I Am A Prodigy

Chapter 28 - Eight Needles Of The God of Death

Chapter 28: Eight Needles Of The God of Death

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Everybody was stunned.

They turned towards the source of the noise, and saw a youth standing outside the window of the room, looking as though he was enjoying the scenery downstairs.


A look of displeasure crossed Grandmaster Jiang’s face, “Are you doubting my medical skills?”

He had already made his conclusion. Ye Lingchen’s words had insulted him.

“What do you think, Mr. Lin, you only need to give the word whether I should treat him.” Ye Lingchen ignored Grandmaster Jiang, and continued to ask.

The Lin Family were all silent. In their hearts, they truly hoped Ye Lingchen was not joking, but their reasoning told them that this was practically impossible.

Grandmaster Jiang was an expert in his field. If the sickness was not in it’s terminal stage, he would not declare a death sentence on someone.

This youth in front of them, he was too young, what did he know?

“Ah, what bluster!”

Grandmaster Jiang smiled despite his fury, “Grandfather Lin’s respiratory system is in worse shape than some patients with terminal lung cancer, what basis have you to treat it?”

“The thing I hate most in this world, are those who pretend to be medical professionals, and use it to their benefit!”

Shaking his head, Ye Lingchen sighed softly, “If you were a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I might still provide you with some advice. It’s a shame that you’re a practitioner of Western Medicine, and have forgotten your roots. If our positions were reversed, would you be able to understand my medical skills?”

“You… you advise me?” Grandmaster Jiang pointed at Ye Lingchen, his entire body shook in his rage, his face flushed crimson, “You lying scoundrel! Does your shamelessness know no limit?”

Everybody looked at each other, shocked by Ye Lingchen’s bold claims.

If they had not seen it for themselves, they would not have believed it. A youth who could barely grow a beard would dare to insult Grandmaster Jiang like this.

“It’s fine. Since Mr. Lin does not believe me, goodbye.”

Ye Lingchen waved his hand, and strode out towards the main entrance.

He had learnt Eight Extremities Fist from the kindness of Lin Tianhua and Lin Ruoyu. Ye Linchen was not one to owe anyone any favors, and that was why he had come to cure the old man.

However, since he was being stopped at all points, he would not insist.

“Wait!” Lin Ruoyu came to her senses, and blocked Ye Lingchen’s way, wiping her tears, “I believe you! I agree! Please save my grandfather!”

Ye Lingchen looked at the others in the Lin Family, and seeing as no one was opposing it, he sat at the old man’s bed.

He spoke plainly, “bring eight silver needles and a burner.”

“Hm! I want to see what abilities you have!” Grandmaster Jiang huffed, and stood to one side.

The eight silver needles and the burner were quickly brought over to him.

The burner warmed up the temperature of the room. The red glow of the flames reflected on the faces of everyone present, painting their faces red as well.

Ye Lingchen’s face was composed, as he opened Lin Tianhua’s shirt around his chest.

His body exposed, the skin around Lin Tianhua’s chest region had turned completely black, and the surrounding tissue was also showing signs of turning black.

“I have already said earlier, Grandfather Lin’s internal organs have already begun to decline, and cell death has already completely permeated all his tissues. The condition is irreversible.” Seeing the state of the patient, Grandmaster Jiang had only solidified his own diagnosis.

Ye Lingchen ignored him. He picked up a silver needle and placed it in the burner.

He waited until the needle started to glow from the flames, before he lifted his hand, and brought the needle down!

The first needle punctured right into the center of the lungs!

The other seven needles were placed into the burner by Ye Lingchen and were similarly heated until they glowed.

Ye Lingchen seemed as though he did not notice the heat of the needles, his face still calm as he punctured needle after needle in a circle around the first needle!

The eight needles were arranged in a specific matter and surrounded the lungs.

“What use is that? You’re just bluffing!” Grandmaster Jiang looked on impassively, but finally smiled coldly.

