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Chapter 1660 - The bear appears!

Chapter 1660: The bear appears!

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It was getting late at night.

The temperature in the jungle plummeted.

Zhang Ye was lying in his temporary shelter made from branches and leaves. He wore a windbreaker jacket and huddled with himself. Holding the camera in his hand, he scrubbed through the footage that had been recorded today. Sometimes, he would fast forward it, and sometimes he would pause it. With that, he was already forming an idea of which footage could be used and which had to be discarded. Although he was exhausted and did not even get a sip of water, he was still quite happy with how things had turned out. This was because they had managed to achieve many of the scenes he had wanted to shoot. The only pity was that they still lacked some terrifying and exciting scenes. There still wasn’t enough tension.

It was time to rest.

The rest could be thought out tomorrow.

After turning off the camera, Zhang Ye took out a photo of his wife and daughter and kissed them before putting it away carefully and slowly falling asleep.

An hour.

Two hours.

Three hours.

After some time.

Zhang Ye jolted awake.


His muscles tensed, and he immediately turned on the camera. He flipped over and looked outside while whispering to the camera, “It’s the dead of night right now. I don’t know exactly what time it is, but I can hear some sounds out there, and it’s giving me a bad feeling. There, it’s happening again! Did you hear that? It sounds like a wild beast, but I’m not sure what it is. This is terrible feeling, and I can’t help but think of the bear prints during the day. Although I tried to stay as far away from the area as possible when I set up shelter, I know that bears have a very keen sense of smell. If it has really set its eyes on me, it’s definitely not good news for me.”

The film crew was still asleep.

Zhang Ye whispered, “Old Sun! Old Sun!”

A tent in the distance moved. “What is it?”

Zhang Ye said, “Listen.”

The other side went silent for a moment before someone exclaimed, “Holy shit! Is that a bear?”

Zhang Ye said, “I’m not sure.”

“What should we do?” Sun Kuang was flustered.

Zhang Ye said, “I think we should leave.”

The film crew was called up. As they listened to the sounds made by the beast in the distance and heard the approaching rustles, they were all terrified!

Zhang Ye asked, “Where’s the tranquilizer gun?”

Wu Yi took a deep breath. “It’s here.”

Zhang Ye said, “Everyone, be careful. Get ready to leave. Old Sun and I will go take a look first.”

Sun Kuang said, “What do you still want to look for? Run!”

Zhang Ye said, “With so many of us, our group is just too big. We have too much equipment, so our movement speed will be slowed down for sure. It’s also nighttime, and in uncertain circumstances, do you think you can outrun a bear?”

Hence, Zhang Ye and Sun Kuang turned on their cameras and went over.

100 meters.

200 meters.

Suddenly, a dark figure flashed by in the distance.

Sun Kuang said in shock, “Did you see that?”

Zhang Ye took a deep breath. “I saw it.”

Sun Kuang said, “It’s a bear!”

Then the dark figure vanished. The roars of the wild beast suddenly approached!

Zhang Ye shouted, “Run!”

Sun Kuang did not even think about it. He flew after Zhang Ye and ran away!

Zhang Ye said, “Don’t run towards the campsite. Head in the other direction. The film crew has a tranquilizer gun, so they won’t be in danger!”

Sun Kuang said, “Then what about the safety of the two of us!”

Zhang Ye said, “That depends on how fast you can run!”

Sun Kuang said, “Fuck!”

As they ran, Zhang Ye was still holding up his camera and aiming it behind him.

Sun Kuang was astounded. He wondered how Zhang Ye could still have the presence of mind to shoot the scene at a time like this. As he ran, he asked, “Master Zhang, give me some reassurance. If the bear corners us, can you defeat it?”

Zhang Ye asked back, “Can you?”

Sun Kuang was in tears. “Like I could fucking do that! Don’t mention me, even my master would be kneeling if he were here!”

Zhang Ye said, “Then I can’t beat it either.”

Sun Kuang was somewhat skeptical. For people who practiced Chinese martial arts like Sun Kuang, be it the internal or external styles, it wouldn’t be a problem to use them against most ordinary people, nor would it be ineffective when dealing with some small-time gangsters. But when faced with a wild animal, and in such rough terrain, there was basically no way to even make a move. The moment they encountered one would mean the end for them. But Sun Kuang knew that experts like Zhang Ye and Rao Aimin were different from the rest of them. No one knew how powerful their concealed power was.

