I am a Chef in the Modern Era

Chapter 125 (END)

Chapter 125: Final Chapter (END)

Translated by Kar of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

On the fifth day of the tenth month of the lunar calendar, Grandfather Shen’s decade* birthday arrived. Every member of the Shen family came home,prepared to celebrate this special occasion with Grandfather Shen.

*T/N: In Chinese culture, every tenth birthday after the age of 50 is considered a special birthday.

Ever since Shen Fu and Shen Yan moved out with their families, the Shen family home had become much too quiet. Aunt Shen followed Shen Yan and moved out too, and that year, she gave birth to a son. A son who was the youngest in the entire family, but was highest in the line of succession. The year after he was born, Aunt Shen brought him back to Los Angeles.

In the three years that followed, Shen Yan replaced Papa Shen as the owner of the Shen Corporation, and Jiang Cheng fully merged his company with his mother’s, creating a new business of his own. Continuing his work in the electronics industry, he became a rapidly rising star in his industry.

When Shen Yan took over the family business, however, this was not met without some internal complaints from Shen Fu. After all, the company was elder brother Shen’s by birthright, so why had Shen Fu been managing all the work singlehandedly for the past few years? Where the hell did Shen Yan go? Of course, it was that because Shen Yan felt so bad for all the work Jiang Cheng have to do, he ran over to DingShen to help him out. They were glued so closely together day in and day out that neither had the mind for whether Shen Fu lived or died. Shen Fu had the suspicion that Shen Yan had planned to toss the company into his care since the beginning, or else why would he still show no signs of returning after so many years?

Towards this, Shen Yan only smiled calmly and replied, he’d dedicated the past several years of his life to this company, so it wasn’t that big a deal if he took a few years off for personal business, right?

And out of everyone, the most leisurely of them all was none other than Lin ShuYi. One year ago, the XiQIn Hotel officially opened for business. Unlike the modest and delicate nature of the XiQIn Restaurant, the XiQin Hotel was majestic and splendorous, leaping into the ranks of the top ten hotels in the city immediately. The food still retained the taste of the original XiQin Restaurant, but more refined in nature and in a far wider variety.

Other than the house in S city’s ChaoYang street, Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi also bought some real estate in the big city. Although S city had elementary schools, they didn’t have any kindergartens suitable for TaoTao’s condition. TaoTao needed more care than the average child, so the couple’s primary home had become the one in the city.

Lin ShuYi didn’t need to worry too much about the restaurant or the hotel, so his heart could focus his attention on the three members of his family. The XiQin Restaurant was now completely managed by TS and Old Man Yang, with only the occasional visit from Lin ShuYi himself, so there wasn’t much cause for concern.

On the other side, Shen Yan and Jiang Cheng also completely moved out. Their two little princesses at home were cared for by specialized hired nannies, but they still went home on time every day so their could spend time with the two little girls, taking them out on trips, or over to Shen Fu’s place to play.

Whether it was to the Shen family or the elites of the business industry, Grandfather Shen’s decade birthday was an event that couldn’t go unconsidered by anyone. After all, the Shen family already owned a good half of the city, but with the addition of Jiang Cheng as half their son, they were starting to lay claim to a good part of the electronics industry as well. Compared to before, the Shen family’s reputation was becoming exponentially more significant. So for anyone who had even the slightest connection to the Shen family, or who relied on the Shen family, Grandfather Shen’s birthday was not an event that could be forgotten.

Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu had long since prepared Grandfather Shen’s present, so the day before, they took both the kids and arrived at the Shen family estate. Although the two of them also lived in the city, with their two children both in school and Shen Fu busy managing the company all day, they only had time on the weekends to pay a visit back home. Thus, counting back, it seemed that they had not visited for a good half a month.

In the three years that passed, Lin ShuYi did grow a few more centimeters but never surpassed Shen Fu. However, the two matched even better now, and the flashy rings on their ring fingers broadcasted their relationship loud and clear.

And of course, XiaoYu’s growth wasn’t even a question. Maybe it was because of more nutritious lifestyle, he shot up fast. Clothing from earlier in the year could no longer be worn by the year’s end. XiaoYu was only eleven, but he was fast approaching Lin ShuYi’s chest height, looking more and more like his son every day. When XiaoYu grew up, he would surely be even taller than Shen Fu.

