House Dad's Literary Life

Chapter 15

HDLL Chapter 15 – Street Corner’s Coffee Shop

The location of the Tingshan District is very good, and just like its name, this is where the green and luxuriant Ting Mountain is located. At the same time, this is where the winding Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal flow through, backed by mountains and rivers. And it also has good Feng Shui.

In addition, it does not have any industrial pollution, making the Tingshan District, a place filled with beautiful scenery, another urban area with tourism as its main industry besides the Dongcheng District.

Of course, Dongcheng District is not as good as Tingshan District, because the entertainment industry in Dongcheng District is more developed. Under the lights, the scenery of Dongcheng District always gives people a feeling of impetuousness.

Tingshan District is much better because ten years ago, Jiangcheng built the first university city in the south of Tingshan District, surrounded by Jiangcheng Media University, a famous media college in China.

Strong humanistic flavor, blending with beautiful natural scenery, is just suitable for Yang Yi, a literary man with bubbling culture.

After renting a car, Yang Yi spent two days wandering around Tingshan District and finally saw a store that was near the back door of Jiangcheng Media University and is up for sale.

This shop is actually a bit remote and a bit desolate.

Because the place where it is truly lively is outside the main entrance and east gate region of Jiangcheng Media University.

Because the main entrance is next to Jiangcheng Normal University, where the popularity of the two schools converges, the prosperity is naturally easy to understand. And near the east gate is Jiangcheng Media’s dormitory area, so the catering industry is relatively developed.

However, the back door is a little far from the dormitory area. Apart from some students of art and media college who come to class, there are not many students who are interested in visiting.

Outside the back door is the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.

However, it’s not the rippling Xijiang River, nor the tiny Tingxi River. Facing the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is a place lacking of willow and a grassland dam. So, the students’ interest is always lacking – except for some male and female students who like to find a quiet place to date.

However, Yang Yi likes its quietness and seclusion.

Why should he want a place that will make him so busy? Yang Yi doesn’t like to open a coffee shop that he would get so busy with.

The best situation is that there are ten guests a day, three or two regulars, drink coffee in an elegant and quiet manner, or unrestrainedly talk about literature and music.


“You are the owner of this shop?” Yang Yi was on the second floor of the shop. He was surprised to see the renter.

In front of him is a silver-haired spirited old man. He is wearing a traditional Chinese green robe, and he always gives people a sense of scholarly wisdom.

This made Yang Yi suddenly be respectful, and his tone contained much respect when he spoke.

“Little friend, why do you ask this?” The old man smiled softly and asked, “Do you think that I should not be contaminated with this copper smell?”

Yang Yi can’t hang up his old face any longer. The other party’s judgment is very accurate. He really thinks about it that way.

“Haha, this is actually a house given to me by my school. For so many years, my wife has used it to open a small bookstore.” When the old man talked about his wife, he looked somber. He touched the round wooden staircase handrails gently, as if remembering something.

Yang Yi, who had been specially trained before, is a master of making others open up to him. Not long after, he coaxed the old man to tell the story in his heart.

This is a story about love.

The old man’s name is Hu Songnan. He was a professor at the School of Classical Music at Jiangcheng Media University. His wife was an editor of a publishing house in the capital city. Later, in order to meet her husband in Jiangcheng, she resigned and opened a small bookstore.

The two of them were in harmony for decades, and their days were peaceful and happy.

Until eight years ago, when his wife died of illness, the small building was left with Hu Songnan alone.

It’s not that his children are unfilial. Hu Songnan’s children all went to Hong Kong City to develop. They always wanted to take the old man over. But the old man couldn’t give up the place, because every corner of this small building is full of memories of his wife.

And now that the old man is retired, and with the pleading of his grandchildren, he also has the plan of taking care of his old age.

“However, I can’t simply just let this place go.” Hu Songnan regained his wisdom and patted the handrail of the stairs gently. “I want to find someone who can take good care of this place.”

The old man did not want anyone to destroy the place and the small building. If there is time in the future, the old man would like to come back and have a look, at least when he misses the place.

However, this is a bit of a headache for Yang Yi.

Obviously, it’s not easy to satisfy the old man’s requirements. The old man did not set out a standard at all.

No, it depends on his mouth!

To be honest, Yang Yi really wants to meet a broker. At least, It wouldn’t be a problem if it can be solved with money.

However, Yang Yi still wants to fight for it, because this small bluestone building has a very literary and artistic characteristic in appearance and surroundings, and he likes it very much.

Yang Yi was silent for a moment and told his own idea: “I’ll rent your house, use the second floor to live by myself, and then use the first floor to open a coffee shop. Your bookshelves can stay…”

In Yang Yi’s description, these bookshelves left by the old man will be rearranged by Yang Yi to build a book-filled coffee shop.

The old man looked at Yang Yi with interest and said with a slight smile, “Open a coffee shop here? That’s not a good idea. You may lose money!”

Yang Yi said indifferently, “It doesn’t matter whether I lose money or not. It’s just my dream. Besides, it’s better to be quiet. In my spare time, I can write books and listen to music.”

He felt that there’s nothing wrong in what he said, but the old man showed a strange expression.

Yang Yi’s style doesn’t fit to what he said.

Yang Yi is an eight-foot-tall, muscular, strong and brave man. Moreover, influenced by the previous Yang Yi’s soul mark, all his actions, whether it’s walking, sitting, or lying down, will inadvertently has a shadow of a soldier!

And such a guy said that he likes to listen to music and write books? Anyone who heard him say that will feel awkward!

But the old man did not question it, because Yang Yi’s plain look made him feel different.

“May I ask the name of your coffee shop?” The old man asked curiously.

Yang Yi’s ideas, in fact, made Hu Songnan feel a little touched. After several months, he has finally come into contact with a person who is closest to his idea.

Yang Yi had his own idea. He cleanly said, “Street Corner’s Coffee Shop!”

The old man thought he had heard it wrong and asked Yang Yi to repeat it. After confirming that the name was ” Street Corner’s Coffee Shop”, he frowned and thought for a long time.

“Sorry, I can’t think of any reference to this name. Would it be convenient for my friend to tell me?” The old man humbly asked.

“It’s a song I wrote myself.” Yang Yi said shamelessly, plagiarizing the songs from his previous life. He had no psychological burden in doing so.

“Oh, is it?” The old man said enthusiastically, “It’s a song you wrote? What’s the name?”

The old man used to teach music. Although he is a retired professor of classical music, that doesn’t mean that he’s not interested in pop music. When talking about music, his interest comes up.

Yang Yi didn’t answer directly. He looked at the wall next to him and asked, “Excuse me, can I borrow your guitar?” I’ll sing it for you.

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