I am a Chef in the Modern Era

Chapter 124 - Shen Yan’s Side Story

Chapter 124: Shen Yan’s Side Story

Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Shen Yan and Jiang Cheng returned first shortly after Shen Fu’s wedding.

The night before leaving, the Shen family sat together and chatted for half a night, thus, Shen Yan could no longer hold back his drowsiness on the plane. Jiang Cheng sat beside him and put Shen Yan’s head on his shoulder. “Take a nap.”

Shen Yan gave an ‘en’ and leaned all the weight of his upper body on Jiang Cheng, closed his eyes and began to sleep.

Jiang Cheng listened to Shen Yan’s breathing slowly stabilizing. He turned his head to see his handsome sleeping face that was much more mature than when he first saw him. The contours of his face were firmer, his dashing eyebrows were thick and dark and his eyelashes were as long as a girl’s. However, the minute he opened his eyes, there was no hint of femininity at all. At the moment, his eyes were closed and his lashes would occasionally tremble. This action scratched the tip of Jiang Cheng’s heart, making it so itchy it shivered. The bridge of Shen Yan’s nose was tall and straight, and his thin, rosy lips were pursed habitually. When his lips occasionally curved up, it was absolutely stunning.

Apart from becoming more mature and bewitching, he was not much different from the first year they met. He never dared to tell Shen Yan that, just like Shen Yan, he also fell deeply in love with him the first time he saw Shen Yan.

The difference was that Shen Yan initially liked him as a brother, while Jiang Cheng knew that it was love at first sight when he saw Shen Yan for the first time.

Maybe because he had been staring too intently, Shen Yan moved as if he had noticed the gaze. Jiang Cheng smiled and kissed him on the forehead, like how he had doted on Shen Yan in those years.

This seven-year period did not reduce his love for him the slightest. Instead, the love that began to be displayed slowly formed into another kind of more intense emotion as the years passed. It was to the extent that when he took Shen Yan into his arms once more, he secretly swore that he would never let anyone separate them.

Everyone watched the two grooms Shen Fu’s and Lin ShuYi’s wedding. Only Jiang Cheng put his eyes on Shen Yan from beginning to end. He looked at the smile on his lips, and looked at the concealed radiance in his eyes. Jiang Cheng could not help regretting that Shen Yan would probably have a happy life now if it hadn’t been for him. Maybe he would even have a beautiful or handsome child that resembled him, instead of still being unable to have a real family after bitterly waiting for seven years.

“What are you thinking of for the corners of your mouth to be so straight?” As soon as Shen Yan opened his eyes, he saw Jiang Cheng slightly wrinkled brows and tightly-pursed lips, and could not help asking.

Jiang Cheng looked slightly tilted his head and looked at Shen Yan’s misty eyes. “Let’s get married, too.”

Shen Yan was stunned and then he pressed his lips together in a smile, “What’s wrong? Have you been stimulated by Shen Fu?”

Jiang Cheng concealed up all the emotions in his heart and nodded, “Well, he’s six years younger than I am. When the time comes, will my child have to call him Big Brother?”

Shen Yan was stunned once again, “You like children?”

Jiang Cheng sighed in his heart. He did not like them very much, but Shen Yan really liked children. Jiang Cheng could immediately tell when he saw how Shen Yan looked at Lin Yu and Shen Tao.

Seeing Jiang Cheng nodding, Shen Yan asked again, “Do you like boys or girls?”

Jiang Cheng frowned and thought, it should be boys, they were more sturdy and both were not people who would attentively look after children. The effort spent in looking after boys were much lesser than girls. Just as he was ready to reply, Shen Yan said again,”Girls, right.”

“You like girls?”

Shen Yan nodded, “When my mother gave birth to Shen Fu, I always hoped that he was a girl. It would be great it she would be beautiful and well-behaved girl that was spoiled by the whole family.”

Jiang Cheng silently swallowed down the words in his heart and nodded. “Then let’s get a girl.”

Shen Yan gave an ‘en’. He leaned on Jiang Cheng’s shoulder and soon fell asleep again.

There was no formal answer to the topic of marriage from the beginning to the end of the conversation. Jiang Cheng wanted to marry Shen Yan. How could be not? It was just that they couldn’t step into the marriage hall as long as Jiang Cheng’s mother disagreed. After all, a marriage that was not blessed by the parents was inauspicious in Tian Chao. He knew that Jiang Cheng wanted to give him a visible and tangible promise. But Shen Yan felt that this was also good. They had long passed the age when they need to bind each other with promises. Jiang Cheng loved him and he loved Jiang Cheng. Whether there was a marriage certificate or not, they were lovers that had their own place and this was Shen Yan’s home.

Shen Yan was not just casually talking about the topic regarding children. He was really thinking about adopting a child with Jiang Cheng. Spending a sunny afternoon with a child and Jiang Cheng was a happy and bubbly thing to think about.

