How to Live as the Enemy Prince

Chapter 5.1 - I Haven’t Grown That Much

Episode 2: I Haven’t Grown That Much – Chapter 5.1

Hatsua, the founding king of Kailis and one of the Eight Heroes who sealed the Evil One in the Battle of the Gods, wed Sispanian and made her his queen.

Sigmund Khan Sispanian.

They had known each other in the old times. Sispanian was an ancient dragon and another of the Eight Heroes, and she married Hatsua not for the mere “entertainment,” but because it was the true desire of her heart.

In other words, Hatsua did not take Sispanian as a queen for himself–Sispanian chose Hatsua as her dragon companion.

Sispanian hoped that Hatsua and his descendants would be special. Their children bore her blood, which only passed down to their immediate children. They had the power of healing and magical talent, and was known as “Sispanian’s Blessing.”

So the wound on Calian’s palm should have healed already.

His heart should not hurt every time he tried to use mana.

Facing two things that should not be, Calian frowned.

“The wound is still there.”

The wound from Franz’s knife did not start to heal until the evening was over. He initially suspected that Calian’s real father wasn’t King Rumein, but then he recalled that his wounds healed normally in the past.

This meant this was only a recent problem.

But that wasn’t all.

Bern was a knight, and one of only six sword masters in the continent. His old body was made strong from physical activity. Therefore, he wondered if that body could produce such an aura.

So he focused on the mana and realized that there were three mana circles near his heart. At the same time, knowledge of unfamiliar and vast knowledge of magic began to flood his brain.

“My heart hurts when I try to use mana.”

It took him two days to realize that Calian was a mage, but every time he tried to use his mana a pain would sear in his chest. He felt it at the time when he caught Franz’s knife, but not to the same degree. At the time, the original Calian unconsciously tried to use his body and poured strength in his hand to block it. As a result, his hand was injured.

Calian once again tried to use his mana, but to the same result. He grimaced and clutched at his chest.

“If he has three circles at this age, then he had been diligently practicing.”

The frustration was that there was no memory of the painful symptoms before. Perhaps it began when Bern came to this body, or perhaps there was some other cause.

“This is a problem. I can’t use magic at this rate.”

It was difficult. No, was very dangerous.

Realizing that it was not just a trivial matter he could set aside, Calian began to think deeply.

He needed someone to ask about this situation. There wasn’t anyone in the palace who could give Calian advice. He carefully retraced his memory, but he couldn’t think of a solution.

Before long the water had cooled down, and a magical device for temperature control uttered a gurgle. The contraption was the work of mages. Calian’s eyes glistened as he listened to the sound.

“Mage…of course, the mages.”

Calian splashed the bath water with a hand as an idea lit his brain.

“Alan Manassil.”

Alan Manassil. He was one of three seven-circle mages that existed, and was the youngest, the most talented, and the most idolized of all wizards.

By Bern’s time ten years ago, or the current present, Alan visited the city for King Rumein’s birthday festival. He didn’t know the details, but he knew Alan went to the palace dressed in shabby clothes. The guard at the gates prevented him from entering, and so the mage went to the Kingdom of Riverrun. And about ten years later, Alan became the only eight-circle mage on the continent.

His knowledge of mana was unsurpassed, and so Calian was sure the mage could help him with this dilemma.

“It would be best if I could take this opportunity to get him on my side,” Calian murmured to himself.

The support of a powerful wizard was equivalent to the loyalty of a knight. If Alan was on Calian’s side, then all the wizards of Kailis would stand by Calian as well.

“Then I won’t have a silent and useless death.”

No one could touch Franz’s life because of the power of Queen Silica’s knights. And his other brother Randall? His mother Aisha, the former queen of Kailis and who had died of illness, was the first princess of the Holy Kingdom of Tensil. That made Randall part of the Tensil royal family, and his life was not something to be trifled with either.

If Calian had Alan by his side, then he would have that kind of power too.

That wasn’t all. There was one massive change Alan could bring.

Calian’s eyes narrowed.

“My name will be added to the list of candidates for succession to the throne.”

Kailis discriminated against mages harshly, even though it was ruled by the dragon’s descendants. It was Queen Silica’s doing. The mages were practically waiting for someone to overturn the situation.

What if those mages threw their support behind Calian? From now on, it was clear that no matter what family backed Calian, the mages would be a far superior choice.

Of course, as Rumein was only thirty-seven years old, there was no immediacy for him to pronounce an heir just yet. It was still a little longer yet before the battle for the throne would commence, and it would be eight years later when Franz would become king.

Calian once again tried to call upon the mana.

A sharp pain stabbed him in the heart, and he scowled.

“I’m going to have to meet Alan Manassil first.”

Only then would he be able to take the next step.

He needed to see a particular child. If Alan could save Calian, then Calian would save this child next. He would save him and turn him into his weapon.

One month until Rumein’s birthday.

Calian’s scheduled death was around that time.

Events overlapped interestingly.

“I’ll have to hold on and wait.”

Chalbag. Calian splashed the water again.

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