I Am A Prodigy

Chapter 30 - Pet Wolf Pups

Chapter 30: Pet Wolf Pups

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This wolf was definitely a purebred wild wolf. It was extremely aggressive!

Ye Lingchen was filled with relief in his heart.

Luckily he placed a wind chime in advance. If not for that, this wolf may have attacked them undetected. In that case, there would surely be casualties.

“You guys back off,” Ye Lingchen said solemnly.

With that, he then approached the wolf.

“Don’t go over there!” Xiao Feifei turned pale from fright, grabbing tightly onto Ye Lingchen’s clothes.

“Relax, I’ll be fine.” Ye Lingchen turned around and smiled while tapping Xiao Feifei’s hand gently.

Apart from Ye Lingchen, everyone else were stiff as a board, afraid to move an inch.

That was a wolf, and a wild one at that. Just the body alone was sufficient to instill fear into them.


Seeing Ye Lingchen’s approach, the wolf lowered its body and emitted a low growling noise.

Director Li had a stroke of inspiration, recovered slightly from the shock. He whispered, “Quick, quick, ready the cameras, we must get this shot!”

Zhao Han was already filled with tears from the shock. Hearing that, he did not have the time to clean himself up. He stealthily adjusted the direction for the camera lens to point at the spot where Ye Lingchen was facing off with the wolf.

“Bro, this territory is under my watch. Give me some face and leave.” Ye Lingchen tried to subdue the wolf via courtesy.


That was clearly useless. The wolf roared, then leaped towards Ye Lingchen.

The wolf’s attack was streamlined under countless hunts in its lifetime, swift and fierce.

Ye Lingchen just only came to the realization that all the moves he had learned were ineffective.

With a roll on the ground, he narrowly dodged the attack.

‘I cannot let the wolf take the initiative to attack!’

The thought flashed across Ye Lingchen’s mind.

With a kip-up, he straightened his body. Afterward, instead of backing off, he rushed straight towards the wolf.


Ye Lingchen dared not hold back, both his fist rushing forth simultaneously.


The wolf whined in pain, a predatory killing intent flared in its eyes. It then turned around and bit towards Ye Lingchen.

Iron Mountain Smash!

Ye Lingchen was also on the offensive. Grabbing one of the wolf’s legs, he turned around and slammed it with his back, knocking the wolf’s head out of the way.

Following that, he raised his elbow and slammed it forcefully onto the wolf’s neck.

The previous exchange was all in an instant, yet Ye Lingchen was already soaked in sweat.

The pressure of facing a wild beast is far more severe compared to a human.

If the attack from earlier were to hit a normal person, the opponent would not be able to stand after that. This wolf, however, was still brimming with energy!

He needed to find a weapon.

Ye Lingchen’s eyes darted around, searching. His body strung tight, all his cells were excited to the point of utmost alertness.

The green wolf had its eyes on Ye Lingchen as its prey, growling from within its throat. It circled around Ye Lingchen, patiently waiting for an opening.

Ye Lingchen acted similarly, staring unblinkingly at the green wolf, unable to spare any time to wipe his sweaty face.

Man and wolf, occasionally teasing with an attack, but never letting their guard down.

The others were holding their breath, feeling as though their heart may fail them at any moment.

Xiao Feifei balled her fists tight, the beautiful windows to hear soul staring at Ye Lingchen, her palms sweaty.

“Lingchen, do your best!”


After much testing, the green wolf finally ran out of patience. With a low grunt, it once again jumped at Ye Lingchen.

Ye Lingchen’s eyes brightened instantly, arched his body backward. His back on the floor, both legs poised upwards, connecting with the green wolf’s abdominal region just as it soared over him.

With a kick, he sent it flying.

After that, he rolled over and picked up a stick from the ground.

The stick was not thick. Ye Lingchen chopped at it with his hand, breaking it in two, with one side sporting a spike.


Ye Lingchen calmed down slightly with a weapon in his hand.

The green wolf extended its tongue and licked its snout. Sharp canine teeth could be seen, reflecting an icy cold glint off it.

The next moment, it lunged at Ye Lingchen, mouth agape.

Arhat Fist—Search for the Moon!

This time around, Ye Lingchen did not dodge but used his right fist instead. From the bottom up, directly hitting the green wolf on the chin.


Fist and wolf head collided. The force was strong enough to cause numbness in Ye Lingchen’s entire arm momentarily.

Sharp teeth barely missing Ye Lingchen’s neck as it strayed sidewards.

‘Now’s the chance!”

Ye Lingchen gritted his teeth, with the stick in his left hand, he stabbed it directly into the wolf’s neck.

Splitch! A spray of fresh blood!

The green wolf was hurt. Its entire body trembling and tried to escape.

Ye Lingchen did not show any mercy. He sent a flying kick onto the abdomen of the wolf. “Awooo—” The wolf flew backward for over five meters, smashing into a tree.

The green wolf was in horrible shape, its body bent, limping away into the forest.

“You guys stay here. Don’t go anywhere!”

There was a gleam in Ye Lingchen’s eyes as he reminded them, after which he immediately ran after the wolf.

The wolf suffered injury hence its speed was slow. Along the way, there were trails of blood too. This made it easy for Ye Lingchen to track it.

Shortly after, the wolf had reached its limit and crashed in front of a hole in the tree.


The hole in the tree was about half a person’s height. Within it, there were two wolf pups, one grey one green. Both the little furries have yet to open their eyes.

It was as if they had sensed something amiss, huddled together, whimpering in anguish.


Seeing Ye Lingchen, the green wolf that went down earlier emitted a low grunting noises, its body shaking violently, trying its best to stand up.

Blood was flowing out from its neck.


Quickly, the low growl turned into whimpers. From the green wolf’s eyes, Ye Lingchen managed to see a pleading expression.

“Worry not, I will help you take good care of your pups,” Ye Lingchen said in a low tone, then sighed.

As though it had understood Ye Lingchen’s intentions, the green wolf let out a final whimper, then took its final breath.

Retracting his gaze from the green wolf, Ye Lingchen looked towards the hole in the tree.

This tree hole’s exterior was unexpectedly neat, and the interior was also very clean. Additionally, the lower three meters were emptied out. It was obvious that it was beyond the capabilities of a wolf to do so.

“Could it be that somebody lived here?”

Ye Lingchen gave a quick appraisal of the tree hole. The interior was wider than expected, spacious enough for two people to live in without feeling cramped.

“There shouldn’t be a tourist this silly right? Could it be that Shennongjia really had wild humans?”

‘Did wild humans knew how to create such a neat tree hole?’

Ye Lingchen felt that the hole was not a simple matter but he could not make anything out of it even after some time. In the end, he just carried the two wolf pups and left the scene.

“Lingchen, you’re finally back.” Xiao Feifei finally let out a sigh of relief after seeing Ye Lingchen’s return.

“Eh, What’s this?”

“This should be the pups of that wolf earlier. It appeared here alone. Most likely it got separated from the wolf pack while it was taking care of the pups.” Ye Lingchen deduced.

“Wow, such a cute pup.” Looking at the wolf pup, Xiao Feifei’s heart was melted by its cuteness, at the same time her sympathy overflowed. “You’re too cruel. With their mother dead, what’s going to happen to them in the future?”

Ye Lingchen had no answer to that. “…”

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