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Chapter 104

Chapter 104 – New Book News and Online Presale

After being busy with Xixi’s birthday, Yang Yi finally got free time and could start preparing his new book.

Qiang Zi, who got a positive response, was so excited that tears and mucus flowed down his face. He couldn’t wait to apply to the bosses.

Because Yang Yi changed the theme and they didn’t know what the content was, Qiyue Editorial Department decided to promote it on a small scale, such as putting advertisements on the pages of the two books “Soldier Assault” and “Drawing Sword.”

“On July 20, Yang Yi returned with his new book “Yu Zui” to accompany you through this hot summer holiday!”

Yang Yi’s new book is coming?

Fans of the two books have been looking forward to it for a long time, and have been asking about news of the new book since “Drawing Sword” ended, but this has disappointed them again and again. A week later, the book review area has gradually become deserted. One couldn’t find the original heated discussion.

But loyal fans like Mu Yucheng were still unwilling to leave. They came back every day to sign in to see if Yang Yi has opened a new book.

Finally, they got the news!

All of a sudden, the book review area of “Drawing Sword” and “Soldier Assault” became lively again, and after some fans spread the news to other fans, many fans gathered back to discuss Yang Yi’s new book.

“Yu Zui? The title of the book sounds so strange. And he didn’t even give a brief introduction. Is the Great Yang still going to write military literature?”

“I think so! If Yang Yi doesn’t write military literature, what else can he write?”

“But the name does not seem to be a title of a military literature. Yu Zui, which means the remaining crimes, the sins left behind, looks very dark.”

“Come on, “Drawing Sword” doesn’t sound like a military literature. At first, I thought it was a martial arts novel, ha ha!”

“That’s true. Great Yang’s thought process is very difficult for most people to understand.”

” Anyway, I’m looking forward to it!”

“looking forward + 1!”

“looking forward + 10076!”

Mu Yucheng secretly saw the news when he was bored at work. When his hands itched, he ran to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and made a long comment.

“Great Yang, no matter what you do, would you please treat the protagonist well in the new book?

Xu Sanduo in “Soldier Assault” fell off the bridge at the beginning. We all thought he was going to die. Fortunately, in the end, although he broke his leg, he was still alive.

But when it comes to “Drawing Sword”, Li Yunlong was such a good person! In the end, you actually let him die? It broke the hearts of us readers! How can you be so cruel?

Please, Great Yang, no matter what kind of novel you write, I will support you, but really, please treat your protagonist and your readers well!”

Mu Yucheng’s book reviews were often to the point, but they were still quite famous in the fan circle, and his posts were immediately supported by a lot of people.

“Praise Old Mu and plead with Great Yang not to be cruel to the protagonist, not to be cruel to the the female lead, or even the supporting role, OK? “Drawing Sword” really made my tears run dry.”

“+ 1!”

“+ 10076!”


In fact, the Qiyue’s Copyright Department has been in contact with Sahara Publishing House and got the release time and news of the two physical books of “Soldier Assault” and “Drawing Sword” early on. Taking advantage of the current popularity, they also arrange publicity accordingly.

The authority of the Copyright Department was no less than that of the editorial department. They directly announced on the top of the home page: “Soldier Assault” and “Drawing Sword” physical book pre-sale.

Under the overtime typesetting and proofreading of the editors of Sahara Publishing House, the two books have been delivered to the printing house for printing. It was expected to go on sale on August 1!


However, it was a little difficult to distribute goods through offline channel[1]. After all, Sahara has little energy, and it was still impossible to break the alliance of some large publishers. That’s why Deputy Manager Huang asked Yang Yi to think about it!

At present, Sahara has only obtained the sales channels of large state-owned bookstores and some small bookstores. However, the more widely distributed and more popular bookstore chains with more sales, such as “Love Reading”, “Book Bar”, “Book Fragrant Pavilion” and other channel, didn’t like the books of this small publishing house, let alone ReadNovelFull!

Of course, the efforts of the Sahara weren’t in vain. After all, the state-owned bookstores were still the largest bookstore chains in China. They were available in various cities, and this channel was the largest! But the problem was that because big state-owned bookstores were state-owned, the prices of books they sell were often 10% higher than those of other channels. This has led many readers to choose bookstore chains with more cost-effective prices such as “Love Reading”, “Book Bar” and “Book Pavilion”.

