Holistic Fantasy

Chapter 25

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 25: Approved! Makarov’s permission!

On the side, Makarov who is currently sitting on top of the bar counter guzzling down beer looked at Erza and Noah putting Gray & Natsu down like a walk in the park. He stopped drinking for a bit, some worries flashed across his eyes but they were soon gone.

“Noah! Erza!”

Making up his mind, Makarov placed the beer jug aside and called out to Noah and Erza by waving his hand.

“Get over you two, I have something to say!”

Just as Noah and Erza is about to preach to Gray and Natsu, they were stopped by the call and turned around curiously. The two habitually exchanged glance and saw in each other the same curiosity and puzzlement.

“Gramps, what’s the matter?”

Noah said while walking over to Makarov with Erza in tow.

“Did you need our help with something?”

“Nah, it’s something that concerns yourselves.”

Makarov belched and used a sloppy manner to say something that gave them both quite a big surprise.

“I was just going to ask whether or not the two of you would like to start officially receive requests and go out on jobs?”


Noah and Erza’s eyes shined.


The other guild members exclaimed. Hell even Natsu and Gray who were beaten half dead jumped up.

A magician is actually an individual that can use magic power and thus cast spells and use magic.

Normally speaking, if someone could use magic then it doesn’t matter what type of magic it is the person will be called a magician.

But for the magicians, a true magician is someone who is in a guild and can use magic.

At the end of the day, magicians have to get a job go out and earn their rewards.

Thus Erza who is in Fairy Tail and could use magic would be called a magicians. However, in the guild, those youngsters deemed unable to work are not full fledged magicians yet.

Erza is in such state, what more to say of Noah.

Just now, Makarov’s words basically approved Erza and Noah’s ability so the two now has the ability to receive requests, go on jobs and can achieve their own independence now!

Why wouldn’t Noah and Erza be happy?

How can the other Fairy Tail members stay calm?

One should know that even Laxus had to wait until he’s 13 before he is deeemed to have the ability to achieve independence, allowing him to receive requests and go out on jobs.


After a brief period of excitement, Noah who calmed down first showed a worried expression.

“Is it really okay for me to go out on jobs now?”

Erza, Natsu and Gray returned to their senses when they heard him.

“I know what you’re worried about. But since I have already asked the question, it should be obvious that I think you have achieved a sufficient amount of strength and thus should be given more freedom in terms of choosing your own path. Otherwise, how could I let you go out on jobs so easily?”

Makarov jumped down from the bar counter in front of everyone and lifted his head with hands behind his back as he turned to Erza.

“Erza, your [Requip] might be common but your mastery over the magic of your choosing is no lower than any of the magicians in our guild. Not only that, you have outstanding sword skills. Your sword mastery is something not a lot of magicians here have, a normal magician on the streets is no longer your level of enemy!”

Done with that, Makarov turned towards Noah who kept staring at him before grinning so hard his eyes squinted into slits.

“As for Noah, you might not have learnt magic yet but within this short period of time you have obtained mastery over the sword not in anyway inferior to that of Erza’s, your prowess as a fighter might not be able to stand on par with Erza when she goes full serious mode but you’re getting there!”

Makarov glanced at the arming sword on Noah that he personally sent him, he then made up his mind and nodded to Noah.

“Under the condition where you aren’t able to use magic, you already have strength that an average magician can’t compete with. I think it would be extremely beneficial for your growth if you go on jobs and travel here and there thereby widening your world view and increasing your experience. That’s why you should have a little bit more confidence in yourself.”

Noah quieted down.

“Guild master!”

Erza opened her mouth.

“Please let me go on jobs!”

It seems Erza has made up her mind.

Erza’s decision also dispelled any hesitation Noah might have. He inhaled deeply and nodded.

“Gramps, no, guild master, I want to start receiving requests and do jobs, please let me!”

“Very well!”

Makarov beamed.

“Well then, from today onwards, you two can now officially receive requests and do jobs. The job requests are posted on the bulletin board over there, go over there and check it out. If you see something you like just tear that request down and come on over to sort out the procedure with me!”


The other guild members gave their blessings after witnessing the birth of the youngest magicians in the guild.

While it is true that Erza and Noah might be a tad bit young but anyone with a pair of eyes could see their potential and abilities. They would often times one shot Gray and Natsu who’s just 1 or 2 years younger than them. They also acknowledge that Erza and Noah both possess the material of a true magician through their various duels against each other.

“Hmm… going on jobs huh?”

An excited Natsu yelled out.

“Sounds like it’s very fun!”

“For you, that’s way too early!”

Gray also had admiration in his eyes but his comment leans more towards throwing jabs at Natsu.

“If you accepted jobs, the one who placed the request might not even entertain you!”

“What was that?! Droopy eyes!”

“I am talking about you! Squinty eyed bastard!”

After that, filled with admiration envy and hate, the two did a lot of fighting.

“It’s better if you start with something easy when you first start out!”

“Both of you are still small and inexperienced so even if you accept the higher leveled ones, the client might not want to hire you. Start with something more simply and ideally something that suit yourselves.”

Noah and Erza nodded, making Makarov smile.

“Of course, both of you could form teams, having partners by your side is also good.”


Noah and Erza exchanged a glance and as if they saw through each other’s intention, they smiled at the same time.

“I think we don’t need to form a team for now!”

Noah said the answer first.

“Gramps you yourself just said it, we should get used to doing jobs. Thus, seeing as we can do it solo, we should kick it off with a simple style!”

“Very well.”

Makarov didn’t object to the notion.

Noah and Erza exchanged a few lines and then started searching for a job that is to their liking.

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