agitation you won’t control as you did before in the guild, that is a fact as well!”

Erza laughed while she crossed her arms.

“Or rather, before learning magic, with your present amount of control it shouldn’t be likely for a meltdown to occur, this is good.”

“You said it yourself, before learning magic.”

Noah reined in his smile and sighed.

“Each magician will have his magic power increase as he improves his mastery over his learned magic. My magic power is originally so strong I can’t fully control it, if it were to increase then I don’t think I can take it. When will I ever be able to start learning magic?”

Listening to him moan about this and that Erza felt something off.

A magicians magic power has strong connection to their abilities.

If a person’s magic power is strong then the magic he casted out of them would have its potency increased as well thereby increasing battle power.

If a person’s magic power is a lot then he can use magic for a longer period of time, thus increasing the amount of time he can remain in battle.

So, by increasing magic power it is almost tantamount to increasing their own strength.

To increase their magic power is what every magician wish for, it is also the primary goal every magician who wish to further enhance themselves strive for.

No matter how you put it, it’s always good if magic power increases.

And yet, the way Noah put it, it’s like it’s a disaster to avoid. More likely than not, he is the only person on this world to have such a concern.

While having intense feelings inside, Erza continued.

“The guild master said so, with your diligence it’s just a matter of time before you take full control of your gargantuan amount of magic power and learn magic. Plus, even if you don’t know magic, you aren’t exactly helpless at the moment are you now?”

Noah’s bumbling feelings got dismissed when he heard this. He grasped the arming sword at his waist and changed his expression into a better looking one.

“Alright the training end here today!”

Erza glanced at the sky.

“We should go show our faces in the guild!”

Noah indifferently nodded and walked towards the guild with Erza.


“Die! Droopy eyes!” <tobasco idiot>(Tl: Tareme eyes)

“Right back at you! Squinty eyes!”<pervy popsicle> (Tl: Tsurime eyes)

When Noah and Erza pushed open the main doors of Fairy Tail and walked in, two familiar voices clearly worked up and angry reverberated. Soon after, ‘smash snap’ sounds played and something either got smashed or thrown away resounded as well.

They haven’t taken a look inside the guild yet but judging from the sounds Noah and Erza could more or less gussed what transpired. They exchanged sight and sighed.


“Spikey head!”


“Hotheaded bastard!”

At the ground floor’s bar. Gray and Natsu threw low leveled insults at each other as they exchanged claws and fist. Like mortal adversaries, doesn’t matter if it’s Gray or Natsu, their face are lit.

Watching this whole thing, the guild mates didn’t stop the fight, no no. They are egging them on like it’s the hottest show in town. Even Makarov just sat on the bar table and drank away while expressing himself.

“Being young sure is nice…”

Seeing that, Noah sighed again.



Erza, without changing her face came up to the two still going at each other like mad dogs. They didn’t notice Erza arriving at their side. She reached out and made a precise hold of the two’s head.

“Stop this at once!”

Saying so, Erza pushed them aside with a strong tug.

No wait, they didn’t just separate.


The strong force generated on the two’s 30+/- KG bodies sent them flying out with necks emitting a shiver inducing ‘kacha’ sound. The two moaned in pain on the floor.

“Why don’t you guys cut it out for one single day?”

Noah said as he walked to Erza’s side and watched Natsu and Gray lay there on the floor. His face looked like he had a headache.

“Everyday you guys fight, but I don’t see you guys making it clear who won and lost.”

“So naggy!”

Natsu got back up with the vitality of a dragon and vigor of a tiger. He then noticed the naggy guy in question is Noah before his eyes lit up.

“Noah! Let’s settle this once and for all!”


Gray jumped up as well.

“Let’s settle this once and for all as well!”

The two jumped at the same time and charged at Noah and Erza who stood at the middle. One charged at Noah and another at Erza.

Seeing as the two rushed them without another word, Noah and Erza’s expression collapsed. When the two got to their side, they simultaneously lifted their hand into a handblade and struck the two assailant who single sided-ly declared a challenge and delivered a strike no lay person could observe properly.



Being handed a critical strike at the solar plexus, their eyes popped as they froze up in that position before weakly falling down onto the ground. This time, they stayed down.


The surrounding spectators laughed out loud.

Natsu and Gray fights. Then, Erza will stop them both. Unsatisfied with being told off and challenging Noah and Erza to a fight before being put down like a sack of potato by the duo. This scene repeated itself pretty much everyday.

Or shoud one say, this really looked like Fairy Tail’s style?

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