However, in the next moment, the expression of his face changed to one of curious suspicion.

The eight silver needles were rapidly becoming black, and within a minute they were completely black.

“Bring some ethanol!”

Rapidly, a bottle of ethanol was placed before Ye Lingchen.

The ethanol was dripped on the needles, and with one quick flick of Ye Lingchen’s wrist, the flames of the burner ignited the ethanol on the needles.

The flames looked as though they were floating on top of the silver needles, burning blue, dreamy and enigmatic.

The blue flames were on top, the blackened needles in the middle, and below, was the old man’s flesh.

The scene was so shocking that nobody spoke.

The flames seemed to feed off the ethanol, but also seemed to burn the blackness of the needles.

“Granddad is sweating.”

Lin Ruoyu’s voice trembled, and was filled with one part disbelief, one part excitement, and one part expectation.

“His breathing’s stabilized as well.” Lin Ao said in joy and surprise.

After 5 minutes, Lin Tianhua’s face was covered in beads of sweat, and Ye Lingchen removed the needles.

At that exact moment, Lin Tinahua’s eyes fluttered, and he woke up.



The entire Lin Family all began to speak.

“A miracle, a miracle!” Grandmaster Jiang was stunned, and he spoke in utter disbelief.

“Ah, my young friend Ye, we meet again.”

Lin Tianhua looked at Ye Lingchen and smiled as he spoke.

“Grandfather Lin, are you hungry?” Ye Lingchen asked.

“Haha, I am a little peckish.” Lin Tianhua said.

“Quickly, quickly get some food here!” Lin Shanhe immediately ordered.

He then looked at Ye Lingchen, “Ye… Grandmaster Ye, my father’s sickness…”

“Has Grandfather Lin ever been injured in the lungs before?” Ye Lingchen asked in reply.

“Correct, when I was a young man I got in a fight, and was injured.” Lin Tianhua said bitterly.

“There is poison in the wound.” Ye Lingchen nodded. “Grandfather Lin’s constitution is excellent, which is why he could endure it for so long.”

He rose as he finished speaking.

“I’ll come by every week to treat Grandfather Lin once. After five rounds, the toxins should be almost completely removed.”

“Grandmaster Ye, your medical skills are godly. The Lin Family is extremely grateful for this kindness.” Lin Shanhe said immediately, the respect in his voice clear.

“As long as Mr. Lin does not forget what I was promised.” Ye Lingchen smiled at Lin Shanhe.

“What you were promised?”

Lin Shanhe slapped his head, “of course, ten million RMB is too little. I will double it, and in the future, Grandmaster Ye will be the Lin Family’s most honored guest.”

Lin Tianhua was a prominent figure in Capital City. His vision had built the Lin Family to what it was today. If he were to pass on, the position of the Lin Family would fall greatly.

Don’t mention twenty million RMB, even if it were a hundred million RMB, Lin Shanhe would not dare to refuse.

Furthermore, Ye Lingchen possessed such high skills of medicine, he was basically a lifesaver. In front of someone’s life, no amount of money was too much!

“Grandmaster Ye is basically the second coming of Hua Tuo. To have such skills in medicine at such a young age, amazing, truly amazing.” The Lin Family and all those around them had changed their tack, and spoke in adoration.

“This is my business card. If Grandmaster Ye needs anything, I have some influence in Capital City.”

“I don’t like to flaunt, so I hope that everyone here will not reveal anything about me.” Ye Lingchen said.

“Don’t worry, Grandmaster Ye.”

“I will return in 5 days, goodbye.”

Finishing his sentence, Ye Lingchen turned and left.

“Grandmaster Ye, please wait.”

He had just left the entrance of the Lin Family, but Grandmaster Jiang had already caught up to him.

Though he was advanced in years, his pace was rapid, and he looked at Ye Lingchen with impassioned eyes.

“Grandmaster Ye, I was blind just now, I pray you did not take offense.” Grandmaster Jiang said, his face full of remorse.

