I Am A Prodigy

Chapter 29 - Meeting A Wolf!

Chapter 29: Meeting A Wolf!

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Shenongjia is located in the northern parts of Xiangbei Province, and was more than 90% covered in forests. The tree cover was as high as 80%, and was the most well preserved prehistoric forest in the entirety of China.

It came to a point that someone once captured on camera images of a wild man completely covered in hair in Shennongjia, which attracted much debate.

Animals which were rarely seen normally were not as rare here.

Because of its well-known reputation, Shennongjia attracted large amounts of tourists, and the place had even become a poacher’s heaven.

To prevent damage to the natural order, regulations were put in place, and the influx of persons were controlled heavily.

“Look quickly, it’s… a monkey!”

Entering the forest, Xiao Feifei was like a child let loose, and found everything amazing and wonderful.

The smile on her face never disappeared, and in the cover of the greenery, she looked like a forest sprite.

“Be careful, that’s a Bear Macaque.”

Ye Lingchen followed behind her and informed her, “This species of monkey is very mischievous, and they aren’t particularly friendly to humans. They not only like to steal things, they also like to pull at the skirts of pretty girls.”

“You make it sound like it’s a pervy monkey.” Xiao Feifei laughed.

“You could say so.”

As though to put Ye Lingchen’s words to proof, in the next moment, the monkey which was previously on the tree suddenly got agitated, and began to jump up and down. After a few jumps, it tried to claw at Xiao Feifei.

Xiao Feifei exclaimed in fear and jumped.

“Get lost!”

Ye Lingchen was well prepared, and charged forwards, kicking the monkey away.

The Bear Macaque chittered in displeasure, before climbing up the tree and leaving.

“We should leave now. Monkeys live in groups, and they hold grudges. If it brings back it’s entire gang, we’ll be in trouble.” Ye Lingchen said.

The group did not dare to dilly dally, and they left with haste.

As they traveled, they met a great amount of rarely seen flora and fauna. Ye Lingchen was able to name every single one of them, and even speak of their etymology and evolution. This surprised everyone.

Xiao Feifei looked at Ye Lingchen in wonder, “Wow, how can you know all this?”

“It’s no wonder that Brother Ye is an honors student at Beijing University, he really does know a lot.” Director Li said with admiration.

Ye Lingchen just smiled.

With the prodigy system, he could pick up any book, and learn everything. He was more prodigious than a prodigy, all of this information was nothing to him.

Looking up at the sky, Ye Lingchen frowned, “Director Li, I think we’ve gone far enough. If we keep going, it will be very easy to lose our way. Furthermore, there may be wild beasts in these forests.”

He was not lying, and the group had a large amount of females, the risks were substantial.

“Don’t worry Brother Ye. My people have found a clearing not far from here, and they’ve already surveyed the area. It will be safe.” Director Li said with a smile.

Ye Lingchen nodded. It seemed that Director Li had already made preparations beforehand.

They continued their trek for another kilometer, before they finally stopped. Compared to the other areas, the trees in this area were sparser, and the terrain was flat. It was the ideal place to set up camp.

“We will be here for the next 3 days.” Xiao Feifei said, as she surveyed the surroundings.

“That’s right. Because we also need to do night shoots, and there aren’t any hotels nearby, so we have no choice but to trouble everyone.” Director Li said.

After a moment he continued, “It’s getting late, and everyone must be tired after the trek. We won’t be shooting any scenes today, so enjoy your free time, but don’t stray too far.”

Ye Lingchen looked around, before walking off into a random part of the forest.

After determining the distance from the camp, he pulled out a string at a distance of roughly 1.5 kilometers from the camp, and attached a bell to the string.

With the camp as the center, and the 1.5-kilometer mark as the halfway point, he calmly began to lay out the string. He did not bring too many bells, and so the distance between each bell was 3 meters.

The distance between bells was a bit large, but it was better than nothing.

