I Am A Prodigy

Chapter 21 - A Series of Unexpected Actions

Chapter 21: A Series of Unexpected Actions

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The plane landed after two hours of flight. Ye Lingchen was already stepping foot in Capital City territory.

Xiao Feifei wore a large pair of black shades, with her jet black hair reaching her shoulders. Her appearance exuded coldness and elegance, as though she were a different person from before.

The group moved quickly without arousing attention from the crowd and got onto the Toyota Alphard minivan

“Luckily nobody recognized us.”

Sister Lin let out a long sigh while getting into the car.

Xiao Feifei took off her shades and playfully stuck her tongue out as well, still feeling exhilarated.

This trip back to Capital City was all done in secret. Only a few guards received her during arrival. If someone managed to identify her, then it would have been really difficult to get in the car when faced with those crazy fans.

“Miss Xiao, long time no see. You’re still as elegant as ever.” Someone was already waiting next to the driver.

“Director Li!” Xiao Feifei exclaimed. “I did not expect you to come here personally. Feifei is honored.”

“Hahaha, to be able to have Xiao Wangfei take part in my TV series, it’s my honor instead.” Director Li laughed out loud. “Furthermore you guys have traveled such long distances, it’s only natural for me to receive you personally.”

Xiao Feifei first rose to fame in a palace politics series playing as the character Wangfei. That was the reason many people were used to addressing her as Xiao Wangfei.

Director Li was not old, but he treats people kindly. His laughter was especially endearing to others.

After the exchange, Director Li looked over to Ye Lingchen who was in the same car as them. He asked out of curiosity, “and who would this be?”

“His name is Ye Lingchen, a friend of mine,” Xiao Feifei explained.

“Hello, I’m Li Tai.” Director Li gave a long hard look at Ye Lingchen, then nodded.

“Hello,” Ye Lingchen answered similarly with a smile on his face.

This director had directed many famous TV series, but Ye Lingchen remained

composed— not showing any emotion on his face.

Li Tai raised his appraisal of him a little more after such a reaction.

“Oh, this is the detailed script for this series. Due to the need for secrecy, I did not send it over before this,” Li Tai said as he took out the script.

Xiao Feifei acknowledged his concerns, then started reading the script in the car.

The drive to their destination was smooth.

Ye Lingchen had moved on from the pains of leaving home. He looked out the window quietly at the nighttime scenery of Capital City.

At dusk, as streetlights came to life. Traffic ebbed in waves, headlights flashed. Their radiance crisscrossed. Each side of the street were colorful lights that twinkled, distant and near yet also dim and bright. The illumination from the vicinity layered upon one another, outlining the shapes of the surrounding buildings. A perfect scene to muse on endless imagination and inspiration.

Along the way, the flyovers were like rainbows— drawing a beautiful line across the sky.

Skyscrapers, layers upon layers of flyovers, and the fashionable youngsters on the road. All those were things Ye Lingchen did not experience before back in Rugao City.

Ye Lingchen’s eyes helplessly turned blurry, mistified.

This city surely has a lot of exciting stories.

In the past, Ye Lingchen would not have imagined living in this place, but at that moment he felt that he was destined to set foot in this city!

At that exact moment, Ye Lingchen’s eyes froze for a moment, only to see an old person with half a head of white hair wobbling around as though he was drunk. He fell over slowly in front of a black sedan.

That fall managed to silence the originally bustling road.

Very quickly, three people descended from the black sedan. It was a couple and a little girl of around five to six years old. It would seem that it was a family of three.

The couple’s face was full of despair and helplessness. They stood beside the old man, trying to explain.

What the heck was going on?

Ye Lingchen looked at the old man that fell over in absolute surprise.

“That’s a porcelain bumper!”

Miss Lin looked at Ye Lingchen’s flabbergasted expression as she tried to explain.

“That old man is trying to scam them. If that car had a dashcam then they’ll be fine. If not, then they’ll have to be ready to spend a good amount of money.”

“I saw that the old man ran up to them himself. Does that car still need to be responsible for him like that?” Ye Lingchen was unable to comprehend the logic behind this.

“What else can they do? If that guy claims that he was knocked over by the car, what can you say?” Miss Lin was obviously used to this scenario. “Even if his scam failed, he did not lose anything. This kind of cost-free exchange is a sure win for him.”

In just a short while, the area was surrounded by a group of people. Those people were just there for the drama and gossip. Nobody wanted to get involved.

“These kinds of incidents are out of our control. We should hurry back to the hotel and rest up,” Li Tai sighed while instructing the driver to continue driving.

“Wait a moment!” Ye Lingchen exclaimed.

He then immediately rushed down the car.

Miss Lin stared at him, “What are you doing? Stop it right now! You must not go help him up!”

Ye Lingchen ignored her, striding toward the scene.

Miss Lin was fuming. She smiled apologetically at Director Li.

“Miss Lin, why don’t we just watch what Ye Lingchen is about to do from the car?” Xiao Feifei wound down the car window and observed Ye Lingchen with curiosity.

“What can a bumpkin that’s visiting the city for the first time do? He might bring trouble upon himself!” Miss Lin expressed in resignation, yet her eyes were glued to Ye Lingchen.

