I Am A Prodigy

Chapter 31 - A Crybaby

Chapter 31: A Crybaby

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Shennongjia, being uninhabited by humans, had too many uncertainties and was an unpredictable place.

The shock from earlier had left everyone traumatized. They dared not remain here for too long. The group quickly packed up and proceeded to return to Capital City.

“Ye Lingchen, let’s give them a name.”

During the trip, Xiao Feifei’s eyes were glued to the two wolf pups, saying, “One of them is green, the other is grey. Why don’t we just name them Lil’ Green and Lil’ Grey? It’s catchy and easy to remember.”

“Sure,” replied Ye Lingchen with a nod.

“Ye Lingchen, you need to be careful. Wolves and dogs aren’t the same,” Miss Lin reminded him, “Do you still remember the story of Mr. Dong Guo and the wolf1?”

“Yeah, having wolves as pets seems rather dangerous, and they are almost untameable.” Xiao Feifei started to worry as well. “Or…just return them to nature?”

Ye Lingchen laughed, “Relax, I’ll brush up on some animal handling knowledge when I get back. It’ll be fine.”

With the Genius System, Ye Lingchen believed that he could even tame lions.

At that moment, Director Li looked over.

“Brother Ye, I have something to discuss with you.”

“Director, please go ahead.”

“We have taken video footage of you fighting with the wolf earlier. I plan to share it online,” he hesitated a moment, then added, “We will ensure none of Brother Ye’s information would be leaked.”

“Can I have a look at the video first?”

“Of course!”

In the video, Ye Lingchen was still dressed up as the villain, wearing leather clothes, draped with his black cape, and masked. Because of the professional video equipment, the recording was very clear. Every single detail of the battle between Ye Lingchen and the wolf was captured fully.

Just by viewing would put have the viewers feeling nervous.

“Brother Ye, what do you think?”

Director Li looked at Ye Lingchen anxiously. If this video were to be uploaded, it would send the whole internet into a frenzy.

That was a fight between an unarmed person with a wolf! They would be the only one on the entire internet.

Directly from association, Legend of the Heroine would also rise in fame because of this.

“Sure.” Ye Lingchen watched the entire video, saw that he was dressed up as the villain of the TV series. There were no worries of having someone identifying him.

With Ye Lingchen’s approval, Director Li’s face was brimming with a smile, “Brother Ye, are you really not interested to get into the entertainment industry?”

Following this development, if Ye Lingchen announced his identity, he would most definitely gain countless followers. By then, with just a wave, he would be elevated as a kung fu superstar, exponentially raising his worth!

Ye Lingchen shook his head.

Back in Capital City, they rested for a night and then continued to film the following day at the set.

Three days later, all the scenes in the TV series that involved Ye Lingchen were done filming.

It was only two more days to the start of the new semester. Ye Lingchen prepared to head to school for registration.

“Brother Ye, what name are you planning to place on the list of actors?” questioned Director Li.

“Just use…Y,” answered Ye Lingchen casually.

Director Li nodded, recorded the name, then asked, “Regarding your pay…I was thinking of 50,000RMB per episode. What’s Brother Ye’s thoughts on this?”

50,000RMB per episode was already the price for a C-list celebrity.

With Ye Lingchen’s current worth, this pay was considered incredible.

After seeing Ye Lingchen agreeing to this only did Director Li smile, “This TV series has a total of 35 episodes. Of them, Brother Ye took part in 28 episodes, coming to a total of RMB400,000. I’ll transfer the money to you later.”

“Thank you, Director Li.”

After his polite refusal of Xiao Feifei and Director Li’s offer to give him a ride, Ye Lingchen took the bus that was headed towards Peking University.

Hengdian Studios was located at the outskirts of Capital City. It would take another two hours to arrive in town.

Ye Lingchen was seated next to a young woman wearing a light green dress, her long hair covering her shoulders. From the side, her facial features were delicate and pleasing. An alluring scent of a young maiden drifted by, expelling the originally stale smelling air in the bus.

She was hugging a backpack in her arms. On the bag was the emblem of Peking University.

Could this be a senior?

“Are you also a student at Peking University? I’m Ye Lingchen, a freshman this semester,” greeted Ye Lingchen.

However, the other party did not even look over and merely responded with a slight grunt.

Her voice was icy.

Ye Lingchen had finally managed to witness a snobbish beauty of the city.

Ye Lingchen did not take it to heart. He took his seat and watched the scenery along the way.

Very soon, this quiet peace was disrupted by the sound of a crying child.

The cries originated behind Ye Lingchen. An old woman was sitting next

to a middle-aged man and she was holding an infant in her bosom.

The crying went on for more than half an hour. The passengers were starting to get irritated but they could do nothing about it.

Ye Lingchen could not resist taking a look at the back with a slight frown, just to see the old woman still holding the baby in her arms, as though oblivious to its cries, her expression uncaring.

The middle-aged man, however, was constantly looking left and right suspiciously.

“Hey! Are you done yet? Can you shut the child up?” said Ye Lingchen coldly with his head turned, his eyes revealing a flash of annoyance.

“I’m sorry, this child is just hungry. His mother is not here,” replied the old woman.

“Don’t give me this nonsense. Shut that child up immediately!” demanded Ye Lingchen mercilessly.

“Why are you like this? Isn’t it normal for a child to cry? Who doesn’t cry while they are a baby?” The middle-aged man eyed him threateningly.

“Did I disturb you when I cried back then?” answered Ye Lingchen with a stoic face, unflinching.

With this conflict, all the passengers changed the way they looked at Ye Lingchen. They all gave him an unfriendly stare.

Beside him, the young woman grunted out of disgust, then moved her body, condescendingly distancing herself from Ye Lingchen.

“I say, is this child yours? How can you come out without bringing along some milk?” Ye Lingchen continued complaining impatiently.

The old woman and the middle-aged man’s expression changed slightly, exchanging glances with each other.

“I’m sorry, we’ll get off the bus now.” The old woman carried the baby, preparing to leave.

However, Ye Lingchen stood up suddenly, blocking their path, “You want to leave just like that after having troubled me?”

“What do you want then?” The middle-aged man gave Ye Lingchen a murderous glare.

“Reimburse me! Trauma fees!”


In that instant, the passengers looked upon Ye Lingchen with gazes full of despise.

“Lil’ brother, why are you so unreasonable? Why are you picking a fight with a child?”

“You seem like a university student. Are the current generation of students of such bad quality?”

A besuited young man stood up. He was wearing black-framed glasses, dressed like some elite. “Friend, we all have our difficulties. They are an elderly woman and a child. To pick on them like this, where is your humanity?”

“This is none of your business, shut it!” Ye Lingchen did not even look at him, “If anyone wants to get involved, I won’t go easy on you!”

“That’s enough!”

The young woman beside him got up immediately, glaring at Ye Lingchen, “You’re doing this just to get my attention, to show me your manliness.”

The corner of her lips curled up ever so slightly, showing a cold smile, “At this moment, I’ll tell you. Your actions are despicable. Bullying the weak, you can’t even be considered a man! Disgusting!”

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