Although they were thinking about it, this matter had to be put on hold when they returned to H City. Jiang Cheng took over his mother’s company by strong measures. Although there was not a big problem, it still took time to reorganize it. The company was also far away in D City. As Jiang Cheng did not want to leave Shen Yan, he relocated his head office to H City. However, personnel transfer arrangements were more time-consuming at this time and Jiang Cheng was so busy every day that his feet could not touch the ground.

Shen Yan was not as busy and he was able to come back earlier than Jiang Cheng. However, there was nothing to do even if he came back early. Shen Yan was the only person who could not cook in the Shen Family. He could not go back to the Shen Family for his three meals since he got together with Jiang Cheng. Jiang Cheng also did not like going out to eat, nor was he used to having strangers in his home. Thus, he was delighted to take over the cooking. Jiang Cheng spent so long abroad and had already perfected his cooking mastery. He could cook anything, be it Chinese or Western, and there was almost no repetition in the dishes every day. Shen Yan was perfectly happy to be waited on by him.

Sunday was a rare day of rest for Jiang Cheng. This was a rule set out by Shen Yan. No matter how busy he was, he always had to make sure that his Sunday was free. It was not that Shen Yan wanted Jiang Cheng to accompany him at home. It was just that he was distressed to see that Jiang Cheng was obviously busy and tired every day yet he still kept saying he was okay.

In the morning, Jiang Cheng got up at 7 o’clock as usual. His biological clock was accurate and his exhaustion would not affect it. What’s more, he spent an extremely pleasant evening with Shen Yan last night, so he was now full of vitality and fighting spirit.

Shen Yan was still sleeping, so Jiang Cheng did not turn on the light. He kept the room dark, then put on his pajamas and went to the bathroom in another room to take a bath.

This room was Shen Yan’s room in Century Garden. Jiang Cheng has just returned to the country a short while ago. His previous house was already furnished. Jiang Cheng was alright with living anywhere, but Shen Yan didn’t like the house very much and it took time to renovate. Since he immediately wanted to live with Shen Yan, he simply moved into Century Garden. After moving in, the two men added a lot of things to the room together. The original cold and empty room became very lively all at once, and finally had the feel of a warm home.

Shen Yan still had not awoken after he washed. Jiang Cheng did not disturb him. He did not touch him for a few days and Shen Yan was especially charming in bed. Last night, he could not hold back and did it a little fiercely. Shen Yan and his compatibility in bed was very high and Shen Yan could not help moaning and groaning for him to slow down. As one could well imagine, instead of making Jiang Cheng stop, Shen Yan became more enticing and he could not stop.

At home, Jiang Cheng’s dressing was much more relaxed. Instead of a uniform black suit and white shirt, he wore a light grey collared bamboo cotton shirt, with several buttons on it. Looking from above, one could see the muscles of his chest. He was also wearing a pair of light and breathable cotton pants as he dragged his slippered feet. Locks of his hair was plastered to his forehead, giving him a casual and particularly handsome look that carried with it the temperament unique to a 30-year-old man. It was so alluring that Shen Yan could not move his eyes.

Jiang Cheng turned over the fried eggs in the pan and was twisting his body to get the bread when he saw Shen Yan leaning against the kitchen door in his night-robe and looking at him with a smile on his face.

Jiang Cheng was also bewitched by Shen Yan’s smile. “You’re awake? Have you slept enough?”

Shen Yan gave an ‘en’. He voice was still a little hoarse. “I’m a little hungry.”

Jiang Cheng put the fried eggs on a plate, slathered the bread with Shen Yan’s favorite peanut butter, filled the glass with milk, and then carried it out. As he passed Shen Yan, he gave him a light kiss on his lips and said, “Wash your face then come and eat.”

Shen Yan smirked and showed the evil smile that he revealed only in front of Jiang Cheng. Then he went up and hugged Jiang Cheng’s waist. “Don’t want to wash my face, or brush my teeth. Hungry.”

If this is put in front of any of the Shen Conglomerate’s employees, no one would believe that this was their shrewd, apathetic, and facial nerve paralysis CEO.

Jiang Cheng was still holding things in his hand. Now that he was embraced by Shen Yan, he could not walk neither could he stop. However, he wasn’t annoyed at all. Instead, he was so charmed by Shen Yan’s rare coquettishness that he turned to touch his face. “Then don’t wash, come eat first.”

Shen Yan tilted his head, “You can’t eat without washing.”

Jiang Cheng knew that he was deliberately acting shameless and spoiled with him. After thinking about it, he said, “Then sit there. I’ll wash your face and brush your teeth for you.”

Shen Yan squinted and sat at the dining table with a smile.

