House Dad's Literary Life

Chapter 14

HDLL Chapter 14 – Deserved “Reward”

Luo Jinrong’s secret residence was well concealed. If thieves come in, they will already be satisfied if the could take away the gold chain and cash in the drawer.

But Yang Yi was not so easily deceived. He squinted, paced slowly, and carefully studied the layout of the house.

Soon he discovered several clues.


Yang Yi gently knocked on a wall with a slightly strange thickness at the junction between the living room and the dining room. The sound was not dull as expected. It was slightly clear and crisp. Obviously, there was still room in it!

But where is the entrance?

He can’t just take things out by taking apart the wall, can he?

Soon, Yang Yi took out a flashlight. He went around the dining room and took off a picture hanging on the wall.

Sure enough, a safe door appeared in the wall behind the picture frame!

For Yang Yi, opening the safe is not difficult. Especially for this old-fashioned safe, he does not need to borrow tools. He only needs to feel with his hands and quickly lock on the code.

“ka ka ka…” Finally, he twisted the winch and opened the safe.

Sure enough, Yang Yi didn’t expect that there were gold bars in the safe. Under the reflection of the light, it was like a golden mountain!

“This is the flesh and blood of the people1!” Yang Yi breathed deeply and thought bitterly.

Judging from the large safe embedded in the wall, Luo Jinrong is greedier than he thought.

In addition to gold, there are several black leather notebooks and a cashmere bag on the top of the safe.

Yang Yi first opened the cashmere bag and looked inside. As expected, it was full of huge diamonds, including a fine pink diamond.

As far as these diamonds are concerned, their worth is no less than ten million.

However, Yang Yi is not interested in these diamonds and gold. If he handled these things, it will leave behind a trace! So, he put the bag back and took out the notebooks.

Sure enough, these are Luo Jinrong’s secret “bills”. Inside were records of who sent the money, how much, etc. He remembered them very clearly.

“Well written.” Yang Yi looked at Luo Jinrong’s neat and powerful small script with a slight curve on the corner of his mouth. “It’s just that you made a mistake of using the wrong place.”

Yang Yi also saw a red notebook placed inside. This notebook is a big problem!

Luo Jinrong not only recorded the money that was given to him, but he also recorded how much money he gave others, his relation to that person, and how he gave the money to them!

The list of officials involved is truly shocking!

Although, Yang Yi didn’t recognize any of them, but he knew it was a big deal!

However, this is a bit challenging, isn’t it? Yang Yi felt very excited: “Hey, it’s really a big fish!”

Looking around the house again, Yang Yi also found a small safe hidden in the bookshelf of his study room. There were no precious metals in it, only a few layers of colorful foreign currency notes and some passports that he didn’t know if they were real or fake.

Obviously, this Luo Jinrong is ready to flee at any time!

However, Yang Yi paid more attention to a mysterious hard disk hidden in the safe!

“Interesting! What blockbuster film did he record?” Yang Yi is about to touch the truth, but now is not the time to take a look. He put the hard disk and the previous books into his backpack.

Next, it’s time to collect some interest!

Yang Yi came to the bedroom where he hadn’t moved anything. He placed his hand under the bed and lifted it gently and the thick mattress was lifted.

Glowing red piece, it is spectacular! The empty space under the bed is full of thick banknotes!

He guessed right. These corrupt officials like to hide money under the bed, so that it is like sleeping on money, which is both hidden and can satisfy their BT2 desire.

Without further delay, Yang Yi shook off his duffel bag and began to play with the stacks of money.

Is it a little against the law and morality?

But Yang Yi, who was an assassin, didn’t have the law in his eyes, nor does he care about morality!

Besides, what he’s actually doing now is upholding justice.

Enforces justice on behalf of Heaven, making such corrupt officials get the punishment they deserve. This is Yang Yi’s primary purpose, but he has no intention to be a righteous man. Even in his past life, when he gets rid of corrupt officials, he also “receives” his just reward!

Are you kidding? Is the organization’s assassin appearance fee expensive? If it’s not in the million, who is able to move a gold rank assassin like Yang Yi?

Therefore, Yang Yi took the money with ease. Afterall it was just his hard work!

“I’ll just take 2,000,000!” Yang Yi curled his lips, not because he was soft-hearted, but because he felt that his current strength could not afford his previous price.

He still has his principles!

After collecting his “deserved” interest, Yang Yi restored the bed. Then he carefully cleaned any traces he might have left behind, doing everything cleanly before leaving with the bag containing 2,000,000 cash.


Two days later, a few thick envelopes were placed on Minister Yan Yumin’s desk at the National Discipline Inspection Agency in Beijing, similar to the previous Central Discipline Commission, and opposite to it, the heads of several lower offices were sitting solemnly.

“This matter must be kept strictly confidential!” Yan Yumin, with a solemn expression, said in a loud voice, “Send someone out to find out the situation. We must never let go of any bad person or wronged a good one.”

“If the situation is true, even Lao Tzu, the King of Heaven, must be brought down!” Yan Yumin’s attitude is very strict, because the information provided by these reports shocked him and several higher up leaders.

Yang Yi himself probably did not understand how much the account books and mysterious hard disk he stole were involved in a big way!

Most of the high-level officials in the political circles in Shanghai are involved in it. Even the high-level ministerial officials in the capital appeared on the book.

After only half a day after receiving the reports, the auditors of the National Discipline Inspection Agency have counted the number. Although the scale of the amount involved is not the highest in history, it still made them gasped.

Check! This must be check!

A week later, the investigation team of the National Discipline Inspection Agency, which had been there for a long time, officially revealed their identity in Shanghai, and many officials in Shanghai’s government were then interrogated in isolation.

As deputy mayor, Luo Jinrong realized that the atmosphere was not right. He could not connect to several old leaders that was covering him.

“Something must have happened!” He was in a panic and intended to flee immediately.

However, when he arrived at Chang’an 5th Subdistrict building 306, Luo Jinrong found that the anti-theft door could not be opened.

After studying it for a while, Luo Jinrong uttered a sad cry: “Who is so wicked? Stuffing paper in my keyhole?”

With no other way, Luo Jinrong had to grit his teeth and call the locksmith to unlock it.

However, the locksmith did not come. Luo Jinrong has long been watched by people from the National Discipline Inspection Bureau who have come to paralyze his movements and the others corrupt officials. They just neglected him and almost let him escape.

The evidence is conclusive. In the second year of the trial, Luo Jinrong and a series of officials who have been corrupted and has accepted bribes were punished as they deserved.

Of course, this was something to be talked about later.

Yang Yi, who was carrying a heavy luggage bag, went back to Jiangcheng without resting and left two million bills and then rushed to Tingshan District.

With the start-up funds, Yang Yi has to choose the location of his own coffee shop!


TN: Meaning the hard-earned money of the people. The corrupt official used the money of the people to get the gold.1

TN: It’s what written in RAW. BT的欲望2

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