House Dad's Literary Life

Chapter 19

HDLL Chapter 19 – Hormonal Shock

In busy times, time always passes quickly. A few days passed in the blink of an eye, and it was weekend again!

Yang Yi hadn’t seen her daughter for two weeks.

When Mo Fei called, Yang Yi was sweating carrying the bookshelves in the little house. He had put away all the remaining books and kept them in a box on the second floor. Yang Yi had his own arrangements and plans for these bookshelves.

Of course, some bookshelves will also display books that Yang Yi finds interesting and thought-provoking, while some bookshelves will display some handicraft, which he intends to buy, or some of his own hand-carved wood carvings, which are his little hobbies left over from his boring training in the jungle.

Simple wooden bookshelf wall display, scattered and delicate, with warm tones of light, enough to create a strong cultural atmosphere in the coffee shop!

But Mo Fei’s impatient questioning washed away the atmosphere, “Yang Yi, where the hell have you been? Didn’t I say I’d send my daughter over today? Do you know I still have work this afternoon?”

Yang Yi was stunned for a moment. He glanced at the time on the phone screen and was speechless.

What time is it?

Mo Fei did tell Yang Yi in advance yesterday that she would bring Xixi over, but the problem was that she used to arrive in the afternoon, so Yang Yi was idle in the morning. After practicing Kung Fu in the morning, he came here to clean up his coffee shop and planned to go back at noon.

Who knew Mo Fei was here so early!

“Okay, I’ll be there immediately.” Yang Yi had no intention of arguing with Mo Fei about this trivial matter. After receiving the phone, he hurried back.

Mo Fei is very angry!

In fact, she is very busy. In order to restore her image, Sister Ling arranged a lot of announcements for her. Yesterday, she recorded a program until three o’clock in the morning, and this afternoon, she also has a fashion brand event to attend. She could have asked Mo Xiaojuan to bring Xixi to him.

But when she thought of her attitude towards Yang Yi that day, she later calmed down, and she also found that she might have misunderstood Yang Yi and regretted it too much, but she couldn’t put her face on hold. So, Mo Fei decided to come by herself without saying her apology. She also put on a little makeup to hide her fatigue and picked out clothes for half an hour.

Not to mention how she tried to dress up so beautifully to meet Yang Yi, but when she came to Yang Yi’s humble abode while holding Xixi’s hand and saw the locked iron gate… Mo Fei exploded.

The doubtful nature of Scorpio is aroused, and Mo Fei is inclined to think about the worst scenario.

Did he fool around?

To live with another woman?

Did he not want Xixi and… Forget it. Didn’t want Xixi?

Therefore, there was the scene when she called just now.

However, when Mo Fei saw Yang Yi’s dirty face and sweating back at the stairway entrance, Mo Fei’s previous anger, grievances, and suspicions vanished, and even her frosty face seemed to melt a little.

“Papa!” Xixi was still very happy to see her father. She didn’t care that her father was dirty and she jumped up and wanted to hug her father.

But Mo Fei was a bit of a cleanliness freak. Xixi was wearing a clean white dress, and she quickly grabbed the little girl.

However, after a pause, she gently opened her red lips and asked softly in a rare voice, “Why didn’t you say you went to work?”

The doubts about Yang Yi just now have melted into a deep sense of guilt.

However, Mo Fei’s tone made Yang Yi feel uncomfortable. He looked at Mo Fei strangely and said lazily, “Work? I didn’t go to work!”

It’s true that he didn’t go to work. He hasn’t been working as a security guard in the hotel for many days.

However, Mo Fei believed and she thought that Yang Yi was in a construction site to move bricks. Who made Yang Yi get a lot of dust all over his body?

This man, for Xixi, is desperately trying to make money!

Suddenly, her heart felt inexplicably sour and painful.

Yang Yi didn’t think so much about it. He held the hand of the cheerful Xixi with a smile, and made the little girl happy by making funny faces.

After opening the door and letting Mo Fei and Xixi in, Yang Yi took a look at the black mud marks left on the tiles at the door when she came in, and his eyebrows couldn’t help but jump.

He really wants to pick up the rag and wipe it clean.

But in front of Mo Fei and Xixi, Yang Yi does not intend to show too much concern to these, because the previous Yang Yi did not have such a serious obsessive-compulsive disorder.

However, he couldn’t resist being sticky and dirty. After leaving a word, he hurriedly took a change of clothes and got into the narrow bathroom, “Sit down first, I’ll take a bath.”

Mo Fei actually planned to leave after bringing Xixi here. Mo Xiaojuan, who drove her car, is still waiting downstairs! But she looked at Yang Yi’s back, opened her mouth and did not speak.

Yang Yi is taking a bath. The sound of the water was not something the small plastic door can block. It made Mo Fei’s face a little flushed. She didn’t notice that Xixi was talking to her.

“I want papa to cook delicious food for Xixi!” The little girl was still very excited, but when she saw that her mother ignored her, Xixi ran around looking for toys to play with.

Needless to say, she also found a duckling that Yang Yi had practiced carving by hand before, and had a good time.

Mo Fei was embarrassed. Listening to the sound of water, she could not help but remember Yang Yi’s strong back, even though the memory of four years ago was already very far away.

To divert her attention, she looked at Yang Yi’s residence.

This is the first time that she has looked at the small house carefully! She used to feel very depressed, and sitting with the old-fashion Yang Yi, she couldn’t stay for a moment.

But now Mo Fei is somewhat surprised. She sees that Yang Yi’s house is not bad. Things are neatly arranged. More importantly, the house is spotless and the kitchen is clean. Even Mo Fei, who is a bit of a cleanliness freak, can’t find anything fault with it.

Although it is still very small, too small that even if all the rooms add up, it is still not as large as her living room. Moreover, the ventilation, sound insulation and other conditions are still difficult for her to accept.

But Mo Fei looked at her knees and knelt on the sofa to play with Xixi. She had a special feeling: Here has the flavor of home, very warm!

However, before she could figure out the source of her emotions, Yang Yi had already come out of the bathroom and appeared in front of her dressed in a tight vest and shorts.

Yang Yi is 1.87 meters tall. Mo Fei who is sitting on the sofa is looking up. There’s a strong sense of impact.

What has more visual impact is Yang Yi’s chest muscle, which bulges the vest, and the abdominal muscle, which can’t be covered at all, is visible under the vest in the shape of an inverted triangle.

Moist water vapor, Yang Yi’s bronze muscles on a layer of delicate luster, strong hormonal breath rushed to her face that almost cover Mo Fei up.

“You, what are you going to do? Mo Fei’s cold face fluttered with red clouds, and she asked nervously.

What? Yang Yi dried his wet hair with the towel and looked puzzledly at Mo Fei. What else could he do?

But he did not say a word, Mo Fei’s face became redder, as if a bright red rose had blossomed after the iceberg melted, with a hint of enthusiasm in the heart…

Afraid of the cold, Yang Yi racked his brains to find a topic: “Didn’t you say you have work?”

Well, this is really going to be cold!

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