I am Really a Superstar

Chapter 16: The Door Opened!

Chapter 16: The Door Opened!

Rao’s house.

Second floor, in the bathroom.

“The bath water is done.” Zhang Ye shouted from inside.

The landlady seemed to be on the phone and, after a while, she responded, “I can’t bathe. I need to go out and will only come back in the afternoon!”

“Ah? What are you doing?” Zhang Ye asked.

“What I do is none of your business!” Big Sis Rao’s voice was never friendly. “I’ll leave the house for you to tidy up. Clean it well. Especially those windows on the South side. I’m leaving. Remember to close the door after you leave and don’t touch my items!”

With a slam, the door on the first floor closed.

There was only Zhang Ye in the house. After he grumbled and complained a few times, he did not sit idle and began working hard. He knew Big Sis Rao was tough on the outside, but soft on the inside. Many of the tenants may complain about her venomous tongue, but many of them had received help from her. Zhang Ye was one of them. Every time he hadn’t eaten, wasn’t it Big Sis Rao who settled his meals? Hence, he knew to be grateful. Since he had agreed to clean up her house, he naturally did so properly. After working hard all day, Zhang Ye was done and was covered in sweat. It was already noon, so he finished the remaining two vegetable-stuffed buns.

As the ancient saying goes, when the belly is full, the mind is among the maids…Er, that’s not right.

As the ancient saying goes, one should have an afternoon nap after having one’s meal and get a well-deserved weekend.

Zhang Ye did not plan on going against the ancient sayings. However, he could not rest with his body sweaty. He eyed the bathtub in Rao’s house with evil intentions. All Zhang Ye had in his bathroom was a shower tap. It wasn’t thrilling enough, while Big Sis Rao’s bathtub was a big bathtub. Zhang Ye had never enjoyed the sensation of bathing in a bathtub. Furthermore, he had filled it with hot water before, so it would be a waste not to use it. So although Rao Aimin had warned Zhang Ye not to touch her things, Zhang Ye did not heed the warning. After all, she would only return in the afternoon.

Her house had two bathrooms and the bathroom in question was in Rao Aimin’s bedroom, upstairs.

The bathroom was large and the bathtub was very wide. Touching the water, Zhang Ye found that it was still warm.

Zhang Ye closed the door and began taking off his clothes. He threw his underwear and T-shirt into a clothes basket that was beside the washing machine and laid down in the bathtub. After he pulled the white curtain, he comfortably heaved a sigh of relief. Soon, he closed his eyes involuntarily as it was an extreme enjoyment.

Half an hour…

One hour…

Unknowingly, he had fallen asleep.

When Zhang Ye opened his eyes again, he was awoken by the slamming of a door nearby. He realized the water’s temperature was no longer hot.

“Phew, this damn sun is really burning me up!” The voice of a woman speaking to herself came from beyond the curtain!

Who was talking?

The landlady was back!

Zhang Ye immediately reacted. His face was green. Sh*t, why is she back so early? Didn’t she say…Heh, what do you mean early? He had slept so soundly. Zhang Ye was in a panic. He felt like he had been caught red-handed and felt extremely embarrassed. But no matter what he did now, it was useless. Zhang Ye tilted his head and looked through the gap of the curtain, thinking of admitting his mistake.

However, just this peek made it worse!

Zhang Ye felt his nose turn warm. He nearly couldn’t control it!

About two meters away, Rao Aimin had taken off her top and threw it into the washing machine. She did not wear much, it being Summer. Her back was facing Zhang Ye and she was currently bending her arms to unhook her bra. And soon, the nude-colored embroidered bra was taken off and thrown to the side. Her hands moved down as she cursed at the weather, while she began taking off the gray skirt she was wearing. With an unbuckle, the dress fell to the bathroom floor. After taking a step forward, Rao Aimin used her toes to fling the skirt into the washing machine.

The landlady was always a person whose actions and words were swift like lightning!

How swift was it? It reached the point…where just as Zhang Ye was about to shout out to her, the landlady had taken off her bra and skirt at a speed which you can call as swift as lightning! Now she was bending over to take take off the pantyhose that covered those perfectly elastic legs of hers.

Zhang Ye quickly held back the voice that he almost released. He remembered the scene of him coming to this place while looking for a place to stay, back in his previous world. The 30-square-meter room he was currently renting was originally rented by a jobless young hooligan. He had drank too much with a friend one day and, together with his friend, insulted Rao Aimin sexually. With his own eyes, Zhang Ye saw Rao Aimin, a female, beat the two hooligans from upstairs all the way to downstairs, with them not even being able to hit back. They ran away with their faces bruised. With the room empty, it was rented to Zhang Ye. As such, Zhang Ye knew how powerful the landlady was and was always in awe.

She had almost stripped off everything!

He had also almost seen enough!

It was already too late to say, “Sorry, I’m here!”

Zhang Ye did not want to end up being beaten up like those two hooligans. Although the world background was different now, there had not been any fundamental changes in his interpersonal relations. The landlady was still that woman who had the ability to fight against two young males single-handedly. What would be his outcome if she kicked him with all she got? Furthermore, Zhang Ye was just taking his first steps in becoming a well-known radio host. If he was caught peeking, then wouldn’t it be embarrassing? He definitely could not let the landlady discover him. With a flash of inspiration in his mind, he quickly made a decision. He did not dare to make any big actions, as he was afraid the sound of the water splashing would reveal his presence. He could only quickly and gently open the game ring’s interface and take out the invisibility potion that he had drawn in the afternoon. Quickly, he opened and drank down the transparent liquid!

In a second, Zhang Ye could see his body turn transparent and it seemed to merge with the water. He had magically disappeared!

The game virtual screen began counting down!

4:59, 4:58...

Coincidentally, after taking off the nude-colored stocking, Rao Aimin turned around and pulled open the bathtub’s curtain and looked inside.

Zhang Ye did not have the mental facilities to consider the miracle of being invisible as his body tensed up. He did not even dare to breathe. Under these circumstances, it was very difficult to hold his breath. He endured it so much that even his eyebrows stood up. The fragrance of a mature woman impacted his nostrils!

That skin…

That body…

As for Rao Aimin, she really did not see Zhang Ye, who had disappeared because of the invisibility potion. She muttered to herself, “That kid Zhang Ye did not release the water, even after knowing I was going out. Was he waiting for me to use it to water the plants? To think that he became a host with such slow thinking. This is the first time I heard of radio stations being charity organizations. They will take in anybody!”

Zhang Ye was wondering how much she hated him for her to scold him even when he wasn’t around.

Some people may have a spiked tongue on the surface, but what was said was usually done in a joking fashion. However, Rao Aimin’s spiked tongue came from her bones. She loved to scold, taunt and put down people. Wasn’t this so? Even with Zhang Ye not being around, Rao Aimin had no intentions of being light with her biting remarks, even in private.

“Hai, let’s see if the water has cooled down!” Suddenly, Rao Aimin reached out her hand towards the water without any warning!

Zhang Ye’s soul nearly flew out due to his fright. Seeing the landlady’s hand move towards his thigh, sh*t! He was about to be discovered!

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