How to Live as the Enemy Prince

Chapter 4.2 - This Life Is Truly A Joke

Chapter 4.2

It was afternoon. Calian felt exhausted after trying to reassure his seventeen-year-old attendant who was worried out of his mind about his injured hand.

He made his way to his horse riding lesson and came across Franz, who was mounted on a steed. There was another horse who looked at Calian with round, gentle eyes.

Calian didn’t say a word. The previous Calian was terrified of the creatures, and when the memory came to mind he pretended to cover his face.

“Is it too dangerous for you to ride, little brother Calian?”


Calian looked towards his voice. Franz was looking down at him, sitting atop a silver-white horse that was clearly of good breeding, and Calian wiped his expression.

Franz’s eyes glimpsed the bandages wrapped in Calian’s hand and he laughed again. Calian furrowed his brow, but he turned his eyes away to avoid further falling for his provocation.

Then a horse caught his eye. It was the second horse Franz brought out with him. Calian examined the horse with interest and immediately admired it.

‘That’s a very good horse.’

It was completely black save for its white foreleg, and its mane and tail were well-groomed. Its tightly-knit muscles and sleek body told him that it was a far superior horse than Franz was riding now.

“This horse is stubborn, so I plan to ask my Master to help me tame it.”

Franz was a wild and violent man who had never knew how to ride a horse properly. But Calian could not draw his eyes away from the black horse. After seeing this, Franz addressed him again.

“If you can ride it, I’ll give it to you. If you can’t then apologize to me for what happened at breakfast.”

Yan took a step forward unknowingly, worried that his master would fall of the horse. Franz glared as he caught sight of that annoying attendant again. First the attendant wanted to block the knife throw earlier this morning, and now he wanted to stand in his way again.

He acted like he was Calian’s guardian, instead of his servant.

Calian noticed Franz’s reaction and stepped in front of Yan. He returned Franz’s gaze and answered calmly.


Calian walked slowly past him towards the horse’s side. The horse had a strong resentment and anger towards people because of Franz’s treatment. The beast showed a firm determination not to give in to the second prince.

Calian smiled deeply when he saw such a creature.

Calian’s soft-eyed look changed in a flash. It was a look of murderous spirit, one that had cut down so many lives so he could survive.

The three-year-old horse, who had grown up in a good environment, could not withstand Calian’s cruel gaze. It was as if the pressure of a thousand glares bore into him instead of a single person’s.

The horse was shaken.

Soon, the horse’s eyes turned as docile as a pony like earlier. Only then did Calian withdraw his pressuring gaze.

In the end, the black horse didn’t refuse Calian’s saddle. Franz was in disbelief, as he thought he knew the horse’s true personality.

Yan, who knew well that Calian had never practiced horse riding, was thrilled.

‘My prince, that story must’ve worked a miracle on you!’

Yan who believed that Calian read the story about the knight, so it was fair to say he didn’t suspect anything.

Calian patted the well-behaved horse in the neck.

“Raven. Your name is Raven.”

Perhaps understanding the meaning of his name, Raven neighed at the words of his new master. Grinning, Calian turned his head and looked at Franz.

“Thank you.”

To some extent he was sincere, as it was a good horse. Calian added in jovially,

“Elder brother Franz.”

It was a very pointed remark. Franz’s face hardened.

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