Jiang Cheng got some hot water and warm towels. Then he squeezed the toothpaste on the electric toothbrush and carried a cup and the toothbrush to brush Shen Yan’s teeth.

After brushing his teeth and gargling his mouth, Jiang Cheng took the towel to clean Shen Yan’s face again. The warm and hot towel that rubbed on Shen Yan’s face was particularly comfortable. Shen Yan closed his eyes and leaned on the back of his chair to wait for Jiang Cheng to finish. When Jiang Cheng took the towel away, he kissed him just as he was ready to open his eyes. Jiang Cheng pried open his lips and teeth, and the refreshing taste permeated the whole mouth. The kiss was gentle and full of pampering. Shen Yan did not struggle and seized an opportunity to wrap his arms around Jiang Cheng’s neck. The two naturally exchanged a kiss before Shen Yan said, “Hungry.”

Only then did Jiang Cheng let him go. “Let’s go eat.” Although he wanted to eat him more. Shen Yan began to eat. Jiang Cheng looked at him and suddenly said, “Come with me to meet someone this afternoon.”

Shen Yan looked up. There was a little dollop of peanut butter on the corner of his mouth, “Hmm? Aren’t you not working on Sundays?”

Jiang Cheng smiled gently, “Not a person from work. It’s a person that you really want to see.”

When Shen Yan saw Jiang Cheng keeping him in suspense, he was no longer anxious to ask. After all, it was rare that Jiang Cheng wanted to give him a surprise and he could not help but look forward to it. Since he looked forward to it, he could not ask.


But Shen Yan never thought Jiang Cheng would bring him to the playground.

Shen Yan’s only experience with the playground was always related to Shen Fu’s family. If he excluded the times he accompanied them, he had never been to the playground even at such an age. “Why did you bring me here? Don’t we have an appointment with someone?”

Jiang Cheng raised his lips mysteriously, “En, we’re meeting here.”

Meeting here? Shen Yan could not have imagined anyone meeting in the playground.

Jiang Cheng smiled and replied, “Oh yes, we’re not just meeting one, but two people.”

With that, he waved his hand in the direction behind Shen Yan and immediately a young and tender voice sounded. “Uncle Jiang.”

Shen Yan looked back in some surprise. Two small figures had rushed into Jiang Cheng’s arms at a rapid pace. Shen Yan could not help his jaw dropping.

Jiang Cheng touched the heads of two little girls and looked at Shen Yan as he introduced them with a smile. “AnQi, AnXin, this is Uncle Shen.”

The little girls in the flower print skirts turned their heads and looked at him curiously. Then one of them suddenly smiled and hugged Shen Yan’s legs as she raised her angelic face while calling tenderly and sweetly, “Uncle Shen.”

Shen Yan couldn’t help bending down and touching the head of the little girl who only reached his hip. He had a bottom in his heart so when he saw the two twin girls, his heart had especially trembled.

Another little girl was obviously shy, but when she saw Shen Yan laughing so gently, she finally stepped forward and grabbed Shen Yan’s other hand, “Uncle Shen.”

“One of you is AnQi and the other is AnXin, isn’t it?”

The lively girl raised her head, “I’m the big sister. My name is AnQi. My little sister’s name is AnXin.”

They were about four or five years old and their black and bright eyes curved like a crescent moon when they smiled. Their soft hair was braided and hung behind their heads and they wore light blue flower-patterned dresses. One looked lively and the other looked quiet. Shen Yan knew that these were the two angels that Jiang Cheng found for him. He knew that he liked girls and also knew that this type of girls warmed his heart the most.

Jiang Cheng came up and carried AnXin. She seemed to be very familiar with him. When Jiang Cheng hugged her, she laughed beautifully and put her tender arms around Jiang Cheng’s neck as she asked in a low voice, “Daddy Jiang, is this our Daddy Shen?”

Jiang Cheng whispered in her ear, “En, does AnXin like him?”

AnXin nodded seriously, “Like.” He would touch big sister’s head and laugh so gently. He must definitely be a good father.

Finally, in late August, the adoption results of Shen Yan and Jiang Cheng officially arrived. Unlike Shen Fu’s two sons, Shen Yan and Jiang Cheng adopted two daughters that were four and a half years old. They were older than Tao Tao and younger than Xiao Yu. One was called Shen AnQi, the other was Jiang AnXin. They were two beautiful jade-like twin daughters that filled Shen Yan’s heart with sunshine when they laughed.

As soon as this pair of beautiful sisters entered the Shen Family, they attracted the attention of everyone. Xiao Yu liked the two sisters very much. AnXin and AnQi also liked Tao Tao very much too. There was a big age gap between the four people, but they never made a scene when they played together.

Jiang Cheng gave Shen Yan a big surprise and the warm home that he longed day and night for.

From then on, the years were calm and good, and they spent the rest of their lives together.

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