But the advertisement from Qiyue made the readers feel fresh.

“Pre-sale? What does it mean?”

“Didn’t it say that it will be available in the offline bookstore opens on August 1st? Why is there such a thing as pre-sale?”

After clicking on the advertisement, Qiyue announced two sales channels provided by Sahara Publishing House. The first one was, of course, on August 1, to purchase them at the state-owned bookstore or on the following listed bookstores.

The second was the so-called pre-sale!

Fans who have been looking forward to buying the two physical books were ready to gnash their teeth and go to the state-owned bookstore to buy the books with the mentality that it didn’t matter if they were expensive at all.

But now, this pre-sale channel made them see a new hope!

One could purchase it online, and the price was so much cheaper?

And the delivery time of online pre-sale was two days earlier?


If it weren’t for the official advertisement, fans would think they were being deceived!

But Sahara online bookstore has a copyright association certified label on it, so it shouldn’t be a lie! Book fans began to study with curiosity.

After Yang Yi’s suggestion, Fu Jun made people beautify the website interface of the Sahara online bookstore, making it more user-friendly, and also simplify the process of guest registration and book purchase.

It used to be a hassle to buy books. One needed to remit money to the online bookstore by registered mail, and then tell the bookstore which books to buy by phone, and confirm it again and again…


After seeing the advertisement, Mu Yucheng enthusiastically decided to become the first batch of eat the crab[2]!

In any case, the official advertisement was not likely to deceive people, even if it were, Mu Yucheng didn’t think he would lose much. And if the operation was really successful, Mu Yucheng might receive the book earlier than the fans who go to the offline bookstore to buy it!

Mu Yucheng clicked enthusiastically. He found that early visitor to the website could browse and select without signing up, and even add the desired books to the shopping cart with the identity of a guest.

Only when placing an order, do one need to register or log in with an existing account, and then fill out one’s personal information, such as the shipping address and payment account information.

However, Mu Yucheng noticed that as long as the information was filled in once, it could be used next time, reducing the tedious process of repeated registration!

“Impressive!” Mu Yucheng, who works in IT himself, quickly realized the convenience of the site.

Of course, payment was still a bit of a hassle. Mu Yucheng had to make a special trip to the bank.

Online payment in this world has not been developed yet, and there was no logistics support for cash on delivery for the time being. Currently, Sahara online bookstore still receives money in the form of transfer remittance. After the order is placed, Sahara online bookstore will proceed according to the amount received. If it matches, the order to confirm the payment will be confirmed.

Mu Yucheng took screenshots of the whole process, blocked out his personal information, and posted a post in the book review section of the two books.

“It is highly recommended to buy online. I, Old Mu, have been sitting at home waiting for the express delivery of the two books to be delivered to my door! The estimated delivery time of the website is July 31, which is fast in Yangcheng, haha!”

Mu Yucheng was denounced by many fans for his complacency, but also under his call, more people poured into the Sahara online bookstore.

There were more people who are the first to eat crabs!


However, there were also other activities on the Internet!

The Iron Blood Net, which has been watching the situation, has also taken action immediately. Almost the next day, Iron Blood Net also posted a notice announcing that one of its great god writers, “Bullet Scar”, was going to upload a new book on July 20, and would carry out a signature promotion activity in bookstores in eight major cities across the country starting from August 1. This was to compete with Yang Yi’s “Yu Zui” and the two published physical books!

“Bullet Scar” was not only a veteran military writer, but also the originator of Soldier King type novels. The three novels he has finished in the past have achieved very good results. Even the physical books have sold very well. It was said that the sales volume of the physical book of his third finished novel was close to 10 million, which was still the sales record of military literature published on Iron Blood Net!

Obviously, “Bullet Scar” was a formidable enemy, and Yang Yi’s fans were worried about Yang Yi.

But after seeing the provocation of the Iron Blood Net, Qiyue miraculously didn’t react at all. No, it should be said that the people in the editorial department were laughing strangely: “This is interesting!”



[1] This means distributing goods not online/through the internet. Meaning distributing book through other bookshop or publishing house.

[2] Eat the crab – The original meaning of eat the crab is to eat food, which was later extended to “the first person to eat crab”, which is simplified to “eat the crab” in colloquialism, which means to dare to be the first in the world. Or refers to the first people to try out new things. There’s a whole legend behind it.

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