House Dad's Literary Life

Chapter 18

HDLL Chapter 18 – Mo Fei’s Misunderstanding

Mo Fei has a special premonition that Yang Yi’s phone call is for her.

But Xixi grabbed the cell phone first, and after connecting the call, the little girl mischievously imitated her mother’s tone: “Hello, Yang Yi, what are you looking for me for?”

But her voice is still vivid, that is, her voice has not changed. It’s still a sweet little girl’s voice. So, Yang Yi recognized who was talking on the phone.


“No, I’m Mama!” The little girl was pretending, but she actually revealed something that gives her away.

“Xixi, Papa knows it’s you.” On the other side of the receiver, Yang Yi said helplessly.

Xixi was amused of what she did and giggled, “Ah, how did papa know?”

The little girl didn’t wait for his father to explain, she said, “Papa, I miss you so much! Did you miss Xixi?”

The voice was so sweet that Yang Yi couldn’t help smiling. He said, “Of course…”

“Hehe, papa, Xixi will go to papa’s house for the weekend, okay? Xixi drew a lot of beautiful pictures again. I want to show you…” As soon as the little girl opened her little mouth, she couldn’t stop.

“Cough, Xixi, can you give the phone to your mother.” Yang Yi had no choice but to interrupt the little girl.

“Hey~” Xixi pouted and cried unhappily. “Papa, you don’t like Xixi anymore. You don’t even want to talk to Xixi!”

“Papa has something to say to your mother. Be good and call your mother.” Yang Yi has a bit of a headache. The little girl’s mood is really unpredictable. He doesn’t know how to comfort her.

After a while, Mo Fei took over the phone in the hand of a reluctant Xixi, frowned and said coldly, “You’re looking for me?”

Because of the work, she is upset!

But to Yang Yi, hearing her tone, he heard some inexplicable anger.

“I just finished watching TV, it seems that someone is discrediting you?” Yang Yi still put up with it, but asked in a somewhat stiff tone, “Is it true?”

Yang Yi’s concern warmed Mo Fei’s heart. However, she did not want Yang Yi to ask about the bad things in the entertainment circle. Because she knows that Yang Yi was very disgusted with the entertainment circles before.

Strong and stubborn, she is willing to put all her troubles on her shoulders.

However, Mo Fei wanted to comfort Yang Yi, and let him not worry too much. But she didn’t know why, but when she opened her mouth, “So what? You can’t even manage it.”

Tough, like the enemy. As Yang Yi listen, he had the urge to smash his cell phone.

Damn it. Good intentions are not rewarded, just like Lu Dongbin when he was bitten by a dog!

“You are Xixi’s mother!” Yang Yi was so angry that he sneered, and his tone was not good, “So, I wanted to help you…”

Help? Naturally with Yang Yi’s method, he will first scare that person first. If that didn’t work, he can just let the Mediterranean man disappear! Yang Yi, who has not yet been fully integrated into the life of normal people, still retains the thinking of using violence to solve problems.

However, Mo Fei misunderstood what he meant. In the past, Yang Yi had also discussed similar issues with her, so she angrily said, “Okay, I don’t need your fake concern. No matter how much I’m rejected, I won’t quit the singing world, do you understand?”

With that, Mo Fei snapped the phone off and sat there in silent with a frosty face.

“Ah? Xixi still want to talk to papa!” Xixi opened her big eyes wide and cried out in surprise. She was just angry with her father. The child’s temper came and went quickly. It has long since disappeared.

Mo Fei was so angry that her plentiful chest was heaving up and down violently. However, in the face of Xixi, she did not impose this anger on her daughter.

She gently rubbed the little girl’s head and sighed, “Mama will send you to play with your papa again this weekend. Now, mama doesn’t want to talk to your papa.”

“That’s okay…” XIxi was still pretty clever. Seeing her mother’s tired face, she stood up on the cushion of the car and hammered Mo Fei’s shoulder with her little fist. “Mama, I’ll give you a massage.”