Not just his height, but XiaoYu’s personality also matured as expected, losing a bit of his childishness and gaining quite a handsome aura, just like a prince who just walked off the pages of a manhua. A whole group of girls in his class had blooming crushes on him, leaving him with handfuls and handfuls of love letters.

Of all the children, TaoTao changed the most. When he was a little over two years old, his illness suddenly worsened. Although it was terrifying for everyone, he made it through alright. Since then, he lost his baby fat, and his face grew a little sharper. His bright eyes, when he blinked, could melt a person’s heart, and his soft hair carried a natural curl to it. He was so pretty he almost didn’t look like a boy, and no matter who it was, everyone fell in love with him instantly. Every time the two little princesses from SB’s family came to visit, they always brought him tons of toys and snacks.

After eating breakfast, the family headed for the Shen family estate. Although Lin ShuYi had already learned how to drive, when Shen Fu was present, he usually didn’t have to. So he sat quietly in the passenger seat and took a nap.

XiaoYu and TaoTao sat in the backseat. XiaoYu no longer needed a safety seat, so he brought his story books and sat by TaoTao’s side, quietly reading to him.

The older TaoTao became, the more he stuck to his older brother. Fortunately, XiaoYu didn’t find him annoying at all, and brought with him everywhere he went. And it was a good thing TaoTao was so likeable too because all of XiaoYu’s classmates treated him like their own brother.

TaoTao listened and listened to XiaoYu read, and then yawned.

Although XiaoYu’s eyes were busy, he could still hear well. When TaoTao yawned, he closed his book, and dipped one shoulder a little lower, saying, “TaoTao, you can lean against me and take a nap.”

TaoTao blinked a few times and nodded, leaning against XiaoYu, with his eyes falling closed immediately. His soft little hand still held on tight to his brother’s, as if he couldn’t bear to part with him.

Shen Fu glanced at XiaoYu from the rearview mirror, and turned the gentle music in the car down a bit. “I’ll drive a bit slower, you should take a nap too.”

Because of how late he stayed up last night, Lin ShuYi had already long since fallen asleep. XiaoYu was also yawning nonstop, looking as if he was about to fall asleep at any moment. Shen Fu slowed down the car a little bit, hoping to provide his son an opportunity to get some rest as well.

However, XiaoYu shook his head. “Papa, I’m not sleepy. Drive a little slower, let papa Lin and TaoTao get some rest.”

As he spoke, XiaoYu lifted his hand to gently pet his brother’s back, comforting him looking like a brother better than any other.

Shen Fu smiled internally, and went back to driving.

By the time they finally, slowly arrived at the Shen family estate, brother Shen and Jiang Cheng were already there. By the looks of it, they had just arrived too. The two little princesses were just getting out of the car when they saw Shen Fu’s car drive up, and quickly, they got out and waiting excitedly by the side.

The car window had just rolled down, and already the two little princesses said together, “Hello Uncle Shen, uncle Lin.”

Compared to the two little girls who arrived in the Shen family three years ago, these two little princesses had also grown quite a lot, but their personalities hadn’t changed. AnQi was still bright and lively, and AnXin was still quiet and shy. If AnXin ever made a mistake, AnQi would stand in front of her and say she did it instead. The two little girls’ eyes looked more and more like brother Shen’s each day, with long, curved eyelashes like a pair of tiny fluttering fans on their faces. When they batted their eyes, it moved people’s hearts, and when they smiled, showing off their little dimples, it could have anyone inexplicably happy.

Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi got out of the car, greeting the two little princesses. Then the two girls bounced over, smiles on their faces, and opened the back door. “XiaoYu gege, is TaoTao still sleeping?”

AnQi planted a peck on TaoTao’s face without waiting for XiaoYu’s answer, and TaoTao stirred, slowly opening his eyes. “AnXin jiejie, AnQi jiejie.”

“Good!” The two little princesses were very satisfied, and both kissed TaoTao’s face one more time. The four children got off the car, and started heading for the house together.

The adults were chatting while they walked in front. XiaoYu and TaoTao caught up to greet Shen Yan and Jiang Cheng, and were patted on the head by a grinning Shen Yan. The adults left when they entered the house, looking for Grandfather Shen to wish him a happy birthday.

