I am Really a Superstar

Chapter 17: Little Zhang, Quickly Run!

Chapter 17: Little Zhang, Quickly Run!

Note: This chapter has been retconned by the author. This chapter is supposed to be rewritten by the author, but he has not done so. It is provided as is. However, note that the events can be considered as filler. It is likely the author is retconning the perverted personality of Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye couldn’t just sit around and do nothing. His invisibility was just an illusion; it was a trick. He could still feel his body physically exist and the landlady could naturally be able to touch him, too. It wasn’t as if he had completely disappeared. If he was touched, not only would Zhang Ye have to endure Rao Aimin’s fury, but his greatest secret would be exposed, too. The game ring – no one could ever know of its existence. Not everyone could accept something so illogical and out of this world. And so Zhang Ye’s reaction was abnormally fast and agile!

A split second!

A second split!

At this moment of danger, he…. He did nothing!

Well, luckily Rao Aimin’s hand did not dip herself into the water. It was only deep enough to test the water temperature with half of her palm.

“It’s still warm.” Rao Aimin said to herself. She bent over and released the bathtub’s water. At the same time, she turned on the hot water faucet to fill up the tub.

Invisibility time duration was still valid for four and a half minutes!

Zhang Ye was glad that he had not washed his hair, nor had he applied shower foam and that his body was rather clean. Otherwise, any floating things on the water’s surface would have given him away. There’s only one plan left – RUN!

Over there, Rao Aimin was already unable to withstand the hot weather and could not wait for the water. She took a step forward with her tight and beautiful legs and, with a tip-toe, she stepped towards Zhang Ye! At this moment, Zhang Ye could not remain motionless. Noticing that the landlady’s gaze was not on the bathtub, he took advantage of the hot water splashing down to conceal his moves. He bent his waist and carefully avoided those white legs of hers and stood up from the bathtub immediately following that! At the same time, Rao Aimin’s other leg had made the stride as she stood in the bathtub, too!

“Oh?” Maybe it was due to the turbulation Zhang Ye had caused while standing up, but Rao Aimin felt as if something was amiss as her face turned vexed.

Twenty centimeters!

The two people were separated by such a tiny distance!

Zhang Ye held his breath and did not make a sound. He didn’t even dare to blink!

After observing the surroundings, Rao Aimin seemed to brush away her suspicions. With a splash, she sat down in the bathtub and let out a comfortable sigh of relief.

There were still three minutes left of invisibility!

Rao Aimin’s hip was nearly about to touch Zhang Ye’s legs, which were still in the bathtub!

Zhang Ye knew that he could not wait any longer. Seeing the landlady cross her legs in midair as she reached out to take the shower gel from the counter, he took the opportunity to quickly pull a leg out of the bathtub, which was quickly followed by the second leg. Although the sound of him coming out was drowned by the rushing water, it still seemed abnormal. Rao Aimin, who was lathering the shower gel, frowned and focused once again. Her senses were very keen.

She was met with silence again!

Two more minutes left! Another 1:59!

During the periods when he could not move, Zhang Ye could not help but check the landlady’s body out. His throat was dry, but he did not dare to swallow. It was extremely uncomfortable!



This was the body evaluation Zhang Ye gave to the landlady. Although he had never dated because of his looks and height, with the advanced information age, he was no stranger to females. Even if he had not seen it in person, how could he have not seen it in pictures? However, Rao Aimin’s body lines were something Zhang Ye had seen for the first time. It was too well-proportioned and was perfect in all the right places. Even at her age, she did not have the slightest flab anywhere. There was not even a tiny amount of fat on her belly!

Beautiful and a nice figure!

Look at her and then look back at himself?

Hai, sometimes the Heavens were unfair. Some people had things that he would not be able to obtain, even if he worked hard all his life. If he had such excellent looks like Rao Aimin by being handsome and tall… The thought about becoming a celebrity? To ability to develop his career? It could at least reduce the hard work he needed to do by a decade!

It would be great if this world did not judge people by their looks. This was something that Zhang Ye had always felt helpless against. Look at the television programs from his world. What sort of rotten programs were “The Voice of China” and “Super Boy”!?

Why weren’t there competitions like “The Leg Hair of China”?

Why weren’t there pageants like “Super Leg Hair 2014”?

If the artistic realm did not discriminate and had ranks in the artistic world, then if he could make leg hair become popular, then Zhang Ye would not have such a low starting point. He would not have needed to endure the criticisms and difficulty in becoming an unseen radio host.

Forget it. There was no time to think about this!

Zhang Ye walked sideways as he slowly moved around the bathtub’s curtain. After spending thirty seconds, he managed to reach the outermost part of the curtain. The opening to the curtain was also where Rao Aimin’s head was. Rao Aimin was enjoying her bath and had already lathered up a lot of foam with her hands. Zhang Ye took a final reluctant look at her fully-foamed body, before squeezing out of the curtain. He had also accidentally touched a strand of the landlady’s hair, but thankfully she did not notice it.

The hair tickled him when it brushed past Zhang Ye’s thigh.

There was less than 20 seconds left to his invisibility!

Zhang Ye did not have time to reminiscence, as he gently grabbed his clothes from the washing basket beside the washing machine. He silently took a few deep breaths. Thankfully, the landlady threw her clothes onto the washing machine and not into the clothes basket, or else she would have felt that something was amiss after seeing Zhang Ye’s clothes.

Next, he needed to leave the bathroom. There was no way to hide the sound of opening the door, but Zhang Ye could not care less. Waiting any further would expose him, hence he carefully held the door handle!


The door made a sound!

Before he could rush out, the voice of the landlady came in a killing fashion, “…Who?”

The curtain was sewn, but it was not impossible to look out. Zhang Ye knew this, so he did not even wait before rushing out the bathroom. Only then did he pretend to open a door from the outside and say in a cold sweat, “Uh, Landlady auntie, it’s me. Are you back?”

Rao Aimin’s voice came from inside, “Oh, it’s you. Heh, why are you still in my house? Why didn’t I see you when I returned home?”

Zhang Ye immediately answered, “Oh, I was outside helping you wipe the windows.”

“Really? You sure are quite dedicated. Alright. I’m still bathing. Since you did well, you can come here for dinner tonight!” Rao Aimin said.

Zhang Ye said, “Alright, then I’ll go back first.”

Rao Aimin said, “Alright, scram.”

Zhang Ye heaved a sigh of relief as the duration of the invisibility potion expired. Seeing his body slowly turning visible, he wore his clothes and dried the wet stains he had left behind with a cloth to remove the evidence of his crime… After cleaning up the scene, he left Rao Aimin’s house.

Today, his heart nearly failed!

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