“Thank you, Xixi is really good.” Mo Fei patted the little girl’s head with relief.

On the other side, however, Yang Yi was angered by Mo Fei’s inexplicable temper.

“What was that?” Yang Yin threw his mobile phone aside and drank two mouthfuls of orange juice to dissipate his anger. “If it weren’t for Xixi, I wouldn’t have helped you even if you gave me 2,000,000 yuan! Now that I offered you my help, you got angry at me?”

With the previous Yang Yi’s memory, he suddenly remembered that the previous Yang Yi also stubbornly asked Mo Fei to leave the entertainment circle, and keep her pure body and live with him! In the month that the two of them were together, they had many conflicts because of this problem. No wonder Mo Fei subconsciously thought that Yang Yi felt that the entertainment circle was a mess and wanted her to quit.

But with Yang Yi’s proud character, no matter in his previous life or the previous Yang Yi, he would not stand in Mo Fei’s point of view to think about what he had said wrong.

“This woman, is really difficult to please!” Yang Yi simply ignored it.

He was also influenced by the previous Yang Yi’s thinking and felt that Mo Fei really hated him, his rural background, his low level of work, and his lack of money.

Otherwise, how can she say “You can’t manage it?”

Although he is no longer what he used to be, Yang Yi feels the same and is not happy, “Look down on me? I will also look down on you!”

Yang Yi stopped thinking about her. He gnawed on an already cold ribs and thought about his own business.

The coffee shop naturally needs to be renovated, but there is no need for too much trouble, because he does not intend to build a modern-style coffee shop, and some of the retro architectural styles on the first floor of the small building are already in line with Yang Yi’s expectations.

Yang Yi is going to spend a month buying some special decorations, lighting, seats and rearranging them. Of course, there must be coffee beans in the coffee shop. Yang Yi had already learned about the world’s coffee beans, which is basically the same as those in his previous life, so he has to take time to go to Shanghai and buy some top-grade coffee beans back.

Are the top coffee beans expensive?

Of course, it’s expensive! But it’s hard to buy a good heart. Yang Yi feels that even if he can’t sell it, it’s still worth drinking by himself!

Naturally, there will also be ordinary coffee beans, that Yang Yi will easily buy back.

When that times comes, he will give ordinary costumer ordinary coffee. And when he meets the right person or who has similar interest as him, of course, he will invite that person to drink the best coffee for free!

In addition to the coffee shop, Grandpa Hu Songnan also told Yang Yi one more thing today.

That is to remember to register the copyright of the song!

Registered Copyright?

Yang Yi didn’t care much at first, but he took it to heart only until he was repeatedly told by the old man.

The previous Yang Yi also did not care about these. Before Yang Yi came back, he went to an Internet cafe to check the relevant information. It really surprised him: why is the world so conscious about copyright?

Not only songs, but also books, inventions and so on. As long as people create them, they can be registered on the copyright association’s website.

Once the authentication is successful and the copyright is confirmed, then when others use it, they must pay the copyright fee!

Rampant piracy? Rampant network shared resources? These disorders in his past life does not exist in this world at all!

On one hand, people have developed a sense of respect for copyright. On the other hand, the rich copyright associations pay close attention to it. Once this phenomenon occurs, the relevant personnel cannot afford to violate the rules.

Of course, correspondingly, the price of genuine records and books will not be very high, and ordinary people can afford it. But low profit does not mean low income, because everyone is pursuing genuine things, the creators who are sought after by the market can even be on the wealth list!

“It seems like a good way to make money?” Yang Yi is in high spirits.

He originally thought that after spending the 2,000,000 yuan, he would enforce justice on behalf of Heaven and get his “just reward” again, but Yang Yi rejected it from the bottom of his heart. It’s hard to have a normal life. He wants to “draw a line” with his own past self!

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