The arrival of the four little grandchildren overjoyed Shen Mom, teasing this one, joking with another, playing with the group of children.

Other than XiaoYu who was a little more stable, the other three kids were right at a playful age, laughing and talking and suddenly livening up the entire room.

Hearing the commotion, Grandfather Shen started to make his way downstairs. With the first soft tap of his cane on the stairs, the children immediately noticed him. AnXin and AnQi grinned at each other, and rushed up to hug Grandfather Shen. “Hello grandpa~!”

They had prepared a lot of words for the birthday event, but it wasn’t time yet.

Aunt Shen arrived in the afternoon, bring along her two year old son, Sn. She had made the flight from Los Angeles just for this celebration.

The group of kids couldn’t help but flock to this little blond haired, brown-eyed, mixed race little boy they called “uncle.” The little boy smiled adorable and couldn’t understand anything, but seeing this many people who wanted to play with him, he couldn’t help but bounce happily.

The five little children grouped together, and the adults loosely grouped together as well.

The entire family sat together for a reunion dinner. As per usual, Lin ShuYi took up the mantle, while Mama Shen helped him out, cooking up a gourmet feast.

The next day was Grandfather Shen’s official birthday. Early in the morning, everyone got up, washed up, and changed into their outfits. All the little children wore cotton coats of the same red color, but they weren’t all the same in design. For example, TaoTao and Jung Tai Sn’s sleeveless coats were festive and cute, XiaoYu’s straight collared coat was neat and handsome, and AnXin and AnQi’s red coats covered fluffy petticoats as white as snow. Every single one of them looked like a child come out of a New Year’s painting, so adorable no one could tear their eyes away.

The adults wore formalwear of all kinds, but every outfit had a little something that was red. Like a red striped tie or red gemstone cufflinks, all to reflect just how special a day today was.

Naturally, the event was booked at the XiQin hotel, ready to start at noon. In the morning, everyone prepared the gifts they were going to give Grandfather Shen.

The first thing they did was give Grandfather Shen his gifts, naturally, for him to review. Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi presented him with a traditional clay tea set, paired with a high quality pu’er. Grandfather Shen loved it immediately.

Shen Yan and Jiang Cheng both independently chose canes of an unknown wood for Grandfather Shen to inspect. With the faint woody smell, he knew they must have been of high quality wood. His current cane was nothing special anyway.

Papa Shen, Mama Shen, and Aunt Shen all presented their presents, and then it was the children’s turn. They danced and recited poems, one after another, and the smile that appeared on Grandfather Shen’s face from the beginning never lessened in the slightest.

And then all of Grandfather Shen’s good friends came as well, Old man Wen, Chen Dad and Chen Mom, and even Old Man Yang and Xiao Wan’s grandma presented him with a jar of plum wine they fermented themselves. With one crack of the lid and the powerful fragrance wafting out, Grandfather Shen immediately decided he couldn’t bare to leave this out for everyone to enjoy, and asked Shen Dad to put it aside for him to slowly enjoy later.

And in the end, up came the people who weren’t really relevant. If it had been up to just Grandfather Shen himself, the previous people would have been enough, but it really was due to the Shen family’s reputation that throwing such a grand celebration couldn’t be helped.

After the birthday banquet, Grandfather Shen was a bit tired. He hadn’t attended such lively party in such a long time. Though he was sleepy, he still stayed up for a while, played with TaoTao and Jung Tai Sna while, before he finally gave in and headed to bed.

As night fell, everyone still stayed at the Shen family estate. After all the children were tucked into bed, Aunt Shen rounded up everyone else to play a few rounds of mahjong, shaking up a huge ruckus before finally everyone went to sleep.

Lin ShuYi had been a bit tired for a while already, and after Aunt Shen evading all his mahjong tricks, he dragged himself upstairs to sleep. By the time Shen Fu got to the room, the lights were already off in the dark room. Shen Fu grinned and crawled onto the bed. Without waiting for Lin ShuYi to respond, he pressed his lips to Lin ShuYi’s.

It didn’t take long for the confusion to wash away, and then the two people became untangled under the moonlight.

Lin ShuYi felt Shen Fu in him over and over again, and as he reached his climax, he leaned up to murmur in Shen Fu’s ear, “I love you.”


“Shen Fu, I love you.”

“What a coincidence, me too…”

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