Director Li felt the obvious difference in her attitude towards Xiao Feifei and Ye Lingchen. He too kept his eyes on Ye Lingchen, carefully evaluating him.

At that moment, that family of three were desperate.

“Sir, we are a poor family. This car is purchased under a loan. With your scam, we might lose our means to live. Can you please spare us?” the man begged.

“Sir, we still have a child to look after. We don’t have any money to spare,” the woman begged with her face full of despair. She looked at the bystanders hoping for help, on the verge of tears.

“Anyone has a dashcam on board that caught the scene from earlier? This family of three is not well to do. We should help them out!” One of the bystanders voiced out, trying to be of assistance.

Unfortunately, that old man was a professional. He chose a blindspot around a corner so that it was difficult for other cars to have recorded it on their dashcam.

“Sir, we can only gather up 1000RMB. Why don’t you just compromise a little and spare us?” The man came down from the car with 1000RMB in hand, frowning so hard that he formed lines between his brows.

“Ouch, my back is broken. I’m afraid I won’t be able to stand without a good 20 to 30 thousand!” The old man gasped for air as he spasmed on the ground.


“Ouch, my head hurts. Is this a brain hemorrhage? That’s another 20 to 30 thousand!”

The old man was throwing a tantrum on the ground.

The little girl, seeing her parents’ suffering, started crying from fear.

The crowd sighed and shook their heads while pointing fingers.

The majority of them were taking pictures with their phones and sharing it to their Wechat moments.

“Give way. Everyone let me pass!”

It was at that moment, a young man pushed through the crowd.

That young man was wearing a hat with his hands in his pockets as casually walked onto the scene of the accident.

He was wearing a hoodie, covering a good portion of his face.

“Sir, can you get up?” Ye Lingchen crouched down and asked the old man.

“I can’t. It hurts all over! I can’t get up,” the old man cried.

“I can’t get up anymore!”

Ye Lingchen’s eyes brightened, then grabbed onto the old man’s phone and ran away immediately!

The old man stared in bewilderment.


“Eh? Hey! Don’t run!” The old man panicked. In a flash, he was running faster than anyone else, dashing towards Ye Lingchen. “Thief! Catch that thief! He stole my phone!”

The two silhouettes quickly faded from the sight of the crowd, getting further and further away…

Even after they were gone, the crowd had yet to react to the situation. They stared at each other blankly.

This script… has been derailed!

The family of three looked at each other, then immediately got in the car and left the scene, not daring to stay for a moment longer.

“This… what is this?” Miss Lin was confounded.


Xiao Feifei was holding her stomach. She lost all composure and laughed out loud.

Five minutes later, Ye Lingchen returned and immediately got in the car.

“That old man was fast! He dared to say his bones were broken? Liar!” Ye Lingchen muttered to himself as he closed the car door.

“What about the phone?” Miss Lin asked.

“I threw it back to him.” Ye Lingchen waved his hand. “Why would I want his phone?”

“Hahaha, Lil’ Bro, that was great!” Li Tai was also laughing unreservedly as he gave a thumbs up at Ye Lingchen. He then asked, “Where are you planning to seek better employment, Lil’ Bro?”

“I’m still a student. After the Summer holidays, I’ll be attending Peking University.” Ye Lingchen replied.

“Peking University?” Li Tai looked at Ye Lingchen again. “Heroes are born from youngsters indeed!”

Miss Lin stared at Ye Lingchen in disbelief. She remembered that Ye Lingchen handed in his exam papers early. This is too unbelievable!

Still, she pouted and cleared her throat, “Director Li, please refrain from praising him. His arrogance is already out of control!”

“Hehe. Lil’ Bro, are you interested in becoming an actor?” Li Tai said after some hesitation.

Xiao Feifei and Miss Lin were both stunned, then signaled Ye Lingchen with their eyes.

Li Tai was a famous director within the country especially when it comes to ancient wuxia series. His interest in finding talent had been piqued!

Ye Lingchen could rise to fame immediately!

“Acting?” Ye Lingchen was startled. He then shook his head, “I’m not acting!”

“Is your brain fried!?” Miss Lin blurted. “Do you know how many people are dreaming for a chance like this?”

“I don’t care what others dream about,” Ye Lingchen replied without care. “I don’t like to show my face in public.”

In acting, one must live under the scrutiny of the public. He had the Prodigy System. He could do a lot of other things. To lose his freedom just for acting? No way.

Miss Lin muttered ‘dumbass’ in her heart. She was too furious to speak.

The car once again fell silent.

Ten minutes later, the minivan drove into a park. It had pavilions, terraces and open halls, connected by bridges overflowing water surrounded by carefully maintained lawns.

In comparison to the brilliant world outside with its honking cars, separated by just one wall, it felt as though it was two different worlds.

“This is Park Hotel. The hotel is built within a park to avoid outside disturbances,” Li Tai explained as he helped them with their luggage.

“Tomorrow morning I will send someone over to pick you up.” Li Tai took his leave after arranging everything for them.

“Thank you, Director Li.” Xiao Feifei and Miss Lin bid him farewell.

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