How to Live as the Enemy Prince

Chapter 56 - Check It (1)

Chapter 56: Check It (1)

Calian got up from his seat like any other day, got ready, and stepped outside of the room. However, he didn’t go to a restaurant like usual but immediately went out of the palace to have breakfast together with Rumein.

After completing breakfast prayer, a simple farewell ceremony was held. He gave a farewell to Rumein, then got on the back of Raven.

In front of Calian was Arsen, left and right of him was Kyrie and Yan, and in the back of him was Hina following, who can use healing magic. This company of people was also lined up front and back with black knights.

If he rode on the royal family carriage then there’d be a symbol of the royal family on them, but Calian didn’t have anything that particularly indicated that he was of the royal family. Even without it, his appearance stands out, and since Calian currently still had more enemies than allies, he thought that it wouldn’t make sense to intentionally show off that he was of the royal family.

As people heard that the prince who looked like a Sispanian was leaving for Roselita, from the plaza came a large crowd of people lining up the sides of the royal road to give a hearty farewell to the prince. In front of the people, Calian stood.

Although he wasn’t in a carriage, there were Siegfried’s knights surrounding him. And right in the middle of the group of knights were Calian, showing off his presence to everyone. Because of this, he had as much more splendor compared to the previous princes before him, which means that every step Calian took passing by them, there were sounds of cheer and well wishes for him.

The prince’s coming of age ceremony.

The only chance for him to visit the will of Sigmund Khan Sispanian.

That’s how Roselita began.


For four days after setting out, there weren’t many problems.

The cities that Calian is about to visit were informed ahead of the prince’s arrival, and no one would dare go up against this number of knights. It was enough to make Calian regret even wonder about when should a fight occurs, whether he should step in to help or to let the knights take care of it. Calian had to simply sit on his horse comfortably and watch the surroundings while talking with Yan.

And on the 5th day.

– Yes, teacher. Is there anything happening in particular?

– Several envoys arrived from Tensil suddenly. As Rumein is busy, this old man is feeling all alone.

Calian was thinking about sitting on top of Raven and have a leisurely talk with Allan for a while, but made a slightly disappointed face as he rocked his head back and forth slightly, before pulling out the mana he was supplying to the ring. Allan was talking around what he meant, but Calian understood that Rumein was so busy that Allan also had no time to spare.

Yan spoke as he saw Calian’s disappointed face.

“Did Sir Manasil say he couldn’t chat with you?”

“Yes. It seems he’s busy.”

Hearing that, Yan smiled and berated him.

“It’s more amazing that he’s still taking time to chat with you even though you’re chatting with him every single day. I’ll chat with you instead so there’s no need to be so bored.”

It sounded like he was complaining that nothing was happening, Calian turned his head and gave an uncharacteristic cough before looking around.

Currently, Calian’s group had passed the Latria forest and heading towards a city named Latran. At the bottom of the royal road that snaked around a low woodland were round lakes that were above ten in numbers. Interestingly, all the lakes looked very similar in shape, and each of them was quite large.

Calian, who was looking down at it for a moment, asked Yan.

“Is that Yotsubara?”

“Yes, that’s correct. It’s the Yotsubara lake.”

The lake was however nearly dried up too much to even call it a lake. As one can guess, it was because it was an artificially created lake that didn’t have water flowing to it naturally.

The origin of the creation of this lake was well known, as being an artificial lake created by Sispanian. Of course, it wasn’t like the dragon made the artificial lakes just because it was bored, it was created because it brought down meteors chasing after an evil god, resulting in artificial lakes being created by the craters.

Looking down at the lakes, Calian laughed awkwardly.

As he suddenly realized that he was traveling to meet a dragon that had the power to create craters and lakes that didn’t disappear even after 500 years had passed.

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