House Dad's Literary Life

Chapter 16

HDLL Chapter 16 – “Long Time No See”

Yang Yi’s request was very abrupt. The old man looked at the bronze muscles on Yang Yi’s arms with a strange look.

Such a guy can play the guitar?

In the mind of the old man emerged an unbelievable picture of a cow chewing peony…

“Well, you can try.” Hu Songnan nodded with great self-restraint and did not refuse because of his prejudices.

Yang Yi took the guitar and sat generously in the chair opposite the old man. He rested the guitar on his right leg, gently plucked the strings and tried listening to the notes.

“Hum…” a deep and thick bass, which is clearly conveyed through the resonance of the case.

Yang Yi’s ears moved slightly, and his expression became somewhat surprised. Then he tried several notes.

“Professor Hu, your guitar is extraordinary!” Yang Yi finally raised his head and said to the old man in a slight surprise.

Hu Songnan was stunned. He trembled and pointed to a beetle-like carving at the end of the guitar case. He asked incredibly, “Don’t you recognize this sign?”

“Is it a famous brand?” Yang Yi looked at it carefully and shook his head.

Of course, he does not recognize it. The musical instrument brand in his world does not exist in this world, and the old man expect him to know the musical instrument brand? Don’t joke, Yang Yi, from the start has not read many books from this world.

The old man almost fainted and reluctantly gasped for breath, so that he could calmed down his depression.

“Brown Beetle, this is from the old German factory. A limited-edition classical guitar produced in 1970!” The old man blew his beard and stared at Yang Yi and explained, “It took this old man a lot of effort to buy it from a businessman!”

Good, listening to Hu Songnan’s description, it seems like it’s very powerful… similar to the Steinway guitar!

However, Yang Yi also liked to play folk guitar in his previous life, so the classical guitar, which is known as one of the world’s three major musical instruments, isn’t a problem for him. Yang Yi did not have any issue with it.

Besides, compared to the guitar, Yang Yi likes the violin more.

Yang Yi inevitable began his performance.

When the guitar string produced a low melodious prelude, Hung Songnan, who is looking curiously at Yang Yi, wrinkles his brows slightly.

This melody?

He hasn’t heard it before, but that’s normal. After all, Hu Songnan teaches classical music and pop music is not necessarily all-inclusive.

However, Yang Yi’s performance has given him a different feeling.

Very beautiful, very smooth, not like a work of an obscure individual!

He saw the old man leaning forward slightly and listening carefully.

Some light melodies of sadness lasted for more than ten seconds and gradually opened the prelude. Yang Yi gently hooked his fingers to the strings and began to sing.

“I came to this city of yours

Walked on the road you arrived on…”

Yes, it was Eason’s “Long Time No See”, it’s one of Yang Yi’s favorite song in his previous life!

Of course, Yang Yi’s voice is not as low and deep as Eason.

However, Yang Yi’s voice is not bad either. His bass is very thick and has an inexplicable effect, which spreads the sad emotion in the listener’s hearts.

“Imagining the days without me

How lonely you’d be…”

The melody at the beginning was still very dull, but the old man still listened very carefully.

Finally, the mood of this song ushered in a small outburst.

“Holding the photograph you gave to me,

The familiar street,

Lacking the very scene of you,

We can never return to that day…”

Yang Yi sang affectionately and unconsciously, he looked like the original Yang Yi facing Mo Fei’s complex emotions.

However, he did not notice that the old man sitting opposite him was shaking slightly.

The lyrics “lacking the very scene of you” seems to let the memory of the old man emerged all of a sudden.

“Will you suddenly appear

At the coffee shop around the corner

With a smile on my face, I’ll wave

And sit and chat with you…”

Yang Yi finally sang the origin of the name of his coffee shop, but this did not attract the attention of the old man.

From time to time, the old man was moved by the lyrics, as if the air is dyed with blue melody, making the old man’s eyes wet.

