House Dad's Literary Life

Chapter 103

Chapter 103 - Are You Asking Me Out?

Mo Fei’s gaze made Yang Yi’s back stiffen, and his expression was a little frozen. Fortunately, the light outside the balcony was dim, so Mo Fei didn't clearly see the smile on Yang Yi’s face vanishing.

“Is she still suspicious?” Yang Yi was perturbed in his heart.

Mo Fei continued: “Writing novels, opening coffee shops, playing guitar, singing and speaking English! Yang Yi, I think you are different from before!”

The woman held her cheek and looked at Yang Yi with her eyes full of autumn water[1], which made Yang Yi flustered.

What shall I do? Am I going to be discovered? How do you explain it?

However, Mo Fei was not as nervous as Yang Yi. Seeing Yang Yi silent, she pursed her lips, mustered up her courage and asked, “So, is it because of me that you have changed so much now? Did you learn the guitar and learn to sing for me?”

It wasn't that far!

Yang Yi secretly breathed a sigh of relief. He felt lucky that he had not been “interrogated and tortured”.

However, Yang Yi still had something to say about Mo Fei’s question. He shook his head vigorously: “No? There is no such thing!”

“I don’t believe it!”

The setting that Yang Yi had thought of wasn’t like how Mo Fei had guessed. After all, he had considered how to reasonably explain his other identity “Mu Li'ang”!. So, he explained, “I learned it when I was working these years. I've traveled all over the country, learned to cook in restaurants, and learned to play a musical instrument in a bar…”

Mo Fei was actually convinced of this reason, but she pouted her tender and rosy lips and said a little stubbornly[2], “I won't listen to you. You didn’t do this before. It was only after I brought Xixi to meet you that you slowly changed!”

Yang Yi didn't want to explain too much on this topic. After all, he was really lying! The more they talked about it, the more likely he would make a mistake…

“Cough cough, that, Mo Fei, by the way, I wanted to discuss something with you today!” Yang Yi arbitrarily changed the subject and said, “About Xixi going to kindergarten, I think your previous proposal is still correct!”

Mo Fei glared at Yang Yi angrily. How could she not know that Yang Yi was deliberately avoiding the topic just now? But it has to be said that Yang Yi succeeded. Mo Fei was very interested in the new topic he said. She said happily, “Really? You agreed to let Xixi go to kindergarten?”

“Yes!” Yang Yi nodded. “However, I just agree with your idea of letting Xixi go to kindergarten. As for those extracurricular activities, I still disagree!”

“Why? You want a girl like Xixi to learn about swords from you. So, why can’t Xixi learn to sing and play the piano?” Mo Fei was upset.

Yang Yi has read a lot of parenting books, so he thought he knows a lot of truth. He patiently explained to Mo Fei: “Children’s childhood should be happy and carefree, not constantly studying that they have no time to play!”

“Xixi will learn martial arts from me, and that only takes very little time. On the one hand, she can exercise, and on the other hand, she won’t be bullied in the future. This is a good thing!”

“Why is learning music not a good thing?” Mo Fei pressed for an answer.

“Learning itself is good, but the heavy extracurricular activities will make Xixi’s childhood very depressing! I don’t think it’s impossible for her to learn them, but we have to allocate time and she will have to learn what she likes in moderation, but the most important thing is to have fun!” Yang Yi said, “Otherwise, wait for her to grow up, she could still learn them slowly by then!”

Mo Fei has to admit that Yang Yi was right, because when she thought about it, she spent her childhood learning this and that, and she seemed to have a hard time finding any happiness in her memories.

However, Mo Fei still had a little struggle: “Other are okay[3], but she has to learn singing…”

“Then we’ll let Xixi choose. As long as she likes it, we will fully support it! As long as she doesn’t like it, we won’t force it!” Yang Yi waved his hand generously.

Mo Fei has gotten back her composure. She smiled softly and said, “You said you hadn't changed. Look, it’s only been a few days, and you’ve changed again! Before, you stubbornly said that Xixi should not go to kindergarten!”

To this question, Yang Yi has something to say: “Don’t you think the birthday party tonight is too deserted? It was just you, me, and Xixi!”


“It shouldn’t be like this. I’ve learned that other people’s children’s birthday party, they will invite a lot of children to come together to attend. It’s always lively!”

“Um…” Mo Fei nodded gently. She used to have a birthday like this when she was a child, but she comforted, “but don’t blame yourself to much. I think you’ve done enough tonight! Although there are only few people, it was very warm. Xixi is very happy, and I am also very happy.”

“That’s not what I mean. I just don’t want Xixi to be like you and me, withdrawn and without a friend!” Yang Yi waved his hand and said.

“Who do you say is withdrawn and has no friends?” Mo Fei didn’t like what she heard.

“How many friends do you have? Count it.” Yang Yi followed up.

“I have, Xiaojuan, my driver, and…” Mo Fei was a little flustered. She found that Yang Yi was right. She really didn't have many friends. Although she still knew many people in the circle, she was always aloof from worldly affairs, unwilling to take part in some activities, and not good at dealing with people. Moreover, she defined the term "friend" very high. There were really few people who could really be regarded as her friends.

“Xiaojuan doesn’t count. She’s your relative. As for the driver, you don’t even know his name. How can he be a friend?” Yang Yi exposed her bloody scar[4].

Mo Fei looked at Yang Yi with a sense of shame and irritation, and felt uncomfortable in her heart: “What are you trying to say?”

“No, I mean, I don’t want Xixi to repeat our mistakes!” Yang Yi didn't take it seriously and said with a smile, “Let her go to kindergarten, so that she can leave her parents’ arms temporarily. In this way, Xixi can get in touch with some children of the same age and have her own friends.”

Although Mo Fei wasn't willing to admit Yang Yi’s evaluation of her, she still agreed with Yang Yi’s idea. She nodded gently: “I’ll look for the kindergarten, but later, you have to take Xixi to and from school!” Sometimes even if I am free, it is not convenient for me.”

“That's natural.”

Suddenly it quieted down, and both of them didn't utter a word, a little silent.

Mo Fei looked at the clock in the living room, yawned, stretched, revealing his slender waist, and said, “Well, I’m going back to bed. I have to go back to work tomorrow.”

“Wait a minute!” Yang Yi finally mustered up his courage and called Mo Fei.

“Well, on the 23rd, Chen Yijie will come to Jiangcheng for a concert. I have some tickets.” Yang Yi was a little nervous, but he said, “I want you to invite you to come and see it!”

Did he really invite a singer to watch a concert? How could Yang Yi even say this?

Mo Fei unexpectedly didn't care about this issue. She had her back to him. Yang Yi couldn't see her expression. She was silent for a while, but asked in a low voice: “You… Are you asking me out?”

“Cough, you can’t say that. I just think Chen Yijie’s song is very good to listen to, and there's also Xixi. But if you think it’s inconvenient, forget it…" Mo Fei asked back, not the same as Yang Yi’s idea.[5] He couldn't use any good words and could only play on the spot.

“Hey, why not?” Mo Fei interrupted Yang Yi.


[1] Traditional description of girl’s beautiful eyes

[2] like she insisted that her guessed was right.

[3] She is okay with Xixi not doing extracurricular activities about other things or learn them after she grows up, but Xixi must start learning how to sing now.

[4] The harsh/cruel truth.

[5] Her question has a different meaning than Yang Yi's. She thought he was asking her for a date. Yang was just inviting her for watch the concert.

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