They ran for five kilometers.

Sun Kuang was panting. “Has it caught up to us?”

Zhang Ye did not look too good. “It’s still behind us!”

Sun Kuang said, “Motherfucker! It’s got its eyes on us!”

Zhang Ye said, “Listen, there’s water around here!”

Sun Kuang said, “A river?”

It was almost dawn, and visibility in the jungle was starting to get a little clearer.

In the distance, they could see that the path ahead had been cut off, and there was a cliff beyond it. The splashing of the water was coming from nearby, below the cliff. Behind them, the beast growled. They couldn’t see the figure of the bear, but Zhang Ye and Sun Kuang both knew that it had been following closely all this while.

Sun Kuang said anxiously, “It’s a dead end! How about we run along the cliff?”

Zhang Ye stood on the cliff and looked down. “I have an idea on how to shake the bear off our trail.”

Sun Kuang said, “What is that?”

Zhang Ye picked up the camera and said into it, “It’s a dead end up ahead. The bear is coming. It’s my only option to shake it off my trail.” He lowered the camera and aimed it down at the river that had a rather slow current. The height was over 20 meters!

Sun Kuang had a bad premonition!

“What are you doing?” Sun Kuang shouted.

Zhang Ye shouted, “Jump!”

Saying that, Zhang Ye leaped off the cliff!

Sun Kuang had such a fright that he cursed. Then he heard a roar come from behind him and couldn’t help bursting into tears. He clenched his teeth and stomped his feet before jumping down as well, all while scolding, “Zhang Ye! Fuck your sister! Sooner or later, you’ll be the death of me!”



As both of them were martial arts experts, they landed in the water with their bodies rigidly straight!

Zhang Ye poked his head out of the water first. “Old Sun!”

“Over here! Pfft!” Sun Kuang spat out a few mouthfuls of water.

Zhang Ye belly laughed. “Let’s get ashore!”

When the two of them finally swam ashore, they were so exhausted they were gasping for air.

Zhang Ye started lapping up over a dozen mouthfuls of water from the shore. “Phew, I’m alive again! The thirst was killing me.”

Sun Kuang said angrily, “You’re alive, but I was nearly scared to death by you!”

Zhang Ye laughed and said, “Let’s contact the film crew and get everyone to gather.”

Two hours later.

The film crew hurried over in panic.

Tong Fu was going crazy with anxiety. “Where’s Director Zhang? Where’s Director Zhang?”

Wu Yi cried out, “Are you two alright? Is anyone hurt?”

Little Liu looked around. “Where’s Director Zhang? What happened?”

Sun Kuang pursed his lips, then nudged his chin in the direction of the river.

Everyone’s gaze followed in that direction, and they nearly faceplanted into the ground. A bonfire had been set up by the river, and several fish had already been cooked!

What the hell!

You are way too efficient!

You can still think of eating at this time like this?!

Can’t you stop eating for a minute!

After Zhang Ye finished filming with his camera, he turned around and said to everyone, “The fish have been cooked. Those who want some, please register your names first. There’s a limited quantity, so it’s first come, first served.” Looking at his appearance, it didn’t seem like he took last night’s life-or-death situation seriously. His mental fortitude was clearly on a whole other level.

Sun Kuang asked, “Does your director usually not care about his life when he shoots a show or movie?”

When this point was raised, Tong Fu was filled with bitterness. “That’s right, he’s usually like this. We’ve been scared to death countless times by Director Zhang over the years. Hai, let’s not talk about this anymore. It will just make me want to cry. I think I’ll take a bite of that fish to calm myself down.” Then he quickly ran over and said, “Leave one for me, Director Zhang!”

The others also shuffled off to eat.

Sun Kuang did not go over as he was still angry at Zhang Ye. He snorted as he took two bites of the hardtack that he had before he quickly got sick of eating it. Looking at the grilled fish they were eating, he stubbornly picked up two sticks of wood and tried to make a fire. In the end, he couldn’t even manage to get the fire started. Sun Kuang was extremely embarrassed. Throwing away the wooden sticks in his hands, he shamelessly went over and ate the roasted fish that they were having.

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