I Am A Prodigy

Chapter 22 - Eight Extremeties Fist

Chapter 22: Eight Extremeties Fist

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The next day, Ye Lingchen resumed his daily routine and woke up early in the morning.

This hotel was built within a park, which provided some convenience for Ye Lingchen as he could do his morning jog along the fields.

Along his jog, Ye Lingchen realized that the park was huge. Apart from the hotel, there were also a few mansions. Between the woods, red bricks and blue tiles could be spotted. It was an excellent place to live.

Needless to say, those that lived here surely consisted of the rich and nobility.

Following his morning jog, Ye Lingchen found an empty plot by the river to practice Arhat Fist.

Three sets later, the quiet park had finally begun to see an increase in foot traffic. Many old folks were walking over, then assumed their position as a group and slowly started their Tai Chi exercise. Their movements were neatly coordinated.

He observed the scene for a while, then began to make a move.

However, as he passed by another empty plot, he paused in his tracks.

Under a nearby tree, a young woman in white sportswear was practicing martial arts.

On the side, an old man would cough once in a while. Occasionally, he would give some pointers to the young woman. The old man was accompanied by two bodyguards dressed in black behind him.

Was this not the same old man and young woman in the hospital?

Ye Lingchen’s brows twitched. He did not expect them to be from Beijing. No wonder their movements carried a hint of nobleness.

Back then, were it not for his actions— that old man would have already joined the ranks of the dead. Despite that, the old man’s face remained very pale. Every so often, he would cough strenuously.

Ye Lingchen’s attention was mainly on the young woman. His gaze showed a hint of interest in what she was doing.

That girl’s movements… was it… martial arts?

If he had not learned Arhat Fist, Ye Lingchen would not have entertained this thought.

“In this generation, are there still practitioners of martial arts?” Ye Lingchen was surprised and approached them slowly.

The young woman was extremely focused on her martial arts. Each punch was accompanied by a sound. With her tall, slender figure and elegant features, it gave off an aura of valiant beauty.

“Strength from your waist! Firm up your stance! Do not hesitate when you punch!”

Accompanied by his bouts of coughing, the old man was sternly lecturing from the side.

‘Observing Lin Ruoyu practicing martial arts, Eight Extremities Fist proficiency +1.’

‘Observing Lin Ruoyu practicing martial arts, Eight Extremities Fist proficiency +1.’

‘Observing Lin Ruoyu practicing martial arts, Eight Extremities Fist proficiency +1.’

As he got nearer, a string of proficiency messages appeared in his mind, surprising Ye Lingchen.

The martial arts they practiced was Eight Extremities Fist!

Due to him learning Arhat Fist, Ye Lingchen intentionally searched for various books on martial arts. Although none of them could be practiced, he still managed to learn many secrets of martial arts.

Eight Extremities Fist was focused on explosive power. It was very particular about actual combat. This martial art is one of those that uses a combination of practice and battle.

Due to the usefulness in actual combat, the Warrior’s Association Training Department and Armed Police incorporated elements of Eight Extremities Fist into their training for grappling, throwing and fighting techniques.

Many bodyguards of politicians were also practitioners of Eight Extremities Fist!

Not to mention Eight Extremities Fist had its own mantra —”Loyalty and justice. Body as a shield. Selfless sacrifice. Face the peril.”

To be able to practice Eight Extremities Fist, this old man and young woman’s background was worth looking into.

The young woman’s body was slowly dripping with sweat. Her slender waist twisting with vigor, clothes sticking to her body— revealing lines can be seen forming around her chest.

Witnessing that for some time, his proficiency level capped at 20 percent.

As expected, this young woman’s Eight Extremities Fist was still far from perfect. She had the posture but lacked the essence.

According to the evaluation by the system, her proficiency was most likely only at 20 percent. That meant Ye Lingchen could not learn beyond that level either.

Luckily Ye Lingchen already had a good understanding of the styles of Eight Extremities Fist. Combining with Arhat Fist, he was confident in restoring the true Eight Extremities Fist. When it comes to his cultivation, he could just raise his proficiency by himself.

The old man never could have dreamt that someone would just observe them for a bit and then fully mastered the techniques of Eight Extremities Fist. Otherwise, he would not let the young woman practice it here.

The path of a martial artist could not lack the guidance of great teachers. Even if one learned all the moves, it was difficult to put to good use. Unfortunately, Ye Lingchen was an exception.

If anyone were to be blamed, it was just Ye Lingchen being too amazing.

To continue observing was pointless, so Ye Lingchen shook his head and took his leave.

The way he shook his head and sighed triggered Lin Ruoyu who was practicing her art by the side.

She was already an arrogant person to start with. She stopped her fist, staring at Ye Lingchen’s back. She moved and thrust forward with a punch.

Hearing the sound of rushing wind behind him, Ye Lingchen moved a little sideways, dodging the punch. He then leaned over from the side with his body, pushing against Lin Ruoyu.

Executing his Arhat Mountain Lean, he instantly pushed Lin Ruoyu aside.

“I knew it, you are a martial artist!” Lin Ruoyu backed off, her face cold as ice. She snorted coldly, “Why did you shake your head? Are you looking down on me?”

Her mastery was truly sub-par.

Ye Lingchen’s comprehension was beyond her reach. By simply running Eight Extremities Fist’s technique through his mind once, he had already more or less understood it. Lin Ruoyu’s Eight Extremities Fist, to him, was filled with exploitable weak spots.

He only needed to practice a few more rounds, and in no time, his Eight Extremities Fist’s proficiency level will be at his Arhat Fist’s proficiency level. Arriving close to 100 percent!

