How to Live as the Enemy Prince

Chapter 57 Check It (2)

Chapter 57: Check It (2)

Even though he wasn’t sure what to make of Calian’s laugh, Yan spoke.

“You can have a look around in this area then have a meal afterwards. There’s still two, three hours until we get to Latran, but if we go any further we won’t have any chance to stop and rest until we actually reach the city.”

There was no particular reason to say no to him, as Yan was someone who’s been in this place multiple times, and Calian wasn’t. Therefore Calian agreed without any argument, and the group moved into the forest a bit to the side of the royal road, settling into a place where the land is a bit flatter.

As Raven focused on munching grass, Calian sat on the ground and leaned onto its leg while receiving a sandwich that was packed back at the city. Soon, Hina approached and gave glasses of water to Calian and Yan.


Hina smiled and nodded, then left to go sit next to Kyrie. Looking at her sitting next to Kyrie, he spoke.

“It seems Kyrie is taking care of Hina quite a lot.”

“Because she’s his sister.”

Hearing Calian, Yan laughed replied.

“You’re right. Well, if my sister was like that, I would want to take care of her more as well.”

It was the first time Yan openly spoke about his family without being questioned about it.

The more they were further from the palace, the more Yan turned back to his original self rather than acting as a servant to Calian. Even now, Yan was sitting next to Calian and eating with him even though Calian didn’t order him to.

As Calian looked at Yan with a curious face since he was talking about his own family, Yan shook his head and spoke.

“There is a girl who was so angry that she didn’t receive a birthday present from her older brother, that she stabbed a sword on him while he was sleeping. Soon, you will be meeting her as well, your highness. Please be careful.”

Calian stopped in the middle of putting the last of the sandwich in his mouth and laughed. It was because he could clearly imagine how it went in his mind. Yan must have cried tears from fear at that moment.

Not long after, they finished their meal. Calian got up and was about to get back onto the back of Raven.

But then at that moment, a strange sound was heard.

– Woosh!

A small sound, approaching towards him while pushing away shrubs.

Along with the sound, Calian saw the lush forest bush shake left and right. At the same time Calian saw that motion, Kyrie appeared quickly and got in front of him in a defensive position.

The knights also formed a defensive formation with Yan and Calian in the middle.

“No, wait……”

Calian was about to say that there was no need to be so cautious like this, but before he could say that, a human figure even much smaller than Hina poked its head out of the shrubs. The figure then saw the knights and mages aiming towards itself and stared back with wide surprised eyes, then started yelling while putting both of its hands in the air.

“Oh, yeah! Save me!”

What on earth is it saying?

The knights frowned their faces not able to understand what it said. Calian however made a stern expression for a bit different reason. Although the Siegfried knights would probably be more familiar with their appearance, to Calian it wasn’t.

The small figure was a young boy with short green hair, but besides his face were ears that are a little longer and sharper than a human’s.

Kyrie, who never really talked, saw the child and couldn’t stop himself from speaking.


As if responding to Kyrie’s words, the young elf boy slowly lifted his body up.

And so the great cascading number of events that would befall onto the peaceful journey of Calian’s group started with just this young elf boy’s sudden appearance. Before Calian could admire the intact elf ears of the boy, the boy spoke.

“Me, Sia.”

Now, everyone was making the same kind of expression. They weren’t able to understand a single thing this elf was speaking from beginning.

The captain of the knights Yuran Lauchell’s gaze turned to Calian.

“What would you like to do?”

Whether to put away the swords that were aimed towards this strange boy or to keep being in a defensive position.

Elves do not attack humans. They are not good at lying either.

Therefore, Calian thought it would be fine to let down the guards slowly. Calian gave a gesture to put away the swords and stepped once towards the elf. He and the knights all put away their swords together.


While lowering his head down a bit and studying the elf’s face, he asked the boy.

“Sia? That’s your name?”

“Yeah. Hungry.”

“You came here to ask for food?”


Although it felt like there was some kind of conversation forming, he still couldn’t understand perfectly.

Calian made a face like it was saying I have no idea what this child is saying, and scratched his cheek. After wondering for a while, Calian turned his head towards Kyrie. He wanted to ask if all elves were like this to him, but Kyrie was making the same expression to him as well. Hina, standing beside them, ended up making the same face.

Seeing them make that face, Calian gave a dejected laugher.

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