In a haze, he seemed to see his wife in front of a blossoming flowerbed, and she raised her head, then waved and smiled with him.

“I fervently wish to see you once again

To see how much you’ve changed recently

And not talk of the past, and really just have a small talk

And to tell you this, only this

Long time no see…”

Yang Yi did not understand love in his previous life, nor did his previous Yang Yi. However, he did not know why, but when he sang this song, his mind was full of Mo Fei’s back.

He also doesn’t know why he sang this song so emotionally, especially when he sang it for the second time. He almost bursts into tears himself and almost unable to extricate himself.

And he didn’t want to say ‘long time no see’ to anyone.

If there is someone, then Xixi barely count as one, but he will not be that emotional!

“When did I become so sentimental?”

Yang Yi lowered his head and closed his eyes. He is still plucking the strings in his hands and playing the faint ending, but in his heart, he despised himself.

When Yang Yi raised his head, he saw the old man hastily rubbing his eyes and sorting out his emotions.

Unlike Yang Yi, whose mood fluctuates but quickly turns back to normal, the old man can’t hide his sadness so easily, but he also doesn’t want to lose face. Perhaps because as a teacher, he is used to maintaining his dignity.

“Cough cough!” Hu Songnan looked at Yang Yi embarrassingly, his voice was slightly hoarse, and the influence of the mood swings was still there. “This song of little friend is written with genuine affection. Its melody is simple but deep. Its words are plain but affectionate. How come I haven’t seen it in the market before?”

The old man is trying to change the topic. He is afraid that his vulnerability will be exposed by Yang Yi.

Yang Yi noticed it and didn’t exposed him, but followed the old man’s words and said: “Because I have no such plan. This song was written for my first love. There are too many negative emotions…”

The first love that Yang Yi mentioned is naturally Mo Fei. Although it is just an excuse to cover up, and obviously the previous Yang Yi has a prejudice against Mo Fei, but deep in their heart, they still have feelings for each other. So, there was nothing wrong in saying that he wrote it for Mo Fei.

However, Mo Fei’s identity is quite special. Yang Yi feels that it is not appropriate to say that Mo Fei is his girlfriend or wife, and calling her ex-wife is even more not appropriate. It is better to use the word “first love” to describe Mo Fei.

At least for the previous Yang Yi, Mo Fei was the first woman that he likes!

However, the old man was not satisfied with Yang Yi. He blew his beard and stared at him and said, “How can this be said to have many negative emotions? This is called deep love! Why do you degrade your love for the person you love?”

“From your song, I can tell that you still have a deep feeling for your first love. Even if you repeatedly emphasize that you just wanted to have small talk, and just want to say “long time no see”, you should ask yourself if you want her back or if you want you to start again?”

In Yang Yiran’s astonished expression, the old man criticized Yang Yi. From his concept of love to the lyric structure and hidden emotions of the song. He taught Yang Yi for half an hour without stopping.

The original intention of the old man was that he still hope that Yang Yi would be brave enough to pursue his past love without regret.

However, Yang Yi could only nod with a bitter smile.

What love! This so-called first love, I’m afraid it’s just unrequited love. This is really just a lie made up by oneself, and he can only brace himself to accept it.

However, unexpectedly, Yang Yi’s “clever” appearance has obtained the approval of the old man.

“I’ve decided to rent you my house.” The old man patted Yang Yi sadly on the shoulder and said, “But promise me, you must take good care of it.”

Hu Songnan’s eyes are somewhat gloomy, mixed with reluctance, but also with clear determination.

Yang Yi did not know that his song made the old man shake his decision to leave.

However, the old man finally understand that his wife was not absent, she is just looking at him from afar, waiting for their reunion after a hundred years.

Perhaps meeting Yang Yi was also her arrangement?

His wife still hopes that he can have a happy old age with their children and grandchildren.

Then, he should ask the man appointed by his wife to take good care of this small building filled with their past.

Eight years, long time no see…

How many years will he have to wait? When can he see her again? Perhaps, soon…


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