“None was taken.” Ye Lingchen had not taken any offense.

“Grandmaster Ye, what you used just now, that was acupuncture from Traditional Chinese Medicine, was it not?”

“That is correct!”

Ye Lingchen nodded, “that was the Eight Needles Of The God of Death.”

Eight Needles Of The God of Death, meaning the method of stealing a life back from the God of Death.

“I never thought that Traditional Chinese Medicine could reach such a level. It’s almost comical that I still went overseas to learn about other medical techniques, and was blind to the fact that the highest level of medical knowledge was within our own borders. How sad, how vexing!” Grandmaster Jiang sighed deeply.

“The Chinese culture enjoys a rich history of over 5 thousand years, and our medicine dates back to then as well. How can the knowledge of other countries that only spans a few hundred years compare?” Ye Lingchen said, before sighing, “it’s just a shame that Traditional Chinese Medicine is slowly falling by the wayside, and is even being looked down upon.”

Traditional Chinese Medicine’s effects were slow, and the difficulty of learning it was great. This led to Traditional Chinese Medicine being accepted less and less by society.

More importantly, many conmen would use Traditional Chinese Medicine as a way to cheat others, and this placed Traditional Chinese Medicine in the same boat as cons. That was the greatest insult.

“My generation cannot deny our responsibility for the state that Traditional Chinese Medicine is in now.” Grandmaster Jiang said with a sorrowful expression. He thought back all those years ago, when he was idealistic and passionate. He wanted to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine, but was pushed into the corner of pursuing Western Medicine by the harsh realities of life.

“Grandmaster Ye, would you be willing to take on the position of honorary President of the Capital Hospital? When you’re free you can teach the next generation Traditional Chinese Medicine, and expand on the medical knowledge of my generation.”

Grandmaster Jiang looked on at Ye Lingchen with hope.

Ye Lingchen furrowed his brows slightly, he was at present only a student, and wasn’t prepared to spend such a large amount of time on that.

He politely declined, “at present I do not have any intention of doing so.”

“It was me who was being too hasty.” Grandmaster Jiang said, sighing in disappointment, “this is my business card, Grandmaster Ye, you’re welcome any time to come to my hospital to observe and teach.”

“Grandmaster Jiang, you no longer want to leave the country for exchange programs?” Ye Lingchen asked.

“No!” Grandmaster Jiang laughed, “I will no longer pursue pointless things.”

That day, Ye Lingchen was not required at the set, and so he took the rest of the day off.

In the afternoon, the Lin Family had transferred the twenty million RMB to his account, they did not dare to delay it in the slightest.

Seeing the amount of zeroes that were in his card balance, Ye Lingchen felt weird.

He never thought that he’d become the one kind of person he used to hate the most- a rich person.

The next day, he returned to the cast.

“We’re going to the forest?”

Ye Lingchen asked Xiao Feifei curiously.

“Yup, we’re going to the forest. To be precise, we’re going to Shenongjia.”

Xiao Feifei looked excited, “I heard that the place is one of the world’s only prehistoric forests. I’ve never been there, so this will be like a working holiday for me.”

“Why are we going there?” Ye Lingchen asked curiously.

“We are shooting a Wu Xia drama, so there were always scenes planned in the forest. A prehistoric forest seems like the most suitable for the scene. Anyway, aren’t you going to start school soon? We need to make the most of your time, and shoot all of your parts before you go back to school.”

Ye Lingchen nodded in understanding. He was not going to protest against a free holiday.

His family was not rich, and he had very little opportunity to leave Capital City on holiday. He was rather interested in Shennongjia, in any case… it would be nice to get close to nature.

“Since you have no objections, then we’re leaving today.”

“So soon?”

“Of course. We’ll be there for 3 days, quickly pack your things and get ready.”

Xiao Feifei spoke in excitement, the lively young lady could not wait to leave.

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