House Dad's Literary Life

Chapter 102

Chapter 102 - You Have Change A Lot Recently

As proven, Xixi might possess martial art prowess, but she would never become a tomboy, after all, she still has a delicate girl's heart.

Being pressed for an answer by her father and mother, Xixi had to make the final choice.

They saw the little girl looked at her right hand and left hand for a long time. On one side, she was looking at the beautiful silver bracelet and on the other side, she was looking at the wooden sword… the design on the wooden sword. She then finally sighed like a small adult and said, “it’s hard to choose, but I still like Mama's gift.”

After that, the little girl held the wooden sword nervously, looked at her father pitifully with her big eyes, and asked weakly, “Papa, can Xixi still keep it? Xixi also likes it!”

Xixi didn't understand, she thought that she could only keep the one she chose.

“Yes, I won!” Mo Fei raised her arms proudly and cheered. She ran over happily, picked up Xixi, kissed the little girl hard, and said, “Of course you can keep it. I’m sure your Papa is not that cheap!”

Yang Yi still has a look of disbelief on his face. Did he lose? How is that possible? How could Xixi not like that wooden sword? Having a sword of their own is a dream that every child has.

If there is no dream, what’s the difference between it and salted fish[1]?

“Xixi just said that she ‘likes’ my gift very much, which should be higher than yours ‘still like’!” Yang Yi was not convinced and struggled for a while.

Mo Fei didn't meet his move, but proudly raised her chin, hummed: “Willing to bet and lose, you're not allowed to cheat!”

Yang Yi sighed, steeled his heart, and said, “Good, I'm willing to bet and lose. What do you want me to do?”

Mo Fei put Xixi down. The little girl was overjoyed to find that her wooden sword had not been confiscated. She quickly held it to one side and then looked at it. Anyway, she wouldn't let Papa see it, lest he go back on his promise!

“What should I ask you to do?” Mo Fei sat on the sofa, both of her hands supporting her chin on the tabletop, and her slender jade fingers gently tapped her smooth as jade cheek, then suddenly put it away and blinked playfully. “I haven’t thought about it yet, remember it first, and then wait until I think about it!”



Xixi celebrated this birthday very happily. Not only were her parents by her side, and not only was there such beautiful decorations, and a beautiful and delicious cake, Xixi also received gifts from her father and mother, which she liked very much. Later, her mother took out a gift and said that it was from Aunt Mo Xiaojuan, which Xixi also like very much.

“If only I could celebrate my birthday like this every day! Oh, why didn't I make this as a birthday wish?” The little girl went to sleep with a sweet smile.

Mo Fei waited for her daughter to fall asleep before she came out of the bedroom. There were too many surprises today. Mo Fei had a lot to say to Yang Yi!

Yang Yi was not in the study, but on the balcony. When Mo Fei took Xixi upstairs to take a bath, he stayed to clean up the mess, after all, he was someone with obsessive-compulsive disorder. After he finished cleaning up and taking a bath, he came to the balcony to get some air and admire the full moon.

“So, the moon’s looking good tonight.” Hearing Mo Fei’s arrival, Yang Yi said softly without looking back.

Mo Fei sat down on the recliner next to Yang Yi. Now that the two were getting along with each other, she has become a little more reserved, sitting in a very ladylike pose.

Fortunately, Mo Fei didn’t wear the same coldness on her face as before. She smiled silently and said, “Is this a pick-up line?”

“No, it’s called sharing!” Yang Yi immediately denied it.

“Why does Xixi like the cake you made today?” Mo Fei asked about the curiosity she had been thinking about all night.

“That was a scene from a fairy tale I told her.” Yang Yi went back to the living room to get a cup, then poured some juice he squeezed himself and motioned, “Want to drink? After eating the cake, this is just right to cleanse the greasiness!”

Mo Fei nodded. She took the cup and sipped it gently. It tasted good, sweet and sour, a bit like wine. She didn't know Yang Yi made it with several kinds of fruit.

“That story is more interesting. Xixi has always liked the characters in it and fantasized that she could have ice and snow magic every day.” Yang Yi said with a smile.

Mo Fei nodded gently. “You told Xixi many stories, and Xixi has told them to me. Did you make them up yourself?”

“Ha, that’s right.” Yang Yi cheekily admitted.

Mo Fei pouted and said with some discontent, “It’s not fair. You can make up your own stories. Xixi sleeps with me now and says my stories are not good!”

“Whenever you are free, sort out your stories and write them out!” Mo Fei thought of a way and said, “I want to see them, and then tell Xixi! So, she can’t tell!”

Yang Yi was a little speechless, but looking at Mo Fei’s lovely appearance, he agreed.

“Speaking of which, you played the guitar well today, you must have spent a lot of effort to learn it.” Mo Fei gave Yang Yi a rare word of praise.

Yang Yi wanted this effect. He was gradually showing his ability to Mo Fei, so that Mo Fei would not feel that it's too abrupt.

“How about my singing? Just play the guitar well?” Yang Yi said with a smile.

Mo Fei said mercilessly, “Your singing is not good. You throat has not been trained, you can’t sing songs of a particular range, and then you sing very stiff. You just sing according to your own ideas, lacking skill. Your breath is very long, but it is not distributed properly, and you can’t do the right breathing…”

In fact, Yang Yi sang better than ordinary people, but after all, she was a professional singer. Mo Fei’s standard was too high, so she gave Yang Yi a bad evaluation.

It could be said that Yang Yi’s ability to appreciate music was not worse than Mo Fei’s, but it was very difficult for ordinary people to “hear” how well they sing, coupled with the fact that he hadn't received professional training like Mo Fei. Although Yang Yi was a little unconvinced, he has to admit that what Mo Fei said were all the big facts.

His singing skill was not even better than Guo Ziyi!

Mo Fei realized that her evaluation had gone too far and said hurriedly, “Of course, you can sing well, but you just need to polish it a little bit. Otherwise, I can teach you how to sing when I have time?”

“Don’t you have work? There is also the new album.” Yang Yi made a slip of the tongue. This news was known by his other identity.

Mo Fei didn’t realize it. She sighed and said, “It won't be ready so soon. We're still compiling songs for the new album. Now there is a good songwriter who says he is my fan and wants to write songs for me, but this workload is too heavy. I think it’s unlikely to succeed, so Xiaojuan and I still need to go to the Copyright Association’s website to search for a needle in a haystack…[2]

After talking about the depression in her heart, Mo Fei suddenly stop talking: “Hey, why am I telling you this? You don’t like listening to it.[3]

Yang Yi secretly laugh in his heart, and said indifferently: “It doesn’t matter. I believe your fan. Since he has promised something, he will be able to do it… Okay!”

“I don’t know. By the way, I find you have changed a lot recently!” Mo Fei suddenly turned her head and looked at Yang Yi with burning eyes.


[1] Metaphor for someone who doesn't have a dream.

[2] Meaning they are searching for good/great song from a massive library/collection of songs in the website, which contained mostly of bad songs… like looking for a needle in a haystack.

[3] She was referring to the entertainment industry and not her complaining. The previous Yang Yi didn't like anything about the entertainment industry.

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