Holistic Fantasy

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: 1 year of focused training

Not far from Fairy Tail, in a patch of forest and mountains at the outskirt of Magnolia city.

This place isn’t just any place, it’s very hostile to human inhabitance.

In these woods lie countless medicinal herbs of wonderful properties, a person only needs to obtain one or two to make a killing but no sane person would traverse this place just to get some herbs.

The reason’s simple, here be monsters.

Not just any beast, it’s truly demonic creatures (Tl: not sure, is it magical creatures or is it simply demonic creatures). For example, the giant wolves Noah met a year ago would qualify, these creatures are absolute nightmares to normal people, only magicians can go in and out as they please here.

Fairy Tail being the no.1 guild in Fiore kingdom means that even if they were built close to this kind of place, a lot of the members would sitll go in and out of it regularly to hunt for herbs or demonic creatures or complete missions.

He might be small but since adoption by Makarov and joined Fairy Tail, he has been led into the place countless times before under Makarov or other magicians of the guild at least 10 times. This kind of terrain is as familiar as the back of his palm, as long as it’s not too deep he won’t get lost like a headless fly and bump around in there.

It used to be Makarov or other magicians last time but this time there’s only him here. Since he can’t learn magic yet, he dared not enter deep, he stopped at the side of a small river and didn’t go in any further.


With a brethe of white mist he slid his fingers into his pockets to fish out a fistful of thumb sized marbles.

If one were to inspect closely, on these marbles are faint glow barely perceptible by human vision.

After retrieving a whole bunch of them he threw them in the air without hesitation.


Like rain those marbles poured down.

He watched the pouring marbles and reflexively stepped back. Concentrating his heart, a thick energy streamed out from him in the form of radiant light, it poured out in gales.


The torrential force rippled out of him like thunder and went towards the falling beads. Like soft palms it supported the falling marbles.

Once the marbles are suspended in the air, he can feel like a bunch of load bearing down on him like sandbags, and his mind shook.

However this kind of load has been tasted by him many times since joining Fairy Tail, he doesn’t panic as he did once, in fact he’s very poised, the magicapower inside of him burst out, making the atmosphere around him groan in low tone, he suspended the marbles in mid air with pure magic power.

1 marble.. 2 marbles…3…4…

The number of suspended marbles increased gradually before his face turned grim as well, slightly frowning he can feel his muscle all over him tense up, his magic power that’s streaming out also started to get more turbulent, it’s like a hurricane inside him.

If a magician was nearby he would be jump from shock at the sheer amount coming out of him.

This amount, it’s an understatement to say it’s just a few dozens of times more than a magician!

With this magnitude of magic power, even if one were to include the excellent magicians in Fairy Tail would still within top 3!

Right now, the amount being released hasn’t stopped and the magic power got stronger and stronger!

Aside from the serious expression he has on him, his face isn’t flushed nor is he heaving. Clearly this level is nothing to him, one would be mistaken to think he has even used 10% of his reservoirs!

And with something of this order he lifted the marbles, this amount could do more than this perhaps even something like lifting a boulder the size of a grown men wouldn’t be out of the question!

Just as he’s lifting the 111th ball, the marble stopped in the air before slipping through his magic power and dropped down on the floor.

And with this a chain reaction of sorts happened as more marbles slipped through and some were sent scattered towards the surrounding when it touched the force. (tl: I don’t suppose you could generate lightning by guiding it rather than controlling it?)


The marbles fell and made thuds in the ground for awhile before stopping.


Looking at the marbles still floating around him and then counting them he did a fist pump.

“133 balls! 25 more than yesterday! It seems my magic control is getting better!”

Indeed right now what he’s doing is training his magic control!

These marbles aren’t normal marbles but highly magic sensitive tools.

Each one of them has a different degree of magic repulsion, if one were to exert the same force as their repulsion then they would stay in the air, but if it’s too great then the ball would bounce off, too little and they repulse the magic power and drop down.

So to say, to make the marbles coming down from the sky float he would have to decide the correct amount of force to exert based on each marbles’ repulsion and all these within an instant so that the force equals that of marble’s repulsion and thereby making it float in the air.

Using this training method he has trained his magic control to an unimaginable level, if this kind of proficiency were to be applied to a run off the mill mage’s amount of magic power then it would be on a perfect level (tl: 出神入化, godly perfect, superb achievement etc). But this amount of control barely pass to control his monstrous magic power that shocks even Makarov.

At least, it took him until just recently to reach this step so that his magic power don’t go rampaging out of control.

During this one year, he has lost control many times because of intense emotions, numerous times Fairy Tail almost got destroyed as a result!

Rather had Makarov not been there then Fairy Tail would definitely have to rebuilt multiple times by now.

Stopping his thoughts here he excitedly reflected on his improvement before picking up the marbles to further train himself.

He’s itching.

Itching for the day when he can finally control the gargantuan magic power within.

By achieving that, he can finally touch magic, and further himself on the path of a magician.

What he didn’t notice is that while he’s training, not far away, a short old man is observing him.

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