When the bell traps were prepared, it was becoming dark, and in the forest, the night was especially quiet and dark.

“Ye Lingchen, what are you doing?”

Xiao Feifei had been observing him, and walked over in curiosity.

“If there are wild animals about, these bells will be an early warning system, so it would be good to make preparations.” Ye Lingchen replied.

At 1.5 kilometers, it was a suitable distance, If there was some wind, the ringing would not be heard by the others, but if they were disturbed with force, the ringing would naturally reach the ears of the group.

“You may have thought things out too far.” Xiao Feifei said as she covered her mouth in a laugh.

Ye Lingchen replied plainly, “I just read some materials regarding camping outdoors. If you know a little, it never hurts to be cautious.”

“I’ve always heard that the more someone knows, the more cautious they will be. It seems like you’ve proven the point, Brother Ye.”

This came from a cameraman from the group, his name was Zhao Han, a very agreeable fellow.

“I was bored, so I decided to just decorate the place.”

Ye Lingchen smiled, before seeing Xiao Feifei, frowning, her body twisting around.

“Ms. Feifei, wait for me.”

Rapidly, he plucked a handful of grass, and handed it to Xiao Feifei.

“This is a grass called Mozzie Buster, when you sleep, put it around you, and the bugs and mosquitoes will not bother you.”

“Thank you.”

Xiao Feifei said this with glad surprise.

The next day, the shoot went well.

In the forest, Ye Lingchen, as usual, did not need a stunt double or suspension ropes. He just wore a cape and a mask, and was leaping from tree to tree, every motion was precise. It was… better than expected!

The third day.

Ye Lingchen and Xiao Feifei were in the same scene, and it was a part that was close to the finale.

Xiao Feifei’s white dress fluttered in the wind, as though from a painting. Ye Lingchen stood opposite her, behind his mask, he exuded an enigmatic aura.

At this point, was when Xiao Feifei knew who was the mastermind behind the scenes.

“I did not think it would be you, why must it be you?”

“There are a lot of things in this world that happen without reason.” Ye Lingchen said, his voice full of sorrow and helplessness.

“You… go back!” Xiao Feifei bit her lip, and looked at Ye Lingchen bitterly.

“I did nothing wrong, where should I go back to?” Ye Lingchen said plainly, before continuing gently, “You should go. I won’t kill you!”

“But I must… kill you!”

Xiao Feifei drew her sword!


“This scene is a wrap!”

Director Li sighed a breath of relief, as though a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. While on paper this scene was easy, but there was a complicated love-hate relationship between the two characters. It was originally very difficult to act out, but who would have thought that Ye Lingchen and Xiao Feifei could get it done in one take.

The two of them certainly had chemistry.

“The next scene is an action scene. Ye Lingchen, it’s all up to you. Your fight choreography must be on point. After we’re done, we can pack up and go.” Li Dao smiled as he patted Ye Lingchen’s shoulder.


Suddenly, the sound of bells drifted in.

The others did not realize it, but Ye Lingchen’s face immediately hardened.

“Did any of you hear the wind chimes just now?” Ye Lingchen asked seriously.

“Windchimes?” Director Li paused for a moment, he had not been paying attention at all, “No… no I don’t think so…”

“Could it have been the wind?” someone asked.

“The wind just now was not strong, it would not have been enough to make such a loud noise.” Ye Lingchen’s face was serious, and he made Xiao Feifei stand behind him.

In the next moment, a massive green figure appeared in the sights of the group.

“Ah! It’s… it’s a wolf!”

Fearful screams broke out over the set, those who were more timid were already scared to the point their legs gave out, and they fell on the ground.

“Ling… Lingchen, what now?” Xiao Feifei’s face was pale, she had never dared to even think of this happening.

The wolf was nearly a meter tall, its limbs were robustly built, and there was a green glint in its’ eyes. It bared its teeth, saliva dripping out of its maw.

It slowly walked towards the group. Its paws touched the ground without a sound, as though it were a demon…

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