How to Live as the Enemy Prince

Chapter 5.2 - I Have’t Grown That Much

Episode 2: I Have’t Grown That Much – Chapter 5.2

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When Schatten Slake’s gaze full upon Calian, he dropped the measuring tape in his hands in surprise. Schatten retrieved it from the floor, then took out a new tape. Anything soiled on the ground wasn’t to be used on the royal family.

Schatten stared at Calian, turned his head away then looked at him again. Somehow it made Yan uneasy. Schatten’s mouth opened to speak.

“Looking at the prince reminds me of Freya.”


Anxious, Yan immediately interrupted Schatten from speaking. As if he had only come to a realization, Schatten looked flustered and bowed deeply to Calian.

“My deep apologies, Your Highness.”

Calian was surprised at the sudden change in atmosphere. He turned towards Yan, but found Yan bowing even more deeply.

“I’m sorry. I’ll have someone else sent in right away,” the attendant said.

Calian furrowed his brow, unsure why they were apologizing and quickly rifled through his old memories.

‘Why do I have to search through these memories? Can’t the information just surface when I think of it?’

It wasn’t long until he discovered the reason, and his spirits sank.


The original Calian had trembled at the knowledge that he resembled Freya, and he hated looking at his face in the mirror. For a long time he suffered because he resembled someone he had not met since birth.

He now understood why Yan was so uneasy about bringing a mirror to Calian. Calian didn’t usually look at his face, and out of nowhere he made a fuss about it.

‘I’m lucky that I wasn’t found out.’

Calian heaved a sigh. Of course he had no feelings for Freya now, but overcoming that much trauma in one morning might have looked suspicious. He was slowly getting his bearings, but he still had to show an ounce of reluctance. He searched for the right words before addressing Schatten.

“Keep doing what you’re doing. You don’t have to explain yourself. I know I look like my mother.”

Both of them were surprised at Calian’s words, but at least it didn’t look like their suspicions were aroused.

“Yes, yes. Let’s get started.”

Schatten, who was sure that he would get evicted, raised himself up and began to carefully measure Calian’s body, while an assistant wrote down the measurements.

After some time, Schatten finished his task and offered up some advice.

“I think you should eat more, Your Highness. I’m worried because you’re so small.”

Calian laughed. There was no reason to be offended by the fact. He wasn’t exactly small, but it was true that he was thin.


Since the measurements were taken more quickly than expected, Calian thought he could take a little rest before dinner, but them the assistant hauled in some thick books. Schatten placed them on the table and opened them up.


One had illustration of various types of robes, while another had samples of cloth, all of which were different in material and color. There were other books with laces and all kinds of accessories, others with buttons and shoes. That was not the end. His assistant came forth with two more books.

Calian made a face that said all of that?, and Schatten seemed to indicate that they were only getting started.

“Now we have to decide on the design, Prince. You can decide a total of four suits.”

“–how many suits?”

Exhausted, the answer came from his memory.

There were five sets of clothes that needed to be prepared. The ceremonial clothing was already chosen, so there was no need to choose another.

Calian’s face turned white.

‘You mean I have to pick all of that!’

Bern had never experienced this in his own life. It was his mother the Queen who chose his clothes when he was a child, and after he became a knight, he wore nothing but the knight’s uniform. There was no need to choose other clothes. In addition, Secretia did not have such large and lavish events where one needed to have five sets of clothes at a time.

But now he didn’t have his mother to pick his clothes for him, and he didn’t have a knight’s garb. Yan, sensing his troubled expression, spoke.

“You’ve changed quite a bit lately, haven’t you? But you didn’t have any social gatherings with the nobility this month because of the preparations for the event. The king’s birthday will the first time you will appear in front of others after such a change.”

Yan’s words were, “Select the clothing well and give a good impression of the new you.”

‘Alright, I understand.’

Calian looked at the array of books layering the table. The mere sight of it made him feel exhausted. Would clothes even attract attention to a weak body that can’t eve use mana?

“I don’t feel confident in my selection. You can pick.”

“You” was referring to Yan and the maids. Calian wanted to defer the task, and Yan’s faced colored.

“Are you sure that’s all right?”

“Of course.”

Calian nodded and sat down on the sofa.

The war began, their passion lit like a flame.

The maids who shadowed Calian quietly for two days without saying a word in front of him now began to speak up and stand out.

Calian, who was listening to snatches of the conversation, occasionally threw in his own comments.

“No royal ribbons. Not even a small one.”

There was a moment of disappointment from the servants before they came up with another idea.

“Not too many frills,” Calian had to say.

They didn’t give up. “…How about some lace?”

What the hell are they trying to make? And what were all the beads for?

Eventually, Calian edged himself between them and joined in the war of words.

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