“I was just passing by and looking around. I have no other intentions,” Ye Lingchen shook his head and replied casually.

“Since you are a martial arts practitioner, let’s spar!”

Lin Ruoyu’s competitive spirit was stirred when she saw that Ye Lingchen was about her age.

“I just practice casually. I’m not able to compete with you.” Ye Lingchen did not want to cause any trouble and began to leave.

“Hold it right there!” Lin Ruoyu shouted. “Drop your act. Your head-shaking earlier was definitely showing your discontent. If you don’t fight me I’ll never let you go!”

The old man called out, then coughed a few times. He walked up to Ye Lingchen, “I am Lin Tianhua. May I have your name, little one?”

“I am Ye Lingchen.”

“Nowadays the martial arts are deteriorating. It was a surprise to meet you here. Consider this fate. May I know where is your master at?” The old man asked smiling.

“My practice of martial arts were merely coincidental. I don’t belong to any faction,” Ye Lingchen answered.

To the old man, he understood it as Ye Lingchen trying to keep it private. “I’m sorry for the abrupt questioning.”


Ye Lingchen did not want to stay. He bid his farewell and immediately took his leave.

However, a figure suddenly dashed over, accompanied by a groan. Fists held tight, body curved like a crescent moon, the figure rushed towards Ye Lingchen then lashed out.

Ye Lingchen’s face darkened. He snapped around, like a fierce tiger looking back.

Lin Ruoyu could only see a blur, then her hands were firmly gripped by Ye Lingchen.

She raised her head in surprise, just to see a pair of annoyed orbs. Her heart skipped a beat.

In the next instant, Ye Lingchen bent over. Her body flew up into the air and after some spinning, she was slammed forcefully on the ground.


When she looked around, all she could see was Ye Lingchen’s back.


Lin Ruoyu got up with difficulty, giving a death stare at Ye Lingchen’s back. Her body was sore all over.

“Wonderful move!”

The old man looked at Ye Lingchen’s fading silhouette, his eyes filled with praise, “Strike like the wind, execution in one breath. This person’s mastery of martial arts has reached the level of grandmaster!”

“He’s a brute that doesn’t know how to show kindness to a woman!” Lin Ruoyu shouted in agony. “He’s not a man!”

“Hahaha, now you can finally understand that there’s always someone greater,” The old man laughed, “It’s been a while since I’ve met an interesting young man.”

“Hmph. Don’t let me see him again!” Lin Ruoyu brushed the dirt off her body. As she thought back of Ye Lingchen’s eyes earlier, there was a hint of familiarity that appeared within her.

“I must have seen those eyes somewhere before!”

Back at the hotel, he took a quick shower and met up with Xiao Feifei.

The hotel stay came with a buffet breakfast. Asian and Western dishes were catered for. Ye Lingchen took a bowl of noodles, two pieces of bread, a cup of milk, a boiled egg, one sunny side up with two sausages, and a strip of bacon.

On the other side, Xiao Feifei and Miss Lin both only had a cup of soy milk, a piece of bread, and a boiled egg.

Put together with Ye Lingchen, it was a strong contrast in appetite.

“You’re eating too much.” Xiao Feifei gawked at Ye Lingchen with surprise. Not only was he eating a huge portion, he was also very quick about it. That bowl of noodles was gulped down in just two mouthfuls.

“It’s you guys that are eating too little,” Ye Lingchen corrected. He then lifted his plate to grab more food. “There’s just too little food here.”

“You’re such a rice bucket1!” Miss Lin criticized as she stared at Ye Lingchen’s back.

Following that, Miss Lin hesitated for a bit, then said to Xiao Feifei, “Feifei, I just received the news. This time, Lu group is one of the sponsors for Legend of the Heroine.”

“Lu group?”

Xiao Feifei’s brows knitted together in a bunch.

“Lu group is everywhere, it is unavoidable.” Miss Lin’s expression was ugly, “This way, you being the female lead for Legend of the Heroine will most likely make its way to Lu Hao’s ears.”

At the mention of Lu Hao, Xiao Feifei’s eyes flashed with a hint of hatred.

“Lu group’s influence is too far-reaching. As long as it’s a good script, they would definitely be involved,” Miss Lin sighed helplessly.

Lu Hao, the only son of Lu group’s big boss, was the only heir to Lu group. The famous Prince of Beijing.

His infatuation with Xiao Feifei was not a recent thing. Xiao Feifei had rejected his invitation thrice. She wanted to hide from him but in the end, it was futile.

“If Lu Hao invites you again this time, I’m afraid…” Miss Lin was worried.

Rejecting once or twice is fine, but once it exceeded three times, then that would be a grudge. Lu Hao might be angered from embarrassment.

“That’s enough Miss Lin. Drop this topic. I’m tired,” Xiao Feifei sighed, “If there is no other way around this, worse comes to worst…”

“What are you talking about?”

Ye Lingchen’s plate was stacked like a mountain full of food.

Sitting down, he started gorging in the food as though he was having a battle with them.

“It is that tasty?”

Xiao Feifei looked at Ye Lingchen’s behavior, unable to suppress her laughter. Her originally depressed mood improved slightly.

“Ye Lingchen.” Xiao Feifei stared at Ye Lingchen while holding her head up by the chin, “Your dislike for acting, dislike for public scrutiny, might have been the right choice.”

Under public scrutiny, one can acquire uncountable praise, yet at the same time, one will be targeted by evil.

In this world, who could achieve true freedom?

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