How to Live as the Enemy Prince

Chapter 58 Check It (3)

Chapter 58: Check It (3)

“I see. Both of you can’t understand him either.”

Calian scratched his cheek again and then opened his mouth.

“What are you doing here?”

“Right. Sorry.”


Calian wondered whether to just put away the conversation, feed the boy and send him on his way, or to have a little more patience with this conversation.

But then, suddenly Calian’s light in his eye changed.

Slowly raising his head, Calian laughed.

“…If you had someone that was chasing you, then you should have said that first.”

He heard sounds of horses galloping. If that was the only thing, it wouldn’t have been a huge problem. But, there was the fact that it was heading directly towards Calian’s group, as well as the fact that it’s holding a sword in their hand. And most of all, the problem was that he had feelings of vigor flowing out of him that he wasn’t able to hide away.

The knights all rested their hands on the hilt of the swords again.


Said the elf boy named Sia, and held tightly onto the ends of Calian’s clothes with a tearful expression. Although he wasn’t able to understand what he’s been saying, he knew what his actions meant. It meant to ask for help.

As Calian thought that it would better to communicate this way rather than speaking in jumbled words, he made a small laugh to himself. Seeing the boy’s hand gesture asking Calian to save him, Calian replied in a low voice.

“Let’s see it first.”

Calian first took the robe that was hung on the saddle of Raven and put it on Sia’s head. He then sent Sia towards the back and spoke towards Kyrie.

“Keep him safe.”

Kyrie nodded and took Sia in to make him stand next to him.

In the meantime, the knights that stood in position in front of Calian got into a position ready to draw their sword at any time, and Arsen prepared to deploy a shield whenever.

And Calian checked for a moment the knife in his pocket. Though, he wondered whether he would need to pull it out for this case or not. It was only one horse that was coming towards them after all.

– Gallop, gallop.

Soon, the person came close to the group and stopped.

As the person who didn’t care or know who the group of knights surrounding a black-haired boy was kept galloping towards the group, Calian turned his head towards them.

He was a man with long hair. Although Calian wasn’t able to tell which ranks he belonged to, he was wearing a soldier’s uniform. The man stepped forward and looked over the group.

Seeing as how the man didn’t make any strong reaction even after seeing Calian, it seemed that he wasn’t able to tell who Calian was just by his appearance. Calian, therefore, thought that this was a little strange.

‘He must belong to some merchants or a noble at least. And if he is, then there’s no way he wouldn’t have known that my planned route was this path.’

At that moment, the captain Yuran stepped forward towards him. Thankfully he was smart enough to not do a stupid thing like telling the man who Calian was, especially when the man looked very suspicious already.

“Who are you.”

Hearing that, the man spoke with a stern expression.

“A thief stole something, so I was on my way chasing after them. Have you perhaps saw any peculiar child anywhere?”

What he said wasn’t an answer to the question. Yuran frowned one of his brows and spoke.

“You don’t look like someone that’s chasing after a thief.”

“Is there a face you need to put on to chase after one?”

Yuran didn’t want to waste any more breath and answered with a stern voice.


“The child you speak of is not here, so leave.”

The man looked over the group once more. He then saw a child with a robe over his body standing in a corner. As anyone who saw the child would see them as suspicious, the man smiled wide.

“It looks like he is. I will just look over a bit then take my leave. I am not here to pick a fight with you knights, so please stand aside.”

The man got off the horse and took a step closer.

It made everyone nervous, seeing the man walk into the group without any hesitation when there are twenty knights around him. As he was a soldier that couldn’t even hide away his feelings of vigor, Calian was sure that he had some backup to rely on and started to look around. He then got a certain feeling in a particular direction.

Looking like he also felt the same thing as Calian did, Yuran made an expression that looked even more stern and defensive. He then lifted his sword, stopped the man, and spoke again.


The corner where the man is relying on. Meaning, the corner of the bush on the opposite side of the group which Calian realized hid several bows aiming towards their direction. Calian looked at Yuran for